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Brittleness, dryness, chipped ends after dyeing, encountered? Yes, remaining the first among the services of salons, painting is not so merciless for hair. How, then, actresses, singers and famous personalities leave behind him a thick head of hair, not devoid of brilliance? The beauty industry offers a variety of products that mix with the dye directly and solve this issue. One of the most popular remedies is Olaplex for American-made hair.. Let's step by step understand what this product is and why it is used!

Olaplex: what is it?

Olaplex hair is the brainchild of modern science, born of research on disulfide bonds. Thus, the composition includes the active element - the molecule Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, although the manufacturers have not disclosed all the nuances of the formula so far. It is completely self-sufficient, it does not contain chemicals such as: aldehyde, diethanolamine, silicone, sulfate, etc. As we can see, the manufacturers have completely abandoned the use of components detrimental to the hair.

Olaplex hair restoration system is able to restore your curls, make them shiny, it is safe and non-toxic. The product contains only one component, the active action of which allows it to be used both independently and when stained in combination with others. The composition is approved, confirmed and protected by an international patent.

Who is Olaplex suitable for?

Are you blonde, brunette or decided to change dramatically? Then Olaplex hair coloring and restoration is for you! Regular washing off during dyeing (without using Olaplex paint) will cause indelible harm to the bulbs and damage the structure of the curls as a whole. After that, often, girls resort to medical salon procedures, the cost of which does not go unnoticed or simply cut the length. Olaplex in this case is a kind of sparing hair binder and coloring agent. Due to its use, the structure is preserved, the hair is smooth and shiny.

strong and flawless hair with olaplex

Olaplex hair recommended for chemical perm and time lamination (straightening strands). Brondirovanie, ombre, coloring, shatush, balayazh and other modern techniques of coloring, in which the product is absolutely indispensable, because the dye affects the hair more than once. It is important to know that hair coloring and treatment with Olaplex can be used quite often. Curls will remain elastic, shiny and healthy, regardless of the number and intervals between staining.

Instructions for use Olapleks

Olaplex staining is carried out in different ways, the scheme depends on the type of staining itself. It is recommended for all hair types, both healthy and severely weakened and damaged.

  • It is important to note that the remedy reduces the active action of the oxidant, so if you want to get a result like 3% oxide - take 6%, like 9% - take 12%. Highlighting, for example, is carried out with a protection concentrate, i.e. the master dilutes the blond mixture with oxide, after which he adds 3.75 milliliters of Olaplex No. 1 per 30 grams of clarifier, as indicated in the instructions. When the ingredients are mixed, in order to obtain the necessary consistency, an additional clarifier is sometimes added.
  • The main point - the time of use of the mixture or hair dye Olaplex. Since the product prolongs the dye time, there is no exact exposure time. Given that the types and structures of the curls are individual, the master needs to carefully control the process of clarification, it’s worthwhile to navigate only by the result. In case of severely damaged and weakened hair, split ends, the manufacturer strongly recommends using the Olaplex Active Protection hair restoration system prior to the direct dyeing procedure.
  • All additional information on the action, the nuances of working with the tool can be viewed on the company's website independently. Additionally at home you can take a training workshop or watch a seminar.

Features of use of Olapleks

Hairdressers recommend using the Olaplex hair restoration system during each painting. In particular, if negative environmental factors are especially noticeable. It can be:

  • Strong wind;
  • High temperature or frost;
  • Air dustiness;
  • Long exposure to sunlight, etc.

Note that these factors are typical for almost all girls and women who somehow interact with natural phenomena. Frequently asked question: Do particles of the active substance accumulate in the curls and can this have a negative effect on their color? The answer is no. Real reviews of professionals say that the structure only gets better, the color remains, while the shade remains intense for a long time. In addition, stopping the use of Olaplex treatment, for a long time they remain healthy, flexible, shiny and not split.

more well-groomed hair after using olaplex

Olaplex: advantages

In practice, it has been verified that the coloring and restoration of Olaplex hair has a number of advantages:

  • The tool is ideal for any head of hair, especially damaged.
  • Perfectly compatible with any kind of dye.
  • Olaplex hair dye remains intense for a long time, the product does not accumulate in the curls.
  • The product is not dosed, its use, by increasing the duration of staining does not spoil the structure of the hair.
  • Increased blood circulation of the scalp, which is beneficial to the health of hair.
  • Olapleks paint does not cause irritation, allergies, redness, etc.

