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In the XXI century, a woman should keep up with everything - and build a career, and look great. According to statistics, when meeting with a man, we first pay attention to his hair. A person may not remember the color of the interlocutor's eyes, but he can always describe his hairstyle. Therefore, every woman knows that the right hairstyle is capable of much. For what? At a minimum, hide the flaws and highlight the beauty and dignity of women. If you work, then, for sure, observe business etiquette and select the outfit in accordance with the dress code.

Few people know that business etiquette applies not only to clothing, but also to manicure, makeup and, of course, hair. Office style makes special rules for the hairstyle of employees. They should be known and used if you are not indifferent to your appearance and you plan to move up the career ladder in the future. Office hairstyles are different: some of them are suitable for short hair, others - for long and medium length hair. In this article you will learn how to choose your own styling for each day, depending on the length of your hair.

Instructions on the selection of hairstyles: what mistakes should be avoided?

elegant office hairstyle

Office etiquette dictates its own rules on the appearance of employees. Of course, you should not forget about your individuality and turn into Lyudmila Prokofyevna Kalugina from the movie “Office Romance”. However, if you don’t want to confront the puzzled looks of your colleagues, or even worse, the guidelines, you should know about the basic rules of office hairstyles.

The first rule: the installation should correspond to the place


Loose length curls to the waist, colored strands of unnatural shades in the hair, or sparkles in the hair - these are typical mistakes that should be strictly avoided. In the office, the above performances with a head of hair will look inappropriate and untidy. Spangles, hair crayons and many other fashionable accessories for hair are completely unacceptable in office life and should be put off until Saturday's party. Otherwise, you will gain the reputation of a frivolous lady who is not capable of mature thinking.

The second rule: grooming and cleanliness

nice girl

Stale hair, strapped into a sloppy bundle, regrown roots of colored strands or an abundance of styling products on the head? All this will have to forget! Successful women know that such missteps can nullify even the most harmonious image and ruin a positive impression of themselves for a long time. So, disguised unwashed curls and regrown roots will push your colleagues to the idea that you are an unkempt woman and a slob. Should you spoil your own reputation? Also, it is necessary to avoid an abundance of styling products. Lucky, styling paste or wax have a persistent smell, which you quickly get used to, and the people around you - no. Do you want to make enemies for yourself? Prefer non-perfumed products.

Office styling for different hair lengths

Office hairstyle for short hair

There are three types of office styling: for short, long and medium hair. If you are the owner of the first option, then, for sure, you know what styling can be recreated from the shape, length and other characteristics of your hair. At home, you can make styling no worse than in a trendy and expensive cabin. Short office hairstyles suggest styling. Armed with a round brush and a hairdryer, you will create a stylish and fashionable style with your own hands. What exactly should be avoided to owners of short hair - it's tails and bunches. You're going to work, not going to fitness?

smooth styling for short hair

Office hairstyle for long hair

The owners of the long head of hair were lucky - the length of the loons makes it possible to do almost any styling. Such an elegant office hairstyle for long hair like Shell is suitable for every day. How to make it? Consider step by step.

  1. We separate from the temples two strands of the same size and fasten them with a thin elastic band.
  2. The remaining loose curls are collected in the tail from the middle of their length.
  3. The resulting structure is passed through the first tail in such a way as to obtain a shell.
  4. We fasten the resulting laying by invisible and slightly fix it with varnish.

beautiful shells

Office hairstyle for medium hair

"Tail with knots" - the perfect office hairstyle for medium hair. She is easy to perform, does not take much time and looks feminine and elegant. So, we will consider its performance step by step.

tail with knot

  • Using the straightener, straighten your hair smoothly.
  • Next, fasten it to the top with a rubber band.
  • We wrap the elastic band with a small strand of the tail in such a way that it is not visible.
  • We fix the resulting construction invisible.
  • The remaining part of the hair is fastened together with the resulting structure and, as for the first time, we twine the cutter with a strand of hair.
  • We fix laying invisible.

Video: shell hair for long hair as an option for office styling

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