Popular build questions

Popular build questions

Are there any contraindications for hair extensions?

There are, of course, contraindications for hair extensions, such as: severe hair loss; - diseases of the scalp; - allergies to materials and building elements; scalp sensitivity

How much time can I wear hair extensions?

The maximum period for wearing extensions is no more than 4 months. This applies to any extension technology. However, if your own hair is weak and thin, it is better to be limited to 2.5 weeks.

How is the correction of hair extensions:

In fact, the correction of hair extensions can not be done, after a certain time the strands are removed, this concept means that you can immediately re-grow your strands, if you are well cared for them and they have not lost their appearance.

How much does it cost to remove hair extensions?

Typically, the cost of this service is 30% of the cost of hair extensions.

What hair is used when building?

Professional masters and salons use only natural hair, they are Asian, Slavic and European. The shade of hair is very much and you can always choose strands that match your hair color.

Where do you get hair for extension?

Rumors that hair comes from prisons, morgues and mental hospitals is not a joke. Even Victoria Beckham, after which this procedure became popular, said in an interview: "My hair extensions are the hair of Russian prisoners. On my head is a whole camera of a female colony from Russia!". And this is true, a large percentage of hair extensions comes precisely from these places. The remaining percentage is the hair of volunteers, that is, those girls who themselves cut off their hair and sold it. Another hair comes from India, where about 15 thousand pilgrims shave their heads every year in the Tirupati temple. With hair extensions you will never know where they came from and from whose head they were taken.

Is there any inconvenience when “wearing” the hair extensions?

The first time, of course, you will experience some inconvenience. For example, hair cannot be combed with a comb, sometimes capsules interfere with sleep, you will spend more time and money on styling. For hair extensions need more care. And so you can do everything that you did before the new hair: bathe, go to the bath, straighten hair with irons, curl them into hair curlers, etc.

What is included in the care for hair extensions?

You can read about this in a separate large article devoted to hair care and hair extensions here.

Tell me the approximate cost of hair extensions?

It is difficult to answer this question, in different countries and cities a different price range. It can be from 300 to 3000 thousand dollars. If you are offered to build up for a very low price, then, most likely, the master doesn’t have enough experience, and the materials to build up are of poor quality. It is better not to risk it, because it is not known what will happen to your hair if the extension is done by an inexperienced master.

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