Video: Coloring from blonde to brunette with Olapleks without loss of hair quality

Olaplex product line

Olaplex hair product includes a line of three products, the first two of which are professional, and the third provides hair care at home:

  1. Bond Multiplier №1 - concentrate to protect the hair, which the master adds to the dye or other chemical composition immediately before contact with the hair. In the process of painting or lightening, the product maintains the hair structure at the molecular level, protecting the skin from irritations, burns caused by chemicals. Olexplex staining with Bond Multiplier No. 1 can be done at least daily, there is no harm from frequent use of the product. The scheme of action is simple: the tool enters the hair follicle, restoring the bisulfite bonds of the curls, broken off from the negative influence of chemicals and heat. The tertiary structure of keratin protein is formed, hair regeneration is accelerated, from which they become stronger.
  2. Bond Perfector №2 is a cocktail-fixer. Used after washing the main chemical and lightly drying the hair. Cocktail is used to restore, conduct a safe perm, keratin. The main purpose of this tool is to fix the color and keep the healing processes already launched from Bond Multiplier # 1. The latch fixes and permanently maintains the resulting effect of recovery.
  3. Hair Perfector No. 3 - Hair Perfection elixir. It is recommended to use in order to preserve the effect obtained after applying professional products at home. This hair treatment protects the hair from mechanical (hairbrush, clips, elastic bands, various hairpins, crabs, etc.), chemical and thermal effects even at one-time use. It is recommended to use once a week.

The product line is available in bottles of 535 or 100 ml, completed with dispensers.

quick and safe transition from blonde to brunette

Olaplex price and expert reviews

The benefits of using the Olaplex hair restoration system were first noticed by hairdressers and colorists all over the world. Less than a year after the release of the product line, more than 130,000 US boutiques and beauty salons have already used it. The main advantage was expressed in the convenience of caring for hair with this system.

Reviews of professionals prompted the Russian masters to gradually introduce Olapleks hair product into use. So, the first official franchise was presented by Authentica. At the moment, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and other large cities already have salons working with these tools.

“This is one of the most unusual products that I have had to use in my life. Olaplex hair treatment is a completely new approach to the chemical procedures of salons, speaking about which, I mean the super-abilities of the beauty industry ” - says one of America's top "star stylists" - Tracy Cunningham.

Moscow’s colleague Pavel Sheff (Salon Sheff and Friends) says, we quote: "Now my work without Olapleks for hair is unreal! The product is amazing in its properties, my customers absolutely love it! ”

If you want, then any of you can buy products through the Internet to itself and use it at home. You have to take into account that there are many nuances of its use, since the product is professional and is aimed at use by experienced stylists and hairdressers. It is recommended, first of all, to undergo staining with Olaplex from your master, and then do it yourself.

As for the cost specifically, it varies from 25,000 to 30,000 rubles for the entire line of 525 ml of each drug (bought mainly in salons). Means for home use Hair Perfector # 3 on the Internet can be bought for 2500-3000 rubles (100 ml) and 10,000-12,000 rubles for 525 ml, respectively.

transition from one color to another without fear and risk

Customer Reviews about Olaplekse

With all the advantages of Olapleks for hair, real reviews of people sometimes differ from the opinions of professionals. For example:

Antonina from Yekaterinburg says: “The condition of my hair was frankly pathetic, they were dull and sparse. Since I like to experiment with them, their condition leaves much to be desired. Thanks to the coloring and restoration of hair with Olaplex, I did not recognize them! Yes, the price of the procedure is not small, but the result is worth it! I advise!

But Svetlana from Moscow has a different opinion: "I bought Hair Perfector # 3, what can I say, I don't see the difference between "before" and "after" its application. I was shocked, from using the most ordinary mask or conditioner, my hair and that shine more. Waste of money, and pretty good ones. I do not recommend! "

The beauty industry is not in place, most recently we told you about a new product in the field of hair care - Lebel's absolute happiness for the hair, now the manufacturers of cosmetics have surprised us with their new invention. And whether or not to use Olapleks hair product is only your choice. Take care of your hair and be healthy!

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