Peeling the scalp with your own hands

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The winter period is a great time to take care of your appearance and health. Now our body needs cosmetic procedures more than in all other seasons. Removing unnecessary contamination from both skin and other body tissues, improve blood circulation and nourish it with beneficial elements is the minimum plan of procedures necessary for the human body. And in times of crisis, special attention should also be paid to relaxing procedures. And this does not mean that we urge you to go to an expensive beauty salon and leave all the accumulated funds there. You can take care of yourself at home, for this using time-tested recipes and the most ordinary products. This article will explain how to make a peeling of the scalp with your own hands.

Peeling of the scalp sounds exotic, but in fact the procedure is simple and similar to peeling the skin of the face or dermis of other parts of the body. This operation, which is quite easy to do yourself, allows you to remove dead skin cells of the scalp, increases blood flow in the area, improves metabolism, which immediately affects the appearance of your hair, and sensations.

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Just imagine how much stress the skin under the hair is exposed to. This and constant contact with dirt and dust, this and unremoved cosmetics, this is the weather conditions and many other factors. It is not surprising that the skin begins to peel off, forming dandruff.

Systematic peeling for the scalp, in conjunction with other treatments for skin and hair, can significantly improve their condition and appearance. The main thing when performing the procedure yourself is to act on the proven schemes, following the instructions step by step.

How to perform the scalp peeling procedure

  • It is believed that high-quality peeling shampoo for the scalp should foam abundantly, which allows you to work on the deep layers of the dermis. In fact, a large amount of foam does not guarantee high-quality cleaning. Moreover, some expensive formulations, in spite of their washing qualities, do not benefit at all. There are cases when the effect of such compositions does not exceed one day, after which the hair looks untidy and unhealthy.
  • At the same time, means for peeling the scalp, including scrubs, when applied to wet strands, allow not only to clean the hair, but also to fight with germs. With constant phased use, the hair will acquire a more silky texture and a healthy shine.
  • Means prepared by yourself at home, in most cases should be applied to slightly damp hair, which will prevent the occurrence of matted strands. The aging time of the scrub on the head of hair is from ten to fifteen minutes, then the cleansing composition should be removed with the help of shampoo and water of moderate temperature.
  • It is important to ensure that the composition for peeling the scalp was applied before washing the hair, otherwise you can harm the health of the hair. At the same time, with dirty and very greasy hair, with the help of peeling, it is possible to remove both excess fat and residues of styling products.

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As for the recipes, means for peeling the scalp, there are a great many. This material will be considered the most common and effective means.

How to ensure safety during peeling

This procedure should not be performed daily. The frequency of such an operation should not exceed once a week for oily hair and once every two weeks for dry, brittle or dyed.

Folk remedies for peeling the scalp

Salt peeling

One of the most popular folk recipes can be called scalp peeling with salt. First of all, this tool is tempting because it is so easy to prepare that it can be done by anyone.

coarse salt

So, to make a salt peeling for the scalp, you need to mix two large spoons of sea salt and so much warm water, and then add a couple of drops of essential oil. It is worth noting that tea tree and eucalyptus oils do an excellent job with dandruff, while cedar and lemon oils help to solve the problem of increased oily skin of the scalp.

Regular salt peeling can be varied by adding a conditioner balsam instead of water to the product. In this case, the essential oil can not be used.

Peeling on the basis of eggs and lemon juice

This tool will be an excellent cure for dandruff and will help with increased oily skin of the scalp. You can prepare the drug from the juice of half a lemon, the yolk of one chicken egg and a pair of large spoons of sea salt. In the absence of allergic reactions, the recipe can be supplemented with a couple of drops of ylang-ylang or lavender oil.

lemon scrub

Peeling clay

Mix a small amount of blue clay powder with sea salt and dilute with water. Apply to the hair roots and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then wash it off.

Soda Scrub

This tool is perfect for the most lazy of our readers, because it can be used directly while washing the hair. To perform the peeling procedure, it is enough to mix soda and regular shampoo in equal parts and wash the head with this mixture.

baking soda

Coffee bean peeling

This tool is well suited brunettes. Mix ground coffee beans with shampoo and apply to the hair. To increase the positive effect, you can wash off the scrub not with ordinary water, but with decoctions or infusions of chamomile or nettle herbs.

These funds are very effective and at the same time budget. There is no doubt that they work no worse than nioxin or a salon procedure - gas-liquid peeling of the scalp.

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