Olive hair masks

Olive oil is one of the most common skin and hair care products. It is universal, easily absorbed and does not leave a greasy film. Olive oil is used by women since ancient times and in our time does not lose its relevance. Olive Hair Masks easy to prepare and use, and the effect of them will be noticeable after a few applications.

What is the benefit of olive oil?

Olive oil contains a huge amount of nutrients that are undoubtedly important for female beauty.

Vitamin A and E, which are contained in olive oil, nourish the hair and scalp, have a softening effect.

Contained in oil proteins and lecithin beneficial effect on the structure of the hair, so olive oil can restore even very damaged hair, in addition, olive oil nourishes the bulbs, eliminate itching and dandruff.

Olive Hair Masks

Impact of olive oil on hair

one. Softens and nourishes the scalp, restores damaged bulbs.2 Eliminates itching, dandruff and flaking on the scalp, heals minor wounds.3 Effectively moisturizes and nourishes the hair, eliminates fragility and dryness.four. Restores the hair structure, gives it shine and softness.five. Helps stop hair loss.

How to choose olive oil for hair

Before you prepare an olive mask for hair, you need to choose the right oil, as only natural oil can transform your hair. Olive oil should be the first cold spin (Extra virgin), not refined, this type of oil contains all useful substances. 2. The color of natural olive oil should be greenish yellow; 3. The price of this virgin olive oil can not be low.

The use of olive hair masks

Olive oil can be used for any type of hair and scalp. If the hair is dry, then an olive mask will soften and moisturize it. The structure of damaged hair will noticeably improve, the scales will smooth out, and the hair will gain shine.

Olive masks are also indispensable for oily hair types, they help regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands, thanks to which the hair will keep a fresh look longer.

Olive hair masks - recipes
Olive Hair Masks

The use of olive oil in its pure form

Due to its composition, olive oil for hair can be applied in its pure form. This method is the easiest and fastest.

Before use, a small amount of olive oil heat in a water bath. When the oil is warm, you can start applying. If the hair and scalp are dry, then dip the fingertips in the oil and apply with massage movements to the scalp, then distribute through the hair to the tips and wrap the head with a towel. You can hold this mask for an unlimited time, but preferably at least 30 minutes. Then you can wash your hair in the usual way.

If you have oily scalp, then it is better to apply olive oil to hair, retreating from the roots by 2-3 cm. Apply oil directly to the scalp preferably no more than 2 times a month.

Olive oil perfectly protects hair from the aggressive effects of detergent components contained in the shampoo, so 10-15 minutes before washing you can lubricate the tips with olive oil and over time you will forget what dry and brittle ends of hair are.

Olive oil will become an indispensable tool and on a rest, if you are going to swim actively in the sea, but do not want to spoil your hair with salt water, then each time in front of the beach, lubricate the hair with olive oil, it will be quickly absorbed and create an invisible film on the hair that will protect them.

Olive mask to strengthen hair

- 2 tbsp. olive oil; - 1 yolk;

Mix the components of the mask and apply to the hair, if the hair is long, then double the number of ingredients. Olive oil in combination with yolks is great for dry and split ends, so you can pamper yourself with this mask twice a week.

Olive mask for hair loss

- 1 tbsp. honey; - 2 tbsp. olive oil; - 1 tsp. cognac or alcohol;

To apply the finished mask with massage movements on the scalp, you can apply olive oil on its length in pure form. Due to the warming effect, blood circulation increases, and honey in turn perfectly strengthens the bulbs. Mask is recommended to do 1 time per week for an hour before washing.

Olive Split Ends Mask

- 2 tbsp. olive oil; - 1 tbsp. lemon juice; - 1 tbsp. honey;

Components must be mixed and applied to the hair. It is best to do such a mask after washing your hair, as it will be easier to distribute it onto wet hair. Keep the mask for 30-40 minutes and then rinse with water with a small amount of shampoo.

Olive mask for smoothness and shine

Mix 1 tbsp. burdock, olive and coconut oil and heat the mask in a water bath. Apply to hair and leave under the "cap" for 1 hour. Then wash your hair and let it dry naturally. The effect of this mask is compared with the effect of lamination of the hair, as they are smoothed and acquire a spectacular shine.

