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different weaving
Weaving ribbons into hair is not a hairdressing innovation. Thin multi-colored ribbons decorated the heads of girls at all times. Knowing how to braid a braid with a ribbon, you will be able to create beautiful and neat hairstyles for your girlfriends or sister with your own hands, and with a little hand, even to yourself. All you need is our step-by-step tutoring for weaving braids with ribbons, a comb, a few minutes of time, varnish and ribbons: lace, satin, organza or velvet, printed or plain, which you like. And if you have long thick hair, you can weave a thin chiffon scarf instead of a braid, tying it around your head and putting it in a braid, this hairstyle will definitely not go unnoticed.

Stylish cobwebs with ribbons

One of the most relevant hairstyles today is a braid with a ribbon. Fantasy masters allowed to create a huge number of ways to how to weave the ribbon in a braid, to get a stylish and modern hairstyle for every occasion. At first, weaving schemes may seem very complicated, and even impossible to some. But in fact, everything is very simple: repeat the instructions in stages and everything will work out for you.

braided tail

Tape selection

Which braid to choose for your hairstyle depends on your preferences and the colors prevailing in your wardrobe:

  • A pigtail with a ribbon will look romantic if weave a lace braid into it.
  • The color variety of satin ribbons will help you choose the shade that suits your image.
  • Blonde girls like shades of pink and blue stripes of fabric.
  • The beauty of the curls of brunettes complement the emerald and scarlet shades.
  • Red hair will decorate green and blue colors.

Braid can slightly shade your hair color, and can play on the contrast. Trendy neon shades will complement the bright youth look, and beige, brown or dark blue will suit even a business woman's hairstyle.

loose hair
Weaving braids with ribbons has many schemes. A few of them from very simple to more complex you will see further.

Simple 4 strand weaving

Step-by-step weaving of a braid with a tape from 4 locks under the power of each. Such a pigtail with a ribbon looks a bit one-sided, so weaving in the center in this technique is not the best option. Try to do yourself weaving to the side from the right temple to the left shoulder. The scheme is as follows:

  1. Separate 1 thick strand on the right above the ear and tie a band to it.
  2. Divide the selected part of hair into 3 equal parts and take them into your hands like this: in the left hand there is a strand and a ribbon, in the right hand - 2 locks.
  3. Flip the rightmost strand over the next one and under the braid, moving it to your left hand.
  4. Now there will be 2 locks in the left hand, and one in the right hand.
  5. Flip the left extreme under the next and above the tape. Now, on the contrary: there is a strand and a ribbon in the left hand, 2 strands in the right hand.
  6. We do the pickup: on the right we take an additional curl and attach it to the rightmost strand in the spit. Throw a thick strand over the next and under the braid, as in step number 3.
  7. We do grab on the left in the same way as in step 4, but adding a curl.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to the bottom, tie a bow.

four-strand braid weaving technique with ribbon
Straighten curls pigtails, if you want to make it more lush. After training, you can try to braid 2 parallel braids in this technique.

5 strand braid with braid

Using this scheme, you can braid 1 braid in the center, to the side diagonally or 2 braids with ribbons on the sides. And experienced girls will be able according to this scheme to create a wreath around the head of braids. First of all, separate the part of the hair where the spit will begin. If it is one spit in the center, separate the part of the strands on the crown. Further step by step:

  1. Tie the braid under the selected strand.
  2. Divide the selected strand on the crown into 4 equal parts.
  3. You will have 5 strands in front of you, one of which is a ribbon, place them in your hands in this order: 3 strands-braid-4 strands.
  4. The first strand on the left sweeps under the second, then on top of the third and under a strip of fabric, then shifted to the right hand. In each hand becomes 2 strands, tape in the center.
  5. Now carry the rightmost strand under the second to the right and above the ribbon, and then transfer it to your left hand. You will have 3 strands in your left hand, and only one will remain in your right hand, a ribbon in the center.
  6. The next step is grab. Take a thin strand on the left of the temple and add it to the leftmost one. Repeat step # 4 with a curl up.
  7. Now make a grab on the right: separate the thin curl from the right temple, add it to the right extreme strand and skip the thickened strand under the next curl and tape, moving it into your left hand, as in step # 5.
  8. Alternate steps 6 and 7 to the ends of the hair.
  9. Curls braids need to be slightly straightened to give volume to the hairstyle.

simple scheme of weaving a five-spit braid with a ribbon
The braid with the ribbon is ready, everything turned out to be very simple in execution and intricate in appearance.

Braid heart

Unusual weaving of a braid with a ribbon in the shape of a heart will decorate the head of a young girl or girl, you can note this idea for an image on St. Valentine's Day to surprise your loved one. Embody the idea is very simple:

  1. Separate part of the hair on the horizontal parting at the back, gathering the upper part in the tail, as in Malvink's hairstyle.
  2. Separate the hair over the elastic band so that the free end of the tail from the bottom upwards is passed into the hole.
  3. Pull up the tail so that the strands on the top of the head lie flat.
  4. Divide the free end of the tail into 2 parts, of which weave the usual braids of 3 strands. Tie the ends of the braids with rubber bands.
  5. Now you need a plastic needle with a thick eye, which you need to fill the selected tape.
  6. Lift one of the braids up and lay it in the shape of half a heart. The second pigtail will have to form a soul mate.
  7. Thread the braid with a needle through the elastic at the base of the tail.
  8. Further, if you sew a braid with a braid, form the first half of the heart, threading the needle between the curls of the braid and the hair on the crown.
  9. Wind the free edge of the ribbon around the free end of the braid.
  10. Repeat the same with the second braid. Combine the halves of the heart, remove the elastic bands from the braids and tie them together with the ends of the ribbons.

Unusual hairstyle, which uses braided braids with ribbon, is ready. If you do not have a special needle, at home you can use the usual stealth, in whose ear you need to put a ribbon.

Video: Technique weaving braids with a ribbon

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