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Rare bangs - this is one of the best options to hide small problems with appearance, the main thing is to choose the right model. Especially such bangs are well suited for girls of short stature, because with a tall one, lush ones look good. Be sure to take into account everything from the shape of the face and the size of the cheekbones, to the type of hair and the shape of the chin, to hide all the flaws and it is beneficial to emphasize the best side. Especially because this bangs fit almost all haircuts. For registration of hairstyles use different types of thinned strands on the forehead. They can be oblique, straight, edged or torn. Bangs on sparse hair begins with strands a little further from the beginning of the hairline.

What kind of hair is suitable for rare bangs?

  • Of course, the fringe of sparse hair will be the best option in the design of a haircut. You should not do it very long, as it will not be able to keep a beautiful shape for a long time.
  • For owners of curly locks the best option would be a long rare bang. With this option does not require special care and styling.
  • For those who have hard hair, you should also look at the ragged version, a long rare bang is well suited. The main thing is that the length of the hair was not less than 6 cm, otherwise the strands will not be able to lie beautifully, but will stick in all directions.
  • For lovers of creative and fashionable trends oblique rare bangs. They look great on both thick and "liquid" and thin hairs. But the hair should be straight, with curls, it looks a little ridiculous.
  • Bangs for thin sparse hair can be of any shape and type, only a small length. It all depends on the chosen style, age and type of person. Do not forget about the daily lifestyle. Each type of face has its own characteristics and disadvantages.

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Haircut with a rare bangs suitable for any type of person, the main thing is to listen to the advice of experts:

  • Straight rare bangles will give roundness to an elongated facial contour. Emphasizes the beauty and expressiveness of the eyes. Ideal for soft and unruly hair. Looks effective with short haircuts.
  • Rare torn bang suitable owners of wide cheekbones, heavy chin and rough features. Well, if the haircut itself is also in a ragged style.
  • Long torn bangs suitable for any type of person. Helps in creating a business and serious image. The archway is well suited for long, sparse hair.
  • Oblique bangs fit well with a round face or square face. Visually stretch the face, and give freshness and youthful image.

slanting thinned bangs

With a serious attitude to their appearance and desire to look decent - a haircut with a rare bang would be the best option. Drastic changes in hairstyle and bangs are best suited to the younger generation. Women of solid age before deciding on such a step, you need to consult with a professional who will select the best option.

How to make a bang less than myself?

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When you change your bangs, it is not necessary to go to the hairdresser. You can independently trim the bang at home, it is not difficult to do. It is best to cut wet hair, not forgetting that when drying, they significantly shorten. This is especially true for curls.

In principle, there is nothing difficult. Most importantly, large thinning shears should be available. Sharp scissors will not pull hairs and leave sharp edges. It is advisable to fix the remaining hair, so that, by carelessness, not to catch them. And then according to the chosen scheme: either full filirovka, or just tips.

For direct "liquid" bangs, scissors need to keep as smooth as possible. And for a scythe - vertically, it is more convenient to hold the strand between the thumb and forefinger, pulling it up a little. Follow the full width. When using both options, get the perfect option. You can also use small nail scissors, which will give the haircut some filigree.

Haircut with thinned bangs

It would not have been a good haircut, but without good styling will not look. Therefore, you need to carefully approach this issue, and follow the instructions of the experts step by step.

  1. Any styling begins with a hair dryer. Drying is necessary directly from the roots, to give additional volume.
  2. For better fixation, you can use special mousses, varnishes and other styling products.
  3. The tips of the hair can be twisted with an electric pliers, irons or a round brush.
  4. Special attention should be paid to bangs. Using a large round comb to give the desired volume. And wetting his hands with mousse, give shape.

styling options with sparse bangs

Beautiful hairstyle - the key to a stylish image and confidence. Clean, healthy, beautiful and well-groomed hair will always give the image a kind of bohemian charm. And no matter where care for the hair in the cabin or at home, the main result.

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