Perfect bun with a bow

A bun with a bow - the perfect hairstyle for every day, especially in the summer. Hair is securely fastened and does not climb into the eyes, and a piquant bow makes the hair cute. Such a bundle is perfect for school or just for a walk.

Perfect bun with a bow

How to make a bundle with a bow step by step

one. We make a high tail and fasten it with a tight elastic band. It is better that the hair was wet, so they can be conveniently collected, and the hair will be more accurate.

2 Separate a small strand 3-4 cm wide and fix it with an elastic band. So far we will not need it.

3 In order to make a volumetric bundle use a special round roller. If you do not have such a device, then you can do it yourself, for this, take a tight sock and cut off its tip, twist the sock into a ring and you will get a similar roller.

four. Distribute hair evenly over the roller and put on a thin elastic band on top.

five. Starting from the neck we separate a small strand and start to twist it, gradually adding hair, so we have to twist all the hair until it ends, you can have one or two turns around the beam. Secure the tip with stealth or studs.

6 Now we proceed to the creation of a bow. To do this, take our strand and put on an elastic gum on the base. Thread the strand into the gum a few times, when it is already a little tight, thread the strand not completely leaving a small loop, this will be one part of the bow.

7 Now twist the elastic and thread the same strand of hair into the resulting loop to form the second part of the bow.

eight. The remaining tail will serve as a center of the bow, place the strand between the two loops and fasten the invisible, hide the remaining tip under the beam.

Perfect bun with a bow
Perfect bun with a bow
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Perfect bun with a bow

Now you know how to make a simple but beautiful hairstyle quick and easy!

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