Oil hair colors

Natural ingredients for healthy hair

In order to bring novelty and a certain highlight to their image, many women regularly dye their hair, using the most ordinary dyes that contain rather aggressive substances that adversely affect the structure of the curls. These include components such as hydrogen and ammonia. The impact of these elements thins the hairs, weakening them and provoking loss, and it is rather problematic to wash off such a composition, so you have to use specialized chemical means that also injure the curls.

In this case, as an alternative to harmful agents, oil-based hair dyes can be used, which give an effective result and do not damage the hair. Let us consider in more detail their composition, instructions for use at home and some popular brands.

The composition and properties of oil hair dye

This cosmetic product is a special dye, which includes extracts of coloring oils. In addition to giving the strands a persistent color, the fragile structure of hairs is restored and gentle care is taken. The effect is observed after one application.

Jojoba and argan oil

The harmful components are completely excluded from the list of components, and instead of them health-improving active elements have been added, which favorably affect not only hair, but also the scalp. These include:

  • Keratin penetrates the hairs, smoothing irregularities in the structure and eliminating microdamages. Curls acquire a healthy shine, smoothness and obedience;
  • Jojoba oil extract moisturizes and protects the strands from the aggressive effects of environmental factors, eliminates the occurrence of dandruff, activates the growth of new healthy hair and restores splitting;
  • Argan oil contains vegetable keratin and useful amino acids. These elements add softness and shine to the hair;
  • The protein from germinated wheat grains supplies active trace elements to weakened curls, protects hairs during dyeing, providing them with vitality and volume;
  • Extracts of flax, grape seed, burdock, etc. are also used.

Each component individually has only a positive effect, and their combination further enhances the result of recovery during staining.


In general, oil-based hair dye has many advantages over conventional counterparts:

  • It lacks ammonia;
  • The oil composition creates color protection of the hair when exposed to adverse weather conditions and ultraviolet radiation;
  • Means evenly lays down on hair, carefully coloring and their tips;
  • For a long time, the intensity of the shade and well-groomed appearance of the curls;
  • The products have a pleasant specific aroma and are not irritating to smell, unlike ammonia paints;
  • It is characterized by simplicity of application and the absence of allergic reactions of the skin of the head.

Perhaps the only negative is the rather high cost of production.

Mode of application

The first staining procedure is best done in a specialized salon, or ask a relative or friend to help you. But if you already have experience in this matter, then you can apply the composition to your hair yourself.

Dyeing process

The scheme of application is as follows:

  • Despite the fact that the product contains only natural ingredients, two days before the procedure, perform a standard test for an allergic reaction;
  • Wear disposable gloves, cover your neck and shoulders before starting the dyeing process. Instead, you can put on them, as well as on the face and the area around the ears fat cream. This will help avoid traces of paint dripping;
  • Following the instructions, thoroughly mix in a container made of glass or porcelain in an equal ratio of oxidizer and oil base, which were in the box with the products;
  • Freshly prepared mixture is quickly applied to dried hair, starting from the roots and moving along the entire length of the strands;
  • Wait at least half an hour and rinse the composition under running warm water without using shampoo, conditioner and other means;
  • To fix the result for a couple of minutes gel is applied, which must also be present in the package. Hair is not washed.

This completes the staged coloring. After a while, you can be content with lasting color.

Some popular brands

Variety of shades

Many foreign companies produce and regularly improve professional cosmetics for hair coloring. Of all the variety, you can choose a suitable brand for the price and color palette. Consider some of them:

  • Constant Delight - oil paint for hair Constant delight from a well-known Italian company cares for the skin of the head and the hair, while creating a reliable color. The main component of the product is olive oil, which nourishes and moisturizes the strands, giving them a natural radiant shine. The tool is recommended even for pregnant women and people with hypersensitivity of the skin. Color palette 40 shades. The price averages 300 rubles (base + oxidizer);
  • GKhair contains argan and jojoba oils, as well as keratin. Means is intended for all types of hair. Thoroughly paints the hair, including gray hair, providing a healing effect and maintaining the result for up to two months. The proposed palette of 40 shades. It is possible to buy a small bottle of basis without oxidizer for about 800 rubles;
  • Syoss this brand is known paint Oleo Intense, which contains keratin and has a regenerating effect on the structure of hairs. The gentle formula does not irritate the skin. A variety of shades will help to choose the color for every taste. Many famous European stylists use products from Cies.

Constant Delight and Syoss

This is only part of the names of brands from a huge list of manufacturers of oil hair dyes, so you can safely try to experiment with the image, selecting the color you like, and choose your favorite products.

Real reviews

Feedback from real buyers in most cases is positive, and only occasionally negative comments can be found. Most likely, this is due to the acquisition of a fake or violation of the technology of applying funds.

Anna, 20 years old

I like to experiment with the image regularly, making new hairstyles and changing hair color. Paints from GKhair help me with this. They do not dry the strands and, when applied, do not give an unpleasant smell, and the rich color palette makes it possible to easily change the image and look different.

Result of application

Elena, 39 years old

I started to go gray too early, and I had to do something about it. My choice fell on Estel products. The paint matched me for the price, and I liked the color on the box. She painted her head according to the instructions, but after the third wash the color completely disappeared. I got the impression that it was an ordinary tinted shampoo. Now I will select for myself another tool.

Olga, 28 years old

I used to buy inexpensive cosmetic products for coloring, but noticed that the hairs became brittle. A friend advised me to paint Oleo Intense. After several uses, I noticed that the strands became soft and stopped being dry, and the bright shade lasts quite a long time.

The use of modern cosmetic products without ammonia and with the addition of natural oils is an ideal option for maintaining the health of your favorite curls and maintaining a persistent brilliant shade.

Video: Constant Delight Olio Colorante Paint Application

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