Onion hair mask - recipes

Probably, you at least once heard about the onion hair mask, some are delighted with the effect after it, others are shocked by the smell, others don’t dare to use it at all, let's take a look at what kind of mask it is and what it is are eating").

What are the benefits of onions and onion masks?

In fact, the usual onion contains a lot of useful vitamins, such as B2, B6, C, B3, B9, E and etc.

Onion also contains many minerals: sulfur, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and etc.

Also onions contain essential oils, phytoncides, organic souryou.

You have not yet run to make an onion mask?) Then we go further.

Onion Hair Mask - Recipes

Effect of onion hair masks

1. Strengthens hair growth - thanks to its rich composition, onions improve blood circulation, which contributes to the rapid growth of hair.

2. Stops falling out - Onion juice strengthens hair follicles, nourishing them with vitamins and minerals. Onion masks - leaders in the fight against hair loss.

3. Treatment and prevention of baldness - If you regularly rub onion juice into balding places, then soon new hairs will appear there.

4. Dandruff Treatment - phytoncides contained in onion juice help cleanse the skin of the fungus that causes dandruff.

5. Prevention of gray hair - thanks to vitamin C, onion masks will help to preserve hair color for a long time, and gray hair will not disturb you at an early age.

6. Help in the care of oily hair - Onion masks help reduce the work of the sebaceous glands.

7. Restore hair and shine - The essential oils contained in the onions close the hair scales, giving them elasticity and shine.

And even despite all the obvious usefulness of onions, many are afraid to make such a mask because of the unpleasant smell that appears if your hair gets wet or, for example, you sweat. Yes, it certainly scares, who wants to walk and leave behind a train of unpleasant smell? But there are little tricks that will help rid you of the amber after the onion mask, so don’t rush to give it up. I will tell about it a bit later.

Onion Mask Recipes and How to Use Them

Classic mask of onions

This mask is also very simple and fast. Take one medium onion and rub it on a grater, then squeeze the juice with gauze and rub it into the scalp with massage movements.

Then it is necessary to warm the head with a towel or put on an unnecessary warm hat. Leave the mask for an hour for more effect, then rinse with shampoo.

The mask is recommended to do twice a week for 1-2 months, hair loss should be reduced.

Onion mask for hair growth - super recipe! The result is guaranteed.

- Onion juice 3 tbsp. L.- kefir 2 UF. l.- cocoa powder 1 tbsp. l. - essential oil beat 2 drops; - rosemary essential oil 2 drops;

Thoroughly mix all the main components and then add essential oils, apply the mask only on the scalp, accompanied by a massage. The exposure time is 30-60 minutes. Mask course: 2 times a week.

Onion Hair Mask - Recipes

Onion mask against hair loss and baldness

Composition:- 1 onion; - 2 cloves of garlic; - Art. l cognac; - 1 tbsp. l honey; - 1 tbsp. l burdock oil.

Clean and chop the onion and garlic with a blender, then squeeze out the resulting juice and add the melted honey, butter and brandy. Apply to the scalp and leave for half an hour. The mask is effective even with alopecia.

Onion mask for strengthening hair with burdock oil and honey

2 tbsp. l onion juice; 1 tbsp. l burdock oil: 0.5 tbsp. l honey

Pre-heat the honey in a water bath to a liquid state and add to it the remaining components, mix thoroughly and apply on the scalp. To enhance the effect of the mask before applying, you can massage the head.

Leave the mixture under a warm hat for an hour, then rinse the hair well with warm water and shampoo.

Mask for dull and dry hair with onions and eggs

Take 2 tbsp. l Onion juice and mix thoroughly with the yolk, apply on the hair parting and wrap with a towel. An hour later, the mask can be washed off with cool water.

Yeast Onion Mask

This mask has received many accolades, keep the recipe: For the mask, you can use both dry and "live" yeast.

Recipe with live yeast to stimulate hair growth:

Take about 20 grams. yeast pour a little water and add 1 tsp. sugar, put the mixture for 10-15 minutes in a warm place. Then add 3 tbsp. l onion juice and a couple of tablespoons of your favorite base oil (olive, almond, burdock, etc.). After 40-60 minutes, wash off the mask.

There are a lot of recipes for onion masks, you can make “your” mask by adding your favorite oils and other ingredients to onion juice. Or just add some onion juice to your favorite homemade mask.

