Pompadour hairstyle

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Pompadour hairstyle has more than two centuries of history. Her name is a tribute to the charming, domineering and intelligent fashionist of the 18th century, who attracted the attention of the high society of all of Europe. Pompadour's hairstyle, marquises' outfits and manners occupied European ladies no less than men — her influence on the king.

beautiful antique styling

And it is all the more surprising that the styling of a pompadour returned to fashion in the middle of the 20th century was by no means an easy woman's hand. Her, as a symbol of gloss and carefree brilliance of rock and roll, is strongly associated with the image of Elvis Presley. Pampadour hairstyle is an integral attribute of the era of fashionables - neither the heroes of the Hollywood “Briolin”, nor the Russian dudes in a good picture of the same name could do without it.

Women's hairstyle pompadour: what are the benefits?

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In contrast to the ladies of the 18th century, who competed in the height and volume of a pile, modern pompadour styling can be functional and even more comfortable than most hairstyles. And that's why:

  • Pompadour hairstyle does not require a large number of additional elements (hairpins, etc.) and a large amount of time (such as, for example, styling of pigtails);
  • This version of the hair allows even unruly hair to be laid, as it does not require absolute smoothness and styling “hair to hair”;
  • Such styling allows you to make your own special touch and create a bright image due to the fact that it does not dictate either the height or the volume of the “roller” or the styling of the hair below it. Curls can be collected or loose. There are variants of such styling, even for hairstyles with clipped temples. It looks more than spectacular, in the most positive sense. Although the work should adhere to a more formal style. The length of the hair is also not regulated: for example, “pompadour” on short hair looks creative and elegant;
  • You can put your hair in pompadour style independently, and quickly and beautifully;
  • hairstyle is convenient at any events, at work and at home - the variability and versatility of the style allow you to impose an official gloss or just to collect hair for convenience;
  • hair, laid with your own hands, with minimal skill and compliance with the instructions will look as if you were at the master stylist.

Laying the pompadour: process step by step

styling in the old days

You will need: hairbrush, 3-4 hairpins, resistant hair spray, gum. The process is carried out in stages according to the following instructions:

  1. Select the part of the hair that is above the forehead. The width and volume of the strand is regulated only by your desire and idea.
  2. The selected strand must be raised and combed so that the “roller” turns out to be voluminous and has a shape.
  3. The base of the raised strand (hair roots) must be thoroughly sprinkled with varnish, so that during the day the hairstyle does not lose shape.
  4. Now you can gently lower the hair, laying back. Pressing them to the head, carefully combing or styling in another way deprives the meaning of all the preparation. You should carefully comb the sprinkled and combed strand so that when laying back the “roller” does not lose volume.
  5. Secure the laid volume strand with invisible hairpins.

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Basically, the styling is ready. It remains only to collect or simply comb the rest of the hair mass. But you can give yourself even more chic and grace. The scheme of further actions is as follows:

  1. Raise upward two strands located behind the ears (they close the "roller" in a kind of triangle).
  2. Fasten the strands with a hairpin so that the hair does not fall out and crawl away.
  3. Then these two strands are connected to the combed one, after which the hairpin is taken out, replacing it with a usual thin elastic band - in the tone of a head of hair or in a colorless one.
  4. Kinks, irregularities and other minor flaws out of the hair can be hidden with varnish.

Hollywood diva

The female hairstyle of the pompadour not only looks beautiful, but also has many interesting variations. Some of them were realized by pop and movie stars: Dita Von Teese, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna and others. One of the most loyal fans of this style is the singer Pink.

stars with layouts of past centuries

Video: creating a hairstyle in the style of pompadour

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