Plazmolifting for hair

plazmolifting for hair

Plasmolifting for hair is a specially developed technique that allows you to quickly and effectively turn an ordinary hairstyle into a luxurious head of hair. And if nature has not rewarded you with luxurious hair, it does not matter, innovative developments will allow you to get what you want safely and painlessly.

What is the plasma method?

Hair plasmolifting is a specially developed method of regeneration, which takes as a basis the principles of enriching hair follicles with the constituent components of blood plasma. Manipulation activates the blood flow, which allows to restore damaged tissue segments, nourishes the skin with nutrients. Often, artificially introduced blood components stimulate the development of rejuvenation processes throughout the body.


Indications for the procedure

Plasmolifting of the scalp will help you solve the following problems:

  • Significant reduction in hairline density. That baldness is the most common cause of treatment of patients for plasma injections.
  • Thinning and brittleness, which can be caused by both a genetic predisposition, and the negative effects of chemistry and improper care.
  • Dry ends. In this case, the hairs look dead, and also can not grow normally.
  • Increased oily skin at the roots.
  • The appearance of an itch, but in those situations where it is not associated with dermatological diseases or fungus.

session to session difference

Contraindications for plasma lifting

Remember, if you find at least one of the problems listed below, then postpone the plasmization procedure until the symptoms are completely eliminated:

  • damage to the skin on the head of a mechanical nature (hematomas, scratches, wounds);
  • any dermatological diseases, regardless of their stage of flow;
  • low platelet count in the blood;
  • any autoimmune diseases;
  • any kind of tumor formation;
  • therapy with drugs that can react with the administered composition;
  • the period of carrying and feeding the child;
  • for women, critical days.


Principle of the procedure

Human blood platelets contain a large number of protein compounds that accelerate the growth and healing of damaged tissues. After the procedure, a certain amount of platelets is injected under the skin, proteins and their derivatives are released, which speeds up the process of reproduction of the girdling cells. It triggers natural regeneration, increases the dermal layer, and rejuvenates the skin naturally. In this case, the source of the healing composition is directly the venous blood of the patient himself, from which, after being placed in a centrifuge, pure plasma is extracted. To enhance the effect of the plasma is combined with complexes of vitamins, and injected under the skin, triggering intercellular metabolism. The metabolism process improves the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. As a result, the diameter of the hair thickens, the bulb actively feeds, which ensures high quality and density of hair.

plasma shots

The advantages of plasma shots

A trip to the beautician has several advantages:

  • Security. The blood for injection, cleaned by centrifuge, belongs directly to the patient, therefore it is completely excluded (if sanitary and hygienic norms are observed) the ingestion of infections and pathogens from another donor into the body.
  • Plasma injections are often recommended for men as a remedy for hair loss and fragmented baldness.
  • Lack of allergies is provided for the same reason.
  • Minimum time for rehabilitation. Already at the end of the procedure, the patient feels great.
  • Painlessness Pain during the injection is minimal, besides, if you have a hypersensitivity of the skin, you can ask to treat the scalp with an anesthetic composition.

before and after the procedure

  • Among the shortcomings, we can note only the high cost of the procedure, the need to choose a high-class professional and strict observance of sanitary and hygienic standards.

Stages of plasma lifting

Plasmolifting of the head is carried out as follows.

Preparation for

Medical procedure for hair involves a certain preparation:

  • Patient's visit to the doctor for a general blood test to avoid future complications.
  • Full examination of the scalp for the detection of mechanical damage.
  • Appeal to a specialist is necessary, since only a doctor will adequately assess your health and ensure that there are no contraindications to injections.
  • On the day of the trip to the beautician, you do not need to eat, and 2 days before the scheduled session you need to exclude fatty and pepper food, switching to vegetable and fruit salads.
  • Alcohol and nicotine are contraindicated completely.


Carrying out plasma lifting

Hair treatment goes like this:

  • At the client immediately after arrival blood is taken, in his presence, blood is sent to a centrifuge using special disposable tubes.
  • After stratification of the blood into fractions, pure plasma is released, which is purified by vacuum. The specialist spends about 15 minutes on all manipulations.

plasma production

  • If necessary, if the patient’s condition requires it, a complex of vitamins and trace elements can be added to the tube.
  • The scalp is treated with antiseptics, and anesthesia is applied as a cooling ointment if desired.
  • The composition is divided into syringes for a single injection. Puncture make thin needles to a depth of 1 mm, heading from the forehead to the back of the head. At last, the substance is introduced into the temechka area.
  • Of the complications, patients identified redness, itching, swelling, but these symptoms soon disappear.


Doctors cosmetologists warn that at least 3 sessions will be necessary for hair growth and strengthening, but 100% results will appear only after the 6th visit to the cosmetologist.

Price policy plasma-lifting

As well as face lifting, the hair treatment is quite expensive. The price in Moscow for 1 session ranges from 3,000 to 6,000 rubles. The cost depends on the reputation of the clinic, and can not be low.

the introduction

Ask your doctor about plasma lifting

On the network you can find both positive and negative feedback about injections. Cosmetologist Inna Bergman answers the questions of readers.


  • Oksana: Are there clinical trials confirming the effects of the injections?

I. Bergman: Of course, more than 7 years it took scientists to prove the viability of the method and study its effectiveness.

  • Olga: I am afraid that injections can cause the formation of tumors. Is there a risk?

I. Bergman: This is completely excluded. Injectables platelets do not carry oncogenic characteristics, and can not cause malignant mutations.

  • Svetlana: Which is better to choose: laser plasma lifting or normal? Which of these is more effective?

I. Bergman: If you look at the photo of the state before and after the procedure, then even an ordinary person will see that the effect is similar. The difference in this case is only in price, since the laser method is more expensive.

  • Yuliya: At what age can injections be given?

I. Bergman: You should not hurry, as in adolescence hormones affect the condition of hair and skin, so wait at least 16 years.

  • Evgenia: Is there a risk of becoming infected with HIV?

I. Bergman: No, under the observance of sanitary and hygienic norms, such risks are completely excluded.

  • Alyona: Do injections not deplete the internal forces of the body?

I. Bergman: No, the manipulations performed do not affect the strength and energy of the body.

on men's hair

Plasmolifting procedure for hair will help you to stimulate their regeneration, which will have a positive effect not only on the condition of the hair, but also on the health of the skin in general. Do you use this method of treatment? If so, write about your impressions in the comments below.

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