Openwork braids

voluminous weaving on long hair

The openwork braid that season has not lost its positions on the fashionable Olympus. Beautiful hairstyle fell in love with modern women of fashion for originality, ease of wearing, versatility, both for festive evenings and for everyday exits. Once you have mastered the technique of self-weaving falling lace braids, you will be able daily to delight those around you with spectacular hairstyles. So let's see how to weave openwork braids with your own hands.

One of the weaving options

Weaving openwork braids does not conceal any complex or sophisticated elements, and does not require special skills from you. If you are able to weave an ordinary spikelet - this will be enough for you to understand the scheme of further actions.

Step by step instructions plaiting openwork braids

  1. Well comb the hair on the entire length. If the curls are pushed and difficult to lay, then apply a bit of fixing mousse or spray onto the strands.
  2. Divide them into three strands and begin to weave a standard pigtail.
  3. After several steps of braiding, it is necessary to tighten thin strands from the extreme strands of links in such a way as to give the pigtail a volume and a lace look due to thin ringlets. The number of strands will depend on the number of stretched strands.
  4. Further, knitting openwork braids involves the phased implementation of the same above-mentioned actions.
  5. Fix the end of the pigtail with a rubber band and fix it with varnish. Openwork braid is ready!

detailed scheme of creation

This is the easiest way to create an openwork hairstyle. Having mastered this technique of execution, you can proceed to more complex options: with weaving around the circumference of the head, creating volumetric multi-tiered braids or high evening styling.

Weaving openwork braids implies several versions, the main of which are considered:

  • spit-caterpillar: the hairstyle is formed not by standard weaving, but by creating oval links according to the type of anchor chain;
  • sea ​​knot: it is created by the type of weaving a macrame of four strands. Knitted openwork braids, which are obtained as a result, look very original and stylish;
  • spit-loops: the pigtail is woven in the usual way, but the knocked out loops are drawn not from two sides, as in the classical version, but only from one side, thereby creating lace loops along the entire length of the pigtail. With this design it is convenient and beautiful to form various patterns and flowers from the hair.

two blonde girls

Options for openwork braids for short hair

Openwork braids for short hair - ideal for those who seek diversity. Short hair does not always allow you to create intricate evening hairstyles, which can not be said about braids, which are relevant in any situation and will give an unusual look to any hairstyle.

Method 1. Bangs-braid

A very common option to give a romantic look. Weave bangs in the usual pigtail, adding strands only from the top of the head. The free (outer) edge of the braid is made volumetric due to the formation of lace loops. The end of the bangs secure stealth or bright hairpin.

dark model

Method 2. Spit in the Greek style

If your hair has a bob hairstyle, then you can simply braid it in a pigtail, moving along the entire circumference of the head. This option ideally adds volume to any hair, it looks very elegant and elegant.

To make openwork braids for short hair give you less trouble, reveal some tricks in the technique of execution:

Greek hairstyle

  • The irregularity of the strands will help to hide the styling products that will fix the curls, preventing them from pushing. They should be applied before braiding.
  • Until you “fill your hand” on simple hairstyles, you should not take on difficult options yourself. It is unlikely that the end result will please you, but time and effort will be spent pretty!
  • Try non-standard weaving options on classic hairstyles: hide strands under the bottom of the weave - French braid will come out, weave diagonally - you will get an unusual look of standard styling, decorate braids with decorative elements - give romance to the image!

Types of openwork braids for long hair

Openwork braids for long hair - a classic version of the hairstyle. Long elastic curls allow you to use the entire arsenal of a variety of weaving and creating unusual shapes. Openwork braids for long hair are made of standard braids, fish tail, French braids. Strands, elongated in the form of loops will give a magnificent volume and pomp of hair. Styling options for medium and long hair are great. You can use both the professional ideas of stylists, which are full of pages of fashion magazines, and experiment on your own, trying to impart an unusual vision of a standard drop-down braid.

On long thick curls, hairstyles look particularly good with a falling asymmetric openwork braid or voluminous, which emphasize the length and beauty of your hair.

three blond beauties

The technique of weaving openwork braids on the hair of medium length

The openwork braids for medium hair are not different from the previous versions in terms of the weaving technique. Allow to create high evening styling, everyday, romantic images. But if your hair does not have sufficient length and volume, then there are several tricks that will help to create openwork braids for medium hair:

luxury hairstyles

  • Before you start braiding, dry the curls upside down - this way will help to add fluffiness to the hair, and accordingly the strands will look thicker and longer in the pigtail.
  • Twist the curls. Light waves, braided in our lace braid, will give the necessary volume and better keep the shape of your hair. It is not necessary to curl small tight curls, then the effect of the lace braids will get blurry.
  • Very effectively openwork braids on medium hair look using the corrugation effect. Small waves give extraordinary fluff of hair, which is very original looks in an openwork hairstyle!

As you can see, the weaving of openwork braids is the ideal option to give an extraordinary look to its styling. Simplicity of execution allows you to create unique hairstyles at home, without resorting to the services of professionals. Openwork weaving will add a special charm and romance to an evening hairstyle, a little bit of flightyness and immediacy - everyday. Bright performance suitable for celebrations, weddings, proms. Decorating with flowers or bright decor, you can achieve a wow effect without making a lot of effort.

Video: technique of weaving openwork braids for long hair

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