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Retro is in fashion again, because as you know, the new is well forgotten old. The style of the 30s returns not only to clothes, but also to hairstyles. Soft waves, lush curls and impressive chic are what characterize retro styling. How to make a retro hairstyle, is it possible to make such a wonderful transformation of your hair at home? Yes, of course, if you wish, you can make your own hairstyle in retro style without resorting to the services of hairdressers and stylists.

Retro hairstyles go to everyone, they can be made to any length of hair. But the selection of one or another method of laying should also take into account the features of your face - an oval, circle, triangle or rectangle. With the help of retro hairstyles you can hide all the flaws and highlight all the advantages of your face. At any party you will become a queen worthy of worship.

What is typical for retro hairstyles?

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  • Colour. If you decide to adhere to this style for a long time, then note that for this you need to change the hair color. Bright blonde or brunette - these are the most current colors. However, red, brown-haired and fair-haired are also found, but less often. Although it is worth thinking, what if such a cardinal color doesn't suit you ?!
  • Waves. This technique is most often used for short hair.
  • Short haircuts with sharp lines are also a tribute to retro style.
  • Curls, rollers of hair, bouffant, lush bangs.

Choose for yourself exactly the part that suits you the most and boldly implement your ideas.

Retro hairstyles for long hair


Retro tail

One of the most simple and common hairstyles in retro style, which is done on long hair.

Phased Instruction:

Option I

  1. Comb the hair and tie a high tail at the crown with a rubber band.
  2. Bangs can pick up the tail if it is long. If short - scrape at the base, sprinkle with varnish and model a “cook” of a height that suits you.
  3. At 5-7 cm below the elastic band, pick up the hair with a barrette and lift them up, making a voluminous structure. Liberally fix with varnish. Wait for the lacquer to dry and remove the barrettes.
  4. Screw the remaining locks into large curls and fix with varnish too.

Option II

tail with fleece

  1. Use bouffant as a base. Strands from the roots nasheshite, correct the top and collect in a high tail.
  2. Pull one strand from the tail, comb it smoothly and wrap it around the elastic.
  3. Fix fleece varnish. While he has not dried, quickly simulate a configuration of hairstyles that you like most. You can raise the combed hair high enough to make babette. You can raise a little, just emphasizing the volume.
  4. Hang the ends of the hair curl in large curls.


This installation will require more time and skill. If you want to impress guests with its impeccable appearance, then try to make it in advance. You will need a mousse for styling, varnish and invisible. Step-by-step instructions for creating your own hands:

  1. Dampen hair and treat with mousse.
  2. Make a wave from the crown to the face and lock stealth. As a rule, no more than two waves are being made.
  3. Fix the waves with lacquer, wait until it dries and remove the invisible.
  4. Collect the remaining strands in a bundle and secure with a mesh. It is possible without it.

elegant waves

This retro hairstyle for long hair will give a festive, romantic look. It is perfect for a corporate holiday, a theme party or a date in a romantic place.

Retro hairstyles for medium hair

Retro hairstyles for medium hair length very well underline the romantic image of a young woman and an adult woman. But there is one caveat - you will spend a lot of time on it. Although the result is worth it.

Retro asymmetric hairstyle

We do everything step by step:

  1. We share the hair on the side parting on the side to which you are accustomed.
  2. From the side where there is less hair, we take and roll them into a bundle along the entire length. Without lifting to the top, we pin up a spectacular barrette.
  3. If you have long bangs - we twist it with the help of curling up or inwards - as you like. If the bang is short, then we twist it in the same direction as the rest of the hair.
  4. Fix varnish and fix curls. Hanging strands are twisted in the same way.

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Smooth styling

Such styling is more suitable for owners of more stringent, graded haircuts - square or elongated bean.

  1. The hair is aligned on both sides of the face. Can be used for fixing as varnish and mousse for styling.
  2. The bangs are made flat and smooth.

Charming curls

This retro hairstyle for medium hair is suitable for all without exception haircuts. The phased scheme of creating styling itself:

  1. Wind the hair with hair curlers or using a curling iron, but do not wind them from the very roots. Let the strands remain smooth on the root zone. Make sure that there is no “ring” when moving from curls to the smooth part of your styling. This is especially true for curlers.
  2. Fix with lacquer.

beautiful curls

Retro hairstyles for short hair

For short hair, you can come up with a lot of options for hairstyles in retro style. No matter what kind of haircut you have, you can use all known types of styling - waves, curls, asymmetry. Such retro hairstyles for short hair can be decorated with hats, spectacular hairpins and rhinestones, even feathers. Although this decoration is more suitable for a theme party.

wet effect

  • Waves are made in the same way as on long hair, with the only difference that it is not necessary to stack the hanging strands. Waves can be decorated with beads, small flowers.
  • Curls for short hair are made all over the head in a rather chaotic manner - “artistic mess”.
  • Backing is mainly used to raise bangs and give the entire head of hair volume. There are options. You can make a bouffant and use a ribbon or a wide hoop as a decor. Straight bangs and raised the back of the head and the middle part of the hair will be organically combined with a decorative element.
  • A raised bang and a smooth hairstyle at the back can also be decorated with a ribbon.
  • And the most common hairstyle in the style of the 30s - a smooth hairstyle with the effect of wet hair.

waves on a short head of hair

Retro styled hair is not the easiest, but a very effective way to stand out from the crowd. The most important thing is that you can do for yourself exactly what you want. After all, "his own hairdresser" - is not the second profession?

Video: creating luxury retro waves

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