Ombre for blond hair is a popular coloring technique.

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Today, ombra remains one of the most popular hair coloring techniques, especially for fair-haired beauties. This is not surprising, because current trends urge girls to be natural and natural. And what might look more natural than the effect of “regrown” roots? This hairstyle looks a bit careless and at ease, but it is this “freedom” in the opinion of stylists should prevail in the female image this spring. Ombre on blond hair will refresh your image and give strands of dynamism. You will learn about the subtleties of this coloring for girls with light strands, its advantages and disadvantages in the article, and the photo collection will clearly show you all its beauty.

Ombre staining, what is it?

Some mistakenly believe that any tone or two-tone staining is ombre. But in reality there are several different techniques, for example, balayazh and degrade, which are often confused with each other. They differ in the method of applying paint and, of course, the end result, and in order to recognize them, you need to know about these subtleties. So, ombre is the clarification of the tips of the curls along a horizontal line. The color transition can be both explicit and smooth. There are several ways to achieve a beautiful color transition, we will tell you about them in detail.

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Differences between different staining techniques "with color transition"

So that you are fully aware of this issue and can choose the most suitable staining technique for yourself, you need to learn about the main differences between these related techniques:

  • Ombre. The technique involves staining according to this scheme: strands from the roots to the middle have the same color, and the tips are lightened or darkened.
  • Balayazh. Coloring creates the effect of sun-bleached hair. The stylist holds a brush with paint along the entire length of the curl, as if “sweeping” movements. As a result, light strokes are obtained on a half tone-tone lighter.
  • Shatush. Here, to create a "burnt out" effect 3-4 colors of paint are used. The result is a very soft transition from natural color to colored strands.
  • Degraded. Unlike the first option, the color transition line can be not only horizontal, but also vertical. By this technology, deep strands of hair can be dyed, creating a visual volume of hair.
  • Reservation. This type of coloring is suitable only for brown-haired women, as it implies a transition from natural dark hair to blond hair.

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All these techniques will allow you to radically change your image without drastic measures. But nevertheless, stylists are more inclined to ombre for blond hair, while balayazh more advantageously emphasizes the beauty of dark strands.

Advantages of ombre technology for blond girls

Ombre dyeing for blond hair has the following advantages:

  • The beauty of the hair is easy to maintain even with regrowth of dyed hair. The transition will just go down smoothly to the tips, but it will still look decent.
  • If you choose a transition from a natural color to light or dark ends, the roots of your hair will not suffer from dyeing.
  • Repeated staining will need to be done no more than once every 3-4 months.
  • After an ombra on blond hair, you can easily dye your hair in a different color if necessary, the paint will fall evenly.
  • You can do this experiment with your own hands at home using the Loreal Preference Ombres product.

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Disadvantages of ombre technology for blond hair

It is better to entrust your hair to a professional master, as this is a rather complicated technique.

  • If the master makes a too obvious transition in the wrong place, people around you may think that this is not a trending ombre, but simply regrown roots.
  • In addition, it is not the best idea to perform ombre on short blonde hair. For girls with short haircuts, balayazh or shatush techniques are more suitable. It will be very difficult for an ombre to perform while retaining a soft stretch of color, and a sharp transition will look like you should have dyed your hair a month ago.
  • Not everyone thinks that an ombra for blond hair is a beautiful coloring, since for many people the ideal of beauty is incompatible with such a casual look of hair. But this is only a matter of taste!

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We create ombre for fair-haired ones with our own hands - basic ways

Let's look at ways to perform a beautiful color transition in the ombre technique. You can use them yourself by repeating the staining of the house. First of all, you need to purchase a special Loreal Wild Ombré dye for blond hair. The cost of this cosmetic product is about 400 rubles, but for painting in the salon you will give at least 4000 rubles. Included you will find the "secret weapon", which will ensure a successful result - a special brush. After studying the instructions, mix the necessary components, and then proceed to staining according to one of the schemes:

  • Horizontal ombre. To get a clear color transition with a bright contrast between the roots and the tips, hold the brush horizontally when applying paint. The longer you endure the composition on the strands, the stronger the severity of the transition will be, but do not leave the dye on the hair longer than the permissible 45 minutes.
  • Smooth transition. To stretch the color turned out as soft as possible, the brush should be held vertically. Apply paint to the tips thicker than the middle of the strands. To get a smooth transition, keep the composition on the curls for 30 minutes.
  • Lightening ends. Technique of performance as in the horizontal ombra: keep the brush horizontal, but apply the composition exclusively on the tips. After 45 minutes, wash off the paint.

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Ombre on light blond hair

If you decide to make an ombra on light blond hair, pay attention to the dark shades for the tips, for example, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon. You get a contrast, rich transition. But other colors are not contraindicated for girls with light strands. If you want to make an easy transition, consider the option ombre on light blond hair in combination with amber, honey or wheat shade tips.

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Dark ombre on blonde hair

Professionals recommend performing dark ombre on blond hair by dyeing the tips in brown tones. It is not recommended to dye the roots and make the transition to a lighter shade, as you will have to update the color on the roots every 2 weeks, and this will greatly affect the state of your hair. Dark ombre on light hair is also called “reverse”, since the classic version implies brightening the tips with several tones.

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Hair after dyeing ombre

Many are interested in the state of the strands after dyeing. Of course, balayazh or degrade more gently act on the curls, because the shade changes to a tone and a half, while the ombre can change the color to 3-4 tones. Yes, this technique really worsens the condition of the hair ends, but careful care of curls will help minimize these effects. You can choose special tools for colored hair or use natural oils, such as shea butter, coconut or almond.

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The fact that the ombre is an unconditional trend of the last time is confirmed by Hollywood women of fashion, whose heads are decorated with “burnt out” and “regrown” curls. And even if Jared Leto could not pass by, you and I should definitely try this dyeing technique personally!

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