Olive mask for SOS restoration of damaged, dried hair

For the mask, we need 3 tbsp. olive oil, ripe avocado pulp, half a soft banana and 1 tsp. honey The easiest way is to mix all the ingredients using a blender. When we get a homogeneous mass without lumps, you can proceed to the application. When the hair is soaked over all lengths of the mask, it is necessary to wrap the head with polyethylene and a terry towel. Keep the mask from 40 minutes to 2 hours. Such a “cocktail” nourishes and moisturizes the hair, after the first application you will be surprised by your hair)

Olive hair growth mask

For her, we need a few tablespoons of olive oil and mustard powder. To begin with, dilute the powder with hot water, and then add 2-3 tbsp to the resulting slurry. olive oil. Gently apply the mixture to the scalp, without affecting the length of the hair (as mustard dries the hair). This mask is not recommended for very dry scalp. After 30 minutes, wash your hair.

Olive mask with onions against intense hair loss

- 1 tbsp. olive oil; - 1 tbsp. onion juice; - 1 tsp. honey

Rub the finished mask into the scalp, after washing it is desirable to rinse the hair with water and lemon juice.

Olive mask to restore hair structure

In equal proportions mix olive and castor oil and add in advance whipped yolk, exposure time of the mask from 30 minutes.

Soothing Olive Jojoba Mask

Ls Jojoba oil mix with 1 tbsp. olive oil, apply on hair and leave for several hours. Rinse with shampoo. The combination of these oils perfectly softens the hair, making them more docile and shiny.

Olive mask that activates hair growth

This mask is suitable for oily scalp, as it has a drying effect. 1 tsp pepper tincture (can be purchased at the pharmacy) mixed with a few spoons olive oil. After applying the mask should slightly warm the scalp, if you feel a strong burning sensation, then immediately wash off the mask and the next time reduce the amount of tincture. After 20-30 minutes, rinse.

Olive mask with henna for brittle hair

- 1 tbsp. colorless henna; - 2 tbsp. olive oil; - 1 yolk; - 1 tbsp. cognac; - 1 tbsp. honey

Mix components to obtain a uniform consistency and apply on hair, wrap up with a towel and hold for at least 30 minutes.

Peeling mask with olive oil and salt

Mix a small amount of fine sea salt with olive oil, apply to the scalp and gently massage. Sea salt will help to exfoliate dead skin particles, which will allow the scalp to "breathe", and olive oil will soften it and cleanse it from impurities. Thanks to this mask, hair loss will be reduced and, possibly, hair growth will accelerate. Carry out the procedure for 10-15 minutes before washing. You can also use regular food iodized salt.

Hair wrap with olive oil

What is the procedure for wrapping, and how to carry it out correctly, you can read here. For wrapping it is best to use a mixture of several oils, as well as to combine with essential oils. At 1 tbsp. Base oil use no more than 2 drops of essential oil. Heat the oils in a water bath, then add essential oils (optional) and soak the hair all the way up to the tips. Then you need to keep your head warm, use a towel for this. You can periodically warm the hair with a hair dryer.

Olive hair mask

- 2. UF. olive oil; - 1 tbsp. fatty mayonnaise or natural yogurt without additives; - 1 tsp. honey; - 1 yolk.

The components that make up the mask are great for dry and damaged hair, this mask will make the hair silky and soft, and their structure will noticeably improve.

Rules for the use of olive masks:

one. Use only freshly made mask;2 For dry and weak hair, olive masks can be made 1-2 times a week, for oily hair type 2-3 times a month. 3 It is best to alternate between olive masks;four. Remember that any oil masks wash out the color of dyed hair, and colored blondes can give a yellow tint;five. The effect of olive masks will be noticeable only with regular use;

Remember that you need to take care of your hair constantly, and not occasionally, then they will always look great and please you with their beauty, but if all the same your hair has become dull, brittle and lifeless, then use olive hair masks will help them return health and strength.

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