Ripped kare- we select a variation of a hairstyle on itself

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Mowing is the most popular among women of different age categories. And this is not surprising, since in various modifications it is suitable for any type of person: you only need to change the cut level of the hairstyle, process the original edge of the hair, find the right bang - and the image will play with new colors. At the same time, a ragged curl (one of the variations of the hairstyle) allows you to visually improve the quality of hair, making it more luxurious, and at the same time absolutely unpretentious in care and styling.

How to distinguish a square with torn ends from the classic?

The usual classic car is cut with a flat bottom cut. The edge can be horizontal or oblique (when the hair is shorter at the back, and in front hang long elongated strands). Fit haircut using a round brush: in this embodiment, the edge of the hair goes inside. Or an absolutely straight hair line is made with a flat iron.

three different models

A caret with torn ends is cut by a cascade principle: a strand is straggled by strand — the longest at the bottom, and shorter to the crown. The result is a kind of carelessness haircuts.

We select a hairstyle - modifications along the length

Haircut with graduated edges (torn square) can vary the length of hair, but its level never falls below the shoulders.

  • The variant on short hair suggests a haircut model, when at the nape the hair is made much shorter than in front. The cut line only covers the cheekbones. This version of the hairstyle fits young ladies with a thin beautiful neck. In terms of creative appearance, the hairstyle of the caret torn on short hair is suitable for girls with a daring, bold character.
  • A variant on the hair of medium length: a square with torn strands is sheared to the middle of the neck. This option looks good on a round or oval face, especially in combination with a graduated fringe on its side.
  • On long hair, a ragged elongated four of a kind can sink to shoulder level. This hairstyle visually creates volume and perfectly combines with multi-layered painting according to the type of highlighting or coloring. However, keep in mind that ragged elongated car should not be chosen for girls with narrow chins or elongated faces. Long front strands will visually narrow it further. But women with rectangular and square outline can successfully use this type of hairstyle.

beautiful asian models

It is worth noting that the method of torn strands is suitable for girls with any hair structure: if they are thin, then graduation will increase the pomp, and if thick and dense, with the help of filming you can make your hair light.

Torn square and bangs

Quads with graduated edges, can be without highlighting bangs. In this embodiment, it conditionally merges with the total mass of the front strands. Parting can be done in the middle or not at all to focus on it.

girl with highlighting

However, the best car with torn strands is combined with a ragged bang laid on its side or with a long, lower level of the eyebrows. A torn square with a bang will help to harmonize the image, hiding some flaws in appearance, and an aged woman will visually “throw off” for several years.

Care of a hairstyle of the car with the torn ends

The beauty of this option hairstyles lies precisely in the fact that she practically does not require any care. At home, the installation instructions are as follows.

  1. Apply the styling agent – ​​gel or foam onto the washed wet hair.
  2. Dry the hair with a hair dryer, directing air from the roots to the tips, working through each strand step by step. To give pomp and volume to the hairstyle - lower the head down during drying.
  3. With a styling foam or wax, give your own hands the final design of the hairstyle, dividing the hair into separate strands.
  4. Fix with varnish if necessary.

girls with different color of hair

Easy stylish negligence, which has a hairstyle ragged, is the main "highlight" of this hairstyle. Laying scheme is simple enough that does not cause difficulties when self-laying. In addition, the length of the hair quite allows you to experiment with the image - and create yourself unusual forms of hair, focus on the neck, eyes or the whole image. At the same time, owners of wavy curls can also wear a similar graduated haircut. The unpredictability of the arrangement of the curls will give a certain charm to the image, especially on the elongated variation of the haircut.

Video: laying for ragged square

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