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Long hair is a luxury that requires special care, both intermittent and everyday. To maintain the beauty of the hair takes a lot of time and effort. That is why young ladies with a long haircut seek to find such styling options that require minimal cost to create. One of the most popular and simple hairstyles for long hair is the horse's tail. The scheme for creating such a styling is extremely simple, which makes it possible to use it on a daily basis. The instructions below will help you learn how to perform interesting variations based on the horse's tail at home in steps.

Variations of hairstyles based on horsetail

A ponytail hairstyle can be an excellent basis for many other hairstyles. For example, from it you can twist the snail-bundle or braid the braid. Knowledge of various techniques of laying on the basis of a ponytail will allow you to always look in a new way, spending a few minutes on it.

Classic horse tail

models from the catwalk

Hair ponytail in the classic version is well known to every girl. To perform this styling with your own hands you will need a comb, a small amount of hair styling and a beautiful hairpin or elastic band.

Clean strands smoothly combed into a high tail and secure with a rubber band. In the event that individual strands are knocked out of the hair mass, the hair should be easily treated with a styling varnish and stabbed out the hair with invisible hair.

Low horse tail to the side

Hairstyles with a ponytail can look very original and stylish. A striking example of this statement is the low tail, gathered at the base of the neck on one side. This option of laying is well suited for young ladies with long and lush head of hair.

Ponytail hair

The hairstyle is created extremely simply - the whole head of hair is combed towards one of the shoulders and intercepted at the roots by an elastic band. Despite the simplicity, the tail to one side always looks very elegant and elegant.

With tail

A ponytail with a fleece is also called royal, comparing a fleece with a crown.

Jennifer Aniston and Fergie

  1. Before you do a ponytail with a hairstyle, clean hair must be treated with styling mousse.
  2. Then, using a brush at the roots of the hair creates a light fleece, the field of which strands are collected in the tail and fixed at a selected height. A ponytail with a fleece is an option perfectly suited for special events and exits.
  3. To make the styling more elegant, you can screw the tail on the curler or curling. In addition, one or several braids can be formed from it, which can also be both the simplest and the most complex weaving. A ponytail with a pile is a great platform for experimenting with your own style.

The only limitation for creating a ponytail with a pile is the presence of short bangs. Long bangs can be processed with a large amount of styling products and combed back along with the rest of the hair, fixing embroiled strands of invisible hair.

All other varieties of the ponytail, listed in this material, are perfect for haircuts with bangs and hairs without it.

Horse tail with a turn

There is an opinion that the ponytail is too simple and even a children's hairstyle. For many, it is associated with Soviet schools and pioneer camps. Hairstyle ponytail with a turn completely destroys such ideas and vividly illustrates that styling on the basis of a tail can be chic and very stylish. For example, hairstyles with a ponytail in this style are beloved by Hollywood star Jessica Simpson. She was seen more than once with such a hairstyle at ceremonies of global significance.

two different in appearance models

The most suitable for this styling is a large or medium hair length. Laying is carried out in stages:

  1. First, the head of hair is collected in a smooth high tail, then a strand is separated from it, which wraps around the elastic, securing the tail. It is important to ensure that the gum was completely masked.
  2. The ends of the strands used for wrapping are secured with an invisible hairpin.

Bulky tail

This hairstyle will allow you to create an interesting image yourself, applying for this the minimum number of forces and devices. A very lush tail will surely attract the attention of everyone around and make them admire your beauty and health. In this case, it is not necessary to be the owner of a very thick head of hair, the average amount of hair will be quite enough. Hairstyle tail tail is performed using the technique of combing hair, however, unlike the styling already described, the bouffant is done on the finished tail in the direction from the ends of the hair to the elastic band. The best tool for working with such styling is a round comb or brush.

fluffy ponytail

The volumetric tail is a hairstyle that can be created from wet or not too clean hair. Depending on the general condition of the hair, a different visual effect will be created. To consolidate the result obtained, it is worth using a strong hold varnish. Save this cosmetic is not worth it, because the amount of hair depends on its quantity. However, if the styling product is applied too copiously, only thorough washing will allow the curls to be reset.

Smooth chic

Smoothly combed hair, collected in a ponytail, will allow you to create a chic and a bit strict look. This hairstyle will suit the style of a fatal beauty, dressed in a long evening dress with an open back or make-up in deep colors. At the same time, the installation will be quite appropriate in the gym or jogging.

hollywood star on the red carpet

To put the hair in a smooth tail, they must be abundantly treated with styling gel and combed smoothly in the direction from the roots to the crown.

Creative chaos

careless styling

A slight grubby hairstyle can look very sexy, especially if you use this technique during summer holidays. To create an artistic mess, you only need to form a tail from the curls, using a hand instead of a brush to comb it. And if you decorate the hair with a delicate and elegant hairpin, no one will suspect that such styling is a manifestation of your character, and not untidiness.

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