Aloe juice, kefir, honey, oils, brandy, eggs, mayonnaise, sour cream, bread - All these ingredients can be used with onion juice.

How to get rid of onion smell - 7 ways

one. Use onion juice only, not gruel. Onion juice leaves almost no smell, and in combination with other components it can be avoided altogether.

2 Apply mask only on the scalp. The fact is that the hair is porous in structure and well absorb the smell, try to get as little as possible on the hair and then the smell of the onion will be minimal. This is especially true for bleached, damaged, curly hair, they are more porous in structure and the onion smell will be quite difficult to remove.3. Clay for hair - A great way to eliminate onion smell from hair. Clay has good cleansing properties and absorbs odors. After you have washed the onion mask from your hair, apply clay previously diluted in water onto the scalp. The consistency of the clay should be like sour cream. Clay can be used white, blue, green, etc.

4. Essential oils - A proven way to combat odor. Add a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil or ylang-ylang to the hair conditioner and apply to hair after washing off the onion mask. Citrus essential oils also do a great job with the smell.

5. Rinsing hair with herbs. It helps not only eliminate the smell of onions, but also strengthen the hair. For decoction suitable such herbs: nettle, oak bark, chamomile.

6. Rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar (2 tsp. For 1 liter of water), how to carry out this procedure correctly, read here.

7. Lemon juice. To get rid of onion smell 2 tbsp. l lemon juice, dissolve in 1 liter of water and rinse hair well. Another such procedure adds shine to hair!

Onion Hair Mask - Recipes

And +3 recommendations for avoiding odor:

- do not rinse the mask with hot water (the pores on the skin will open and the onion smell will penetrate deeper) .- do not hold the mask for too long, 1 hour is enough .- carefully filter the juice of the onions, the main unpleasant smell appears because of the onion slurry.

Everything was not so difficult;)

Onion mask for hair - reviews

But what do the girls from our group write in vk.com

With hair loss, it is very effective, I would even say that it is the best remedy for hair loss. But there is a minus - a month, you will walk with the onions stink: after each washing of the head, it will be terribly sweaty with onions from you to sweat a little from you. But when the hair is dry, there is no smell. I dyed my hair for 4 years without a break, after the hair just began to crumble in scraps, that I hadn’t just tried ampoules, vitamins, professional masks, all in all, the effect was weak. Onion mask - a killer. And in a good and in a bad way. Eva Churchill I constantly use masks with onions and eggs. Hair does not really fall out and look healthy healthy hair. They have become thicker. To avoid the smell, I add ground coffee. Aroma awesome. a hint of the smell of onions not a bit. Pleasant aroma of coffee. Does not fit blond hair. And dark gives to everything a coffee shade. I really like it. Lusya Bastrikova I made an onion mask, it showed itself perfectly. Get rid of the smell just. It is necessary to use onion juice, not gruel, and added lemon juice, also neutralizes the smell, also removes and adds shine to the skin and adds shine to the hair. Exactly what is needed. I took onion juice and lemon juice 1: 1. And she added some honey, yolk and olive oil. It is still good to add sour cream (cream) if they are homemade real ones (this is if they are fat type) The main thing is not to add gruel from onions — it keeps the smell. And you can interfere with everything that works on your head. Hold for 40-50 minutes, but she does not bother me, I walk longer. Good luck) Julia Semenyuk I made an onion mask during the month 3 times a week. The effect was immediately after the first use, the hair began to fall out much less. But as I had blonde hair, the smell from the hair was terrible (it is even modestly said) - a rotten onion aroma. But the effect on the face. Despite such a significant minus, I still recommend !!! 2 large onions, finely grated, filtered through gauze, and rubbed the juice into the scalp! - held for an hour. Lena Talanova I recently tried it and really liked it, it seems to me much better than mustard oil, after it the hair at the roots was very soft, but as many said already minus it smell, I neutralized it with a solution of vinegar with water, then with shampoo, again with this solution and again with shampoo, smell I’ll do it again, but this time I’ll try to neutralize the smell with mint. Anastasia Cherkasova I made masks with onion juice, there was no smell, you only need to use onion juice, the hair stopped falling out and grew up. Aleksandra Olshevskaya

Be sure to try the onion hair mask and share the results!

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