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Zigzag parting is an original element of the hairstyle, adding to the image of some extravagance, originality, and audacity. Most often it can be found in youth hairstyles, but also for more adult women of the beautiful half of humanity. Such styling is interesting, but before you make a parting in a zigzag, you have to stock up with fixing means for fixing and a flat comb with a thin handle. By the way, a broken part on loose hair can be made to itself.

What partings are and who are suitable

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A zigzag parting can be done with a comb and then it will be clear and well visible, or with the help of hands, in which case it will be more natural, but unclear. And he and the other can do it yourself at home. The first variation is suitable for smooth styling or hairstyles with braids and tails, the second for everyday or formal styling. In any case, a broken line on the spot of the spotter will be best seen on smooth hair, as well as on structural haircuts. Undoubtedly, this hairstyle will not go unnoticed.

Zigzag parting pattern

To make a hair parting with a zigzag, first decide what kind of zigzag you will be doing and how it will pass over the head. After that, take a flat comb with a fine handle and a mousse or styling gel. It can be frequent or all in two parts, one or several, in the middle of the head, shifted to one side or diagonally. What to do - choose your own.

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The scheme of creating a zigzag parting requires patience and some skills. Proceed step by step, moving from the top of the head.

  1. Using a comb, grab the strands to the desired depth (the first line of the zigzag), fold the curls to one side and fix them with gel or varnish.
  2. Repeat, making the planned number of broken lines. Note that every other line should be parallel.
  3. To make this separation more natural, strands should be held on the head with a hand, so that the hair starts to move and is slightly disheveled.

Hair options with a zigzag parting

Smooth flowing hair

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The easiest option hairstyle with broken parting is smooth flowing hair. The creation instruction implies smooth strands and a clear line of the merchant. In this case, it is impossible to do without a thin comb and fixing tools for styling. It is best to start creating such a separation of strands on a slightly damp head of hair. Depending on the styling, the hair can fit snugly to the head, for example, on short hair, or rise above it (in the case of bulk styling on long and medium hair). By the way, if you make a broken line with sharp corners, the curls will be sent in different directions, so that the installation will be able to add the missing volume.

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Tails and bunches

Another variation of hairstyle with zigzag parting is tails or ghouls. This styling is more youth and is created in stages.

  1. First, the porter is made.
  2. After that, the hair is fixed with long flat hairpins so that the separation of the hair is not disturbed.
  3. Then, in turn, tails are woven very neatly. If desired, they can be left flowing or twisted in the ghouls.

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Another interesting option hairstyles with zigzag-braids. Variations can be a huge amount. It can be two braids on both sides of the head, and a "little dragon" of two or more braids on the head, and two low tails, braided into thin braids and twisted into ghouls.

Parting in the form of a zigzag is a bright, eye-catching element of hair. Make it in the process of styling and your hair will play a new way. Imagine and experiment!

Video: technique of creating a zigzag parting

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