Professional hair masks and the whole truth about them

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Ideal appearance is the result of unremitting efforts and work on oneself, and this concerns both physical development and appearance. It is no secret that beautiful and well-groomed hair has always attracted the attention of both men and women, which is why a competent step-by-step hair care should be the basis of both daily and specialized beauty rituals. And to achieve the desired results will help professional hair masks, which in a large assortment and without much difficulty, you will find on the shelves of domestic stores. We will try and understand all this diversity and identify the basic principles of the selection of professional tools, in accordance with the type and needs of hair.

How to choose the right hair care

  • Preferring one or another means, try to select professional shampoos, conditioners or masks from one line - so you will get a more pronounced effect and a clear visual effect. As a rule, cosmetic products of the same brand complement each other, which together provides targeted and enhanced exposure.
  • Selecting professional moisturizing hair masks, or preventing their loss, be guided by the type of your hair, its structure and styling methods that you use at home. So, intensively moisturizing means will be useful for damaged and weakened hair, for colored ones - nourishing and enhancing shine, for normal ones - stimulating growth, etc.
  • Do not neglect to read the instructions for their use before using professional tools. The fact is that professional hair masks have a more concentrated composition, which, if they violate the application scheme themselves, can have the opposite effect: not to improve the health of the hair, but to break its structure.
  • Choose masochki in accordance with the season: for example, for winter time it is advisable to use nutrient mixtures with a strong moisturizing and protecting effect, and in the summer you should avoid using citrus essential oils, which can lead to fading of the hair in the sun and even more draining.

wet hair from cosmetics

Consider in more detail the features of hair care of a different type.

Curly hair

Problem: as a rule, curly hair is dry and brittle, so they are strongly susceptible to the influence of external aggressive factors (ultraviolet light, changes in humidity and temperature). In addition, curly strands have a porous structure, which leads to their increased ability to absorb moisture, and this leads to the fact that the curls are pushed and become disobedient.

What to do: proper care for such curls is based on enhanced lipid nutrition, but not on hydration. Therefore, professional hair restoration mask or products from the protective series will be the ideal treatment for them. Such compositions will make the strands smoother, cover with a protective film and compensate for the lack of lipids.

schwarzkopf professional repair rescue

Care options: to make the locks more elastic, and curls, not so fluffy will help:

  • protective mask with peony and chamomile extract Loreal Protection Mist;
  • smoothing mask for curly and unruly hair L'Oreal Professionnel Liss Unlimited Masque;
  • Londa Precious Oil Tradition Light Absolute Oil Regenerating Hair Mask;
  • For intensive restoration the concentrated cream mask for hair Schwarzkopf Form Repairand Charge Hair Mask.

Dyed hair

Problem: opening hair scales cause the pigment to wash out faster, making the hair dimmer. Moreover, its quality is deteriorating due to the lack of keratin, which makes the strands brittle and vulnerable.

What to do: a professional regenerating hair mask with antioxidant properties is recommended. To strengthen the colored strands and fix the color, a professional regenerating hair mask with organic oils and vitamins is suitable, which not only adds brightness, but also takes care of the hair.

loreal mythic oil and hairmask

Care options:

  • Loreal Professionnel Couleur Botanique Protecting Masque organic colored hair mask;
  • vitamin mask-gel, giving a glossy shine to the hair of Loreal Mysthyc Oil Masque;
  • Intensive Mask for Londa Professional Color Dyed Strands.

Greasy hair

Problem: too active secretion of sebaceous glands leads to rapid contamination of the hair, loss of hair volume.

What to do: professional moisturizing hair masks that do not overdry the scalp and do not irritate the sebaceous glands will help restore the hydro-lipid balance of the scalp. Particularly effective for oily hair is sea salt - you can independently enrich it with any cosmetic composition. Avoid saturated oil consistency, masks with salicylic acid and too intense surfactants.

tube brand Londa

Care options:

  • Londa Professional Deep Moisture Intensive Mask;
  • Mask Intensive Moisturizing by Schwarzkopf Bonacure Moisture Kick.

Dry hair

Problem: dry hair is very depleted, it lacks lipids, because the sebaceous glands work extremely passively, or they are overdried with styling agents or aggressive external factors.

What to do: use professional masks saturated with oils and other nutrients (ceramides, silk proteins, panthenol) - they will help to create a protective film and at the same time saturate the skin and strands with nutrients.

Londa visible

Care options:

  • intensive nourishing and regenerating keratin Loreal mask with Pro-Keratin Refill Masque;
  • mask for the restoration of damaged hair, which includes Panthenol Londa Visible;
  • regenerating mask with fig oil and keratin from the Schwarzkopf Oil Miracle Barbary Mask.

Thin, loose, falling hair

Problem: such a head of hair is weakened by its natural protection, besides it lacks elasticity, the structure becomes brittle and fragile. Disturbance of the process of feeding the follicle leads to their degradation, and, accordingly, becomes the root cause of hair loss, which, with the chronic nature of the problem, disrupts the normal cycle of their growth, depletes cellular capital.

What to do: it is important to act proactively - it is easier to deal with the problem at the initial stage, and not when the thinned hair becomes a serious cause for concern. Use professional hair loss masks, stimulating cellular metabolic processes, toning the scalp, saturating the epithelium with beneficial vitamins and substances. Moreover, the complex effect is very important - do not neglect both the salon procedures for the care of hair, and homemade recipes, which are quite capable of regularly organizing with your own hands. In addition, professional masks can be applied to yourself at home, helping to prevent hair loss, but do not forget to follow the instructions for the preparation step by step!


Care options:

  • Repairing mask for very damaged hair Loreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Lipidium Instant Reconstructing Masque;
  • professional mask against hair loss, increasing their density and strength "Horsepower" with hyaluronic acid and pepper, which has a lot of positive feedback.

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