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Ombre on dark and light hair, giving bright, rich color of your own hair! You deserve it. L'Oreal Paris. Still not losing ground is the tendency to dye hair in Ombre style. Ombrend or blackout, these two capacious words explain the whole meaning of such coloring. Hair stylists sometimes call this technique balayazh, highlighting, the effect of burnt hair, degradation, shatush, hair dyeing with two colors, Venetian highlighting. Coloring in the style of ombre resembles hair that has burnt out under the scorching rays of the sun, or as regrown tips of hair roots. Our today's article will be devoted to the topic of short hair, we will try to open for you this topic in full without forgetting to pay attention to all the details. So let's get started.

Many celebrities prefer to paint their hair in this style. Perhaps they are dyed curls in a beauty salon, perhaps for them it makes them a personal hairdresser or stylist. We do not know for sure. But it is absolutely known that any girl, if she wishes, with her own hands and at home can do it herself. The main purpose of this method is to create a smooth transition of colors evenly, especially if you prefer to wear a short haircut. The combination of fashionable coloring and fashionable haircut, can be for you something new, refreshing your irresistible image.

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Ombre on very short hair - will it look?

Of course, it will be much more difficult to make an ombre effect on short hair than on a long hair below the shoulders. Here it will be necessary to make a smooth transition of color shades on a very short segment. This is exactly the case when a colored ombre for short hair with an incorrectly performed dyeing (if it is not possible to create a gradual change in shade) may look like an ordinary hairstyle with regrown and unpainted roots. To avoid this, the difference between dark and light shades is selected by a minimum, that is, no more than three tones.

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Ombre short hair coloring and the most popular color variations

  • A sharp transition from the dark color of the hair roots to the light colors on the tips.
  • Sharp transition from light-colored hair roots to dark colors at the tips.
  • Smoother transition. Borders of adjacent colors are blurred.
  • Coloring the tips of the hair in bright and creative colors.

Usually, ombre staining for short hair is preferred according to the third variant. A smooth transition ensures the naturalness and softness of your everyday look, however, a sharp drop in color looks great. Such a bold decision, as a combination of contrast, is suitable for those who like to experiment. If all of you decided to make ombra for short hair on your own, remember a few rules you need to know:

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  1. Now in any store for sale special paint ombre. Price from 100 dollars. What caused such a high cost? Good quality and you can not argue with that.
  2. To create a smooth transition effect, you need to make vertical movements with a brush. For the first and second cases, when a sharp transition is needed, horizontal strokes using foil are necessary.
  3. The ombre technique on short hair is performed in stages (a diagram of how to do it properly is usually attached to the kit). It is necessary to re-paint the chapstone at the very roots a little closer than the first one and not too long hold the paint - this is the way to ensure a smooth transition. If you decide on the third painting, then you can only further slightly lighten the tips.
  4. After staining, it is not recommended to wash your hair immediately, only after 3 days. Not earlier, otherwise the paint will wash off too quickly.
  5. Ombre short hair coloring looks perfect on a bob hairdo. Clear or slightly blurred transitions allow you to clearly define the border of colors. And yet, many stylists claim that painting ombra on short hair makes it easy to care for them and keep them in perfect condition in the future. This is also evidenced by numerous reviews on sites dedicated to this topic.

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Step by step instructions for creating an ombre on dark short hair

  • Visually divide the length of the hair into three parts.
  • Paint is applied on the bottom of the third part and then the curls are immediately wrapped in foil. On the tips of the paint can withstand no more than 15 minutes.
  • After this period of time has elapsed, a new batch of paint is applied to the second half of the length and the hair is again wrapped in foil. The exposure time is increased by another 5-6 minutes longer. Then all this paint is washed off.
  • If you want to lighten the ends even more, then the remaining paint can be applied to the lower, already dried tips again, wrap in foil and hold for another 10 minutes.

It is possible, on too short dark hair, to limit staining of two parts of the length of the hair with one color and lighten the tips of the hair. As a result, the transition of colors from one to another will be as inconspicuous as possible.

Instructions for creating an ombre for short blonde hair

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Owners of short blonde or light brown hair can also change their image, make it more extravagant and bright. For them, there is a technique, on the contrary. That is, the tips in this case are painted in a darker tone than in the case of ombre on black short hair. You should also pay attention to the choice of colors. For blondes, as a transition, it is best to use sunny flowers, perhaps carrot or copper. If you prefer bright, saturated tones, then try to paint the tips of your strands in blue, lilac, purple or red.

Creative ombre

If you feel that you are a punk at heart, then the stylists have prepared a present for you, this creative ombre. Unlike ombra on black short hair and on ombra on short blond hair, everything will depend on your unbridled fantasy, which a professional master can easily translate into reality. Create, for example, the transition of colors from black and blue to emerald, from pale pink to ruby ​​with red. The principle of coloring is the same: two or three opposite colors, gently turning one into another.

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For such an enchanting color, world brands have created kits consisting of a set of paints and a special brush with five different lengths of teeth. This innovation eliminates the use of foil.

To get the creative effect ombra on short hair is enough:

  1. Divide the hair into strands.
  2. Apply paint with a brush to a specific area. Here it is necessary to remind that on short hair there can be only 2 or 3 zones.
  3. Give exposure to each zone for 10 - 15 minutes, and then wash off. A rainbow on the head, thanks to the many shades of colors of colors from the set - you provided. Wear on health!

variations of creative ombre

Short strands, painted in a creative or other way, need care no less than a shoulder-length hair or braids. Use only special balms and shampoos that support a rainbow tone on the head, as well as tools that will allow for a long time to maintain health, make your hair shiny and beautiful.

Video: creating an ombre effect on a short head of hair at home

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