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The side parting, also often called side parting, is an element of a hairstyle created by an uneven separation of hair, when more strands are tilted on one side than on the other. For the opportunity to create voluminous, soft, feminine hairstyles, side parting like many designers and fashion designers. He is constantly in various variations used in fashion shows, adding images of beauty and style.

To suit the side parting


Side parting fits most face shapes. It is worth creating, having rectangular features that it will soften. With the help of a deep oblique separation of hair, the owners of a heart-shaped, triangular or pear-shaped face can make the oval more harmonious, but for women and girls with a round face it is better to refuse it. It is also suitable for women with a square face, with large features or with some of their asymmetry. Experiment with the depth of such separation of the strands, independently or with the help of a wizard, select several styling, gradually change the distance of the parting from the middle of the head, and you will certainly choose the best option that will make you beautiful and stylish.

Haircuts with side parting

Bob haircut

Haircuts with side parting - one of the most common. Among them there are options for long hair, and for medium, and for short. Due to the variety of variations, haircuts with side parting can be selected for women regardless of age, type and color of hair, face shape. With the help of lateral separation, you can emphasize the natural beauty and density of healthy curls, hide the imperfections of fine hair, beat the natural curliness or simply create a memorable evening look. “Bob”, “Kare”, “Ladder”, “Cascade” and others - most haircuts can be added to the side parting, making them more individual and unique. In addition, it goes well with asymmetrical haircuts. At the same time, even at home, it is easy to create a parting on its side to itself, repeating the styling, which the master did on the newly cut hair.

Hairstyles with a side parting

You can change the line of separation as you please, as long as the hairstyle looks harmonious and beautiful. In this case, the instruction to create a lateral separation of hair recommends that you do not move it further than the middle of the eyebrow, no matter if it is on the right or left. This is especially important in the case when the side parting is done with bangs.

tight tail

Hairstyles with a side parting on long hair can be both with smooth and curly strands. For a solemn event, you can collect a bunch from behind or braid a free braid. Also wavy curls along the face with a pile on the back of the head will look elegant. A more rigorous option is smoothed hair gathered from the back with a low taut "tail."

romantic hairstyle

Hairstyles with a side parting for medium hair are no less diverse, especially if you combine side parting with a bang. For the separation of hair longer held, for such hairstyles necessarily need to use fixing means, for example, lacquer or gel. When creating them, bouffanting, “waves”, falling curls, smooth styling, etc. are allowed. Everything depends on the selected image. Do not be afraid to experiment and use hair accessories. The scheme for creating a side separation of the hair is suitable for most haircuts, so feel free to change to be irresistible every time, because all you need to do is change the parting side.

Common oblique variants and ways to create them

two spectacular models

To understand how to make a side parting, you should know that the most common options for it are the usual side parting and the option where the side line comes to the middle of the head. The first looks like a straight line, perpendicular to the line of the eyebrows, but located not in the middle of the head, but shifted to one side. To make such a separation of hair, you need to comb your hair and divide them into two unequal parts. In order for the separation to be smooth and sharp, you should use a flat comb, the handle of which you need to pick up the strands and throw them on one of the sides.

To make the second option of lateral separation of the strands, you need to comb the hair and outline the middle of the head. From the middle you need to mark the hair into 3 parts - the back (from the middle of the whole half of the head to the back of the head) and two front, but unequal in volume (one of the side parts must be larger than the second). Next you need to lay the hair back, moving from the crown to the back of the head, and then parted on the remaining hair. According to this principle, romantic hairstyles are created step by step. By the way, you can try to create one yourself.

actress emma watson

Having decided to use the parting on the side in your hair, do not forget about the individual features inherent to you. To find your ideal version, you should try on several options, because the details are equally important components of a complete and harmonious image. Imagine, feel free to use the inspiration of fashionable stylists, but always stay by yourself.

Video: creating the right parting

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