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Pixel dyeing of hair has changed the shatush and ombre that have been loved by all women of fashion. Modern technologies, with the help of which pixel art is created on the hair, every day win the hearts of an increasing number of beauties. Fans of a new trend are created either with tetris on their hair, or with computer graphics.

Madrid is a city of style

A new hit in the field of fashion created in the creative studio of Madrid X-presion. Three Spanish stylists: José Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Rostepo and Jorge Cancer decided on a creative experiment, thanks to which they created a new technique that allows to make pixel coloring on the hair. By the way, the specialists working there always created their own masterpieces and were famous for their unusual views on the design of hairstyles.

pixel pattern on hair

Since February, seminars have been actively held for stylists who want to master the secrets of this technique and independently create masterpieces on the heads of their clients.

Pixel Trend Features

  • This coloring is suitable for perfectly straight and laid hair. However, you need to carefully monitor the long, because when the hair grows, the picture gets off.
  • Owners of curly curls will be difficult to catch the pixel design, it will be blurry and fuzzy.
  • A nice feature is the ability to try on the pixels on your hair with a stencil and spray-paints. The master can make temporary pixel coloring of hair so that the girl can finally decide on the choice of drawing and dye.
  • The pictures of dyed hair look amazing in the photo, but if it rains or a strong wind blows it out all at once, therefore, the hostess of such beauty should use styling products.

Perhaps, for someone to wear such prints every day will seem too bright and pretentious, but young people not only come out with such an option, but also introduce it into everyday style.

original hairless prints

This creative coloring interested not only women, but also men who dream of making pixel coloring for their mustache or beard. Before you dye your hair using an innovative method, you need to weigh everything: how will your colleagues react to such a change of image, will your boss understand, will they not reprimand them in educational institutions, will they react loyally at home. It is unlikely that a bank employee would be appropriate to look with Tetris on the head or, for example, a nurse. So in some situations, having painted her head like that, girls risk to get into trouble for themselves with those around them.

purple ornament

The technique of pixel staining

It is necessary to understand that such staining takes much more time than usual, all actions take place step by step, the specialist, without haste, creates a drawing that the client chooses according to all instructions and schemes. Before you start painting hair, the stylist must:

  1. Explain all the nuances of caring for a colored hair.
  2. Tell what means better to do styling.
  3. Show the catalog so that the client can choose the option he likes.
  4. Prepare the desired colors.
  5. To get a haircut.

At home, it is impossible to independently make pixel hair coloring. The scheme of such coloring is very heavy, the colors must be applied to each strand in a certain place in order to get a graphic drawing.

pixel art

Stylists are confident that this style should be tried on by both relaxed girls and conservatives. Drawings are carried out both in neon, and in usual color schemes.

In Spain, no one will be surprised to see people with such coloring, but in Russia it is just beginning to emerge, since very few stylists own this technique. It is safe to say that in the summer and autumn this trend in fashion will firmly enter the Russian beauty industry.

Video: pixel hair coloring technique

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