Perm hair

Perm hair

Every woman at least once in her life dreamed of thick wavy hair flowing smoothly over her shoulders.

Someone twists strands on curlers, someone weaves small pigtails on wet hair to become a curly beauty. But the hairstyle keeps a maximum of a day or two, and then you have to repeat the procedure again and again.

Recently, a perm is becoming more and more popular, which allows you to wear a fluffy mane for months without resorting to special efforts for hair styling.

Curling is done in several ways: acid, alkaline, acid, where is used thioglycolic acid, neutral, amino acid, biowave.

Most often done and held the longest on the hair acid perm. Its plus is that for half a year, you can forget about the long and grueling styling - the hairstyle will look great in any conditions. Negative - it can not be called harmless.

The drug, which is used in this curling, penetrates the hair and reveals its outer scales. It turns out very hard curl. It can not be used on thin and soft hair, they stretch at the root and take a very impartial appearance, besides under the influence of acid, the hair becomes much weaker and brittle. Also, an acid perm is not recommended for use with dry and sensitive scalp.

The price of such a perm is quite diverse. It all depends on the salon, in some low, in some high. But it is still possible to calculate the approximate cost: short hair - about 95 dollars, medium - 105 dollars, long - 125 dollars.

Alkaline Curling is less persistent, it can last up to 3 months. Curls elastic and natural. The drug, which is used in this perm, penetrates the hair and reveals the outer scales. This perm is softer, but still it should not be used on all hair. For example, it is not recommended to use such a curl on hard and heavy hair - this type of hair will hold it for no more than a month. True and such curls are much cheaper.

Perm hair
Perm hair

Perm hair

However, all perm based on the use of alkaline solutions are very short-lived - the volume and waviness can be lost in a few weeks. But its great advantage is considered relative harmlessness, so this method is quite suitable even for recently dyed hair.

The combination of the above described curls is called neutral curl. It can be used for all hair types. Curls strong and elastic.

It used to be thought that curling hair always had a negative effect on their structure, but, to the greater delight of fashionistas, quite recently a new way of curling hair appeared, in which proteins. This is called perm amino acid. After its application, the hair becomes shiny, soft and healthy.

True and it does not hold for very long, but you can do it quite often. Do not recommend to use it on heavy, long and hard hair, they quickly straighten.

When choosing a perm, you should take into account the quality characteristics of the hair - the harder and longer they are, the stronger the tool should be used for them.

Remember that after a perm, hair often deteriorates and requires special care.

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