Peeling of the scalp in the salon

Peeling of the scalp in the salon

Scalp peeling - a procedure that many hairdressers and salons offer.

Scalp peeling - the procedure, during which the old dead cells are removed, the skin is cleaned, fatty acids that have the ability to accumulate in the skin are eliminated. Peeling is an absolutely harmless procedure for women of all ages and for any type of hair.

Effect of scalp peeling

The main task of peeling - deep cleansing of the scalp from excess sebum, remnants of cosmetic and styling products that have properties to accumulate in the skin surface.

The peeling procedure is very useful, as there is exfoliation of the upper layer of the skin, which improves the condition of the scalp. Especially peeling is good for dandruff and high fat, as well as for hair loss.If you do the peeling regularly, the results will not keep you waiting. After peeling of the scalp:- scalp regeneration is improved, cellular metabolism is activated, the bulbs' blood supply is improved, the skin comes to tone, hair growth is stimulated, the hair is revitalized, the scalp is supplied with oxygen, the sebaceous glands normalize, dandruff and itching

And also after peeling, the effect of masks and nutritional components is greatly enhanced. Very often, skin peeling is done before other healing procedures to improve the effect.

Types of peeling: peeling of the scalp can take place both in the salon and at home.

Peeling of the scalp in the salon

In the salons during the peeling of the scalp is used professional medical cosmetics. In the salon there are chemical and mechanical peels.

Chemical peel - is carried out with the use of various acids (for example, salicylic acid). The composition of the peeling is selected by the doctor taking into account the individual characteristics of your scalp: sensitivity, type, problems.

Mechanical peeling - acts like a scrub that mechanically removes dead skin particles.

Peeling of the scalp in the salon

Scalp peeling sequence:

one. First, the head is washed and put on it a special composition for peeling, which contains vitamin D, minerals and other useful components.2 Next, a specialist makes a scalp massage for 30-40 minutes along certain lines.3 After that, the head and hair are treated with a special shampoo and mask.four. The last stage is shampooing.

In general, the peeling procedure lasts about an hour. It is recommended to do peeling 1-2 times a month with normal hair, and with increased greasiness can be done 3 times a month.


- Peeling is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women (as it uses organic acids) - People suffering from skin, inflammatory and infectious diseases, allergy-prone, suffering from boils (pustular diseases).

Peeling price:

On average, scalp peeling costs between 1000 and 3000, depending on the region, the salon and the products used.

Read as well as make peeling at home.

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