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Permanent hair perming has been known for many years, but today this procedure has a completely different effect on the health of the hair, unlike what our mothers and grandmothers did, although the name and principle remained the same. Modern masters of hairdressing use gentle formulations that can change the shape of your strands without damaging them. Let's find out more about what it is - a modern permanent hair perm, about its disadvantages and merits.

What is permanent hair curling?

Permanent hair perm or simply chemistry is a procedure based on a chemical reaction. In the course of this reaction, sulfur bridges in the hair structure, which are responsible for its shape, are destroyed. Then the strands are wound on curlers or files of a selected diameter and shape and are processed with a special fixing agent.

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After this, the sulfur bridges assume a new position. At the end of the curlers are removed and you become the owner of spectacular curls of the desired shape and degree of curl. Sulfur bridges gradually oxidize under the influence of oxygen and strands acquire their original shape.

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The benefits of permanent perm

Permanent hair curling has the following advantages:

  • Modern compositions for chemistry can be applied even to colored and streaked strands, they do not affect the pigmentation of the hair.
  • Curling tools can be used again as the strands grow, that is, can be performed "chemistry chemistry". This will allow you to maintain the beauty of your hair and wear curls as much as you want.
  • Chemistry dries curls, but for girls with oily hair, this will solve the problem of frequent washing of the head.
  • Unlike curled on styler curls, chemistry in wet weather only looks more impressive.
  • The cost of services available. Approximate price of 2000 rubles, depending on the length of the strands, the region, the level of the cabin and the type of curling.

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Well, of course, permanent waving provides your head of hair with amazing volume and long lasting results.

The disadvantages of permanent perm

If looking at the photo of curls you were inspired and decided to enroll in the salon as soon as possible, do not rush, and familiarize yourself with the negative aspects of the procedure. These include:

  • Contrary to popular belief that perm simplifies styling, this is not always the case. In some cases, it will be even more difficult to collect curls into a hairstyle than before permanent curling.
  • Care for the hair after the procedure should be even better, as far as the gentle composition would not be used, the harm to the hair is still caused.
  • The success of the result primarily depends on the professionalism of your chosen master, and this explains the many negative reviews of women who have used the service. Deciding to become the owner of beautiful curls, remember that permanent hair curling should not be done at home, although you can buy such formulations at almost any cosmetics store. The process is quite laborious and has many subtleties that are not even known to every master.

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Types of permanent hair curling

If 20 years ago women could only do classical chemistry, then today women can choose from more than 20 types of this procedure. The most popular are:

  • American This is one of the most popular types at the moment. At the peak of popularity are large curls, just such and gives American chemistry. The procedure uses special hair curlers Olivia Garden. Technique cheat strands on curlers can be different, depending on the desired result. This type of chemistry is suitable for long and medium strands.
  • Acidic This chemistry is the most aggressive towards hair. She is not recommended for girls with thin hair and sensitive scalp. Its advantage is a more stable fixation, but the curl turns tough.
  • Alkaline. This view is not suitable for girls with even and heavy strands, curls on them will last only a month instead of the possible 3.
  • Anti-chemistry If you are the owner of curly locks and vice versa you want to straighten them, this type of curling will suit you.
  • Vertical. For cheat-curlers are used spiral, which are arranged in a vertical position. As a result, you get the elastic and tight spiral curls.
  • Biowave or semi-permanent hair curling. Thioglycolic acid, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which have a damaging effect on the strand structure, are not included in the curling composition. Instead, sulfur bridges are affected by substances similar in structure to hair molecules. There are a lot of such curlers today, for example, Niagara Bio or Mossa.

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The essence of the procedure is the same everywhere - the effect on sulfur bridges of the hair. But curling composition, curlers, exposure time and method of cheating may be different, causing such a variety of types.

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