Romantic hairstyle for every day

To create this hairstyle, we need a little time and a bit of skill. You can perform a hairstyle on both straight and wavy hair. If, for example, yesterday you did curls, and in the morning they no longer look beautiful, then this hairstyle will be a wand for you, so it can look slightly careless and free.We will need:hairbrush; small hair tie; hairpins; hairspray.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a gentle hairstyle

Step 1. We separate a small strand of hair from the top of the head, closer to the forehead, and weave an ordinary pigtail out of it.

Step 2. Now take a strand just below about the area of ​​the temple and braid another braid. Do not make braids too tight, they should be free enough so that they can be put in the right direction.

Romantic hairstyle for every day

Step 3. Do step 1 and 2 on the other side and connect all four braids on the back with a small elastic band.

Step 4. We take the remaining hair and we a little bit we do it, we make it towards each other.

Romantic hairstyle for every day

Step 5. Hair we fill in our braids and we fix with the help of hairpins. Straighten and do so that the hairstyle looked symmetrical.

Step 6. Fix the result with varnish, you can also separate a couple of strands and twist them, they will wonderfully frame your face.

Romantic hairstyle for every day

That's it, you can go for a walk or to the cinema and surprise your friends with a new hairstyle!

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