Nourishing hair masks

Many women complain that good hair care is too expensive, and they cannot afford to buy expensive cosmetics. This can be helped by the methods of our mothers and grandmothers, who used proven, homemade nourishing hair masks. Homemade hair masks are significantly different from those sold in stores. They are natural, cheap and, most importantly, do not contain silicones. Silicones have a negative effect on the appearance of hair, prolonged use of cosmetics with silicones leads to dry hair.

Nourishing hair masks

Every day the hair is exposed to aggressive effects, which eventually leads to exhaustion of the hair, they become thin, begin to break and look dull. In such a situation, you will come to the rescue nourishing hair masks.

Hair health directly depends on several components, including:

• high temperature (blow-drying); • poor nutrition; • insufficient hydration of the body; • excessive use of styling; • excessive use of hair cosmetics.

Nourishing hair masks - what to do?

In order to prepare hair masks yourself, you need to stock up on some goods from the pharmacy and ... your own refrigerator.1. Castor oil. Perfectly nourishes, moisturizes and repairs damaged hair. Thanks to the oil, our hair becomes thicker and grows faster. In addition, castor oil helps prevent hair cross-section.

2. Lemon. This useful fruit not only adds shine to hair, but also has a beneficial effect on the hair structure. This is explained by the fact that lemon helps to close the hair flakes, from which they become smoother and stronger.

3. Beer. Few people know that beer can take care of the hair. This drink makes them shiny, soft and smooth. Only natural beer is suitable for hair.

4. Milk. Moisturizes hair and scalp.

5. Yolk - contains vitamins A, E, B, magnesium, potassium and other beneficial substances. The yolk gives hair elasticity and shine, restores the structure.

6. Argan oil. Restores hair, reduces their fragility, moisturizes and nourishes.7. Flaxseed oil. It is a nourishing and moisturizing component that has a positive effect on both the scalp and hair.

8. Honey. One of the best nutrients, honey contains a huge amount of useful substances that can cure hair and scalp. Thanks to the honey masks the hair will become stronger, hair loss will be reduced.

9. Olive oil. This ingredient perfectly moisturizes the hair and can also replace air conditioning. It will become indispensable for fragile, dry and damaged hair.

10. Coconut oil. Acts as a conditioner that makes hair soft, light and shiny.

11. Apple cider vinegar. Eliminates any excess fat on the scalp and along the length of the hair, and also helps eliminate irritation and itching for dandruff.

Nourishing hair masks - homemade recipes

Nourishing hair poppy with castor oil


• 2 tbsp. spoons of burdock oil; • 1 tbsp. spoon of castor oil; • 1 yolk.

ApplicationAll ingredients mix. The resulting mask must be applied with massage movements to the hair, preferably wet. To wrap them with a towel and put on a cap to raise the temperature of the components of the mask, allowing it to penetrate into the very depth of the hair structure. Then leave the mask on your head for at least half an hour. Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. For the last rinse, use water with lemon juice.

Nutritious banana mask for dry and brittle hair

Bananas are useful fruits that can be bought all year round. These incredible fruits of beauty are rich in potassium, vitamins, antioxidants and contain natural oils and vitamin C. Use a homemade banana mask to moisturize, strengthen and prevent their hair, while maintaining natural elasticity.

Potassium - prevents hair loss.Vitamin A - strengthens hair follicles, and also nourishes dry hair, stimulates hair growth.Vitamin E - contributes to the health of hair and scalp, gives hair elasticity.Vitamin C - increases blood circulation, thus the bulbs get the necessary nutrition and become stronger.

Ingredients• For a tablespoon of coconut oil, honey and olive oil; • 1-2 ripe bananas (depending on the length and thickness of the hair).Cooking method

1. Mix two bananas until mashed. 2. Add honey, coconut and olive oil to your mixture and mix again.Mode of application1. Apply a mask with a thick layer on the scalp and the length of your hair and let your hair soak in the mask for at least 20 minutes.2. Rinse hair roots and scalp thoroughly with warm water. Take the time to comb and remove the mixture from any parts of the head. It may take time. You can not use air conditioning, because the banana smells very tasty.

Tips1. Bananas for masks should be overripe for easy turning into mashed potatoes. It is very important to grind bananas during the preparation of this mask, otherwise the pieces that remain in the mask will be difficult to remove from the hair, use a blender for this purpose.

Yogurt nourishing hair mask

Yogurt is not only a useful product for oral administration, but also used for external beauty. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, calcium and protein. Yogurt has moisturizing properties, and also helps regulate the sebaceous glands.

Ingredients• half a glass of plain unsweetened natural yogurt; • one small spoonful of apple cider vinegar and honey.

Application 1. Apply a yogurt mask to your hair, spreading it from root to tip.2. The exposure time of the mask at least 20-30 minutes.3. To get rid of the smell of yogurt, hair can be washed with organic fruit shampoo.

Tips1. Buy only natural yogurt. In addition, this ingredient should be without additives, sugar and flavors. You can even cook yogurt at home. It will contain natural enzymes that are a rich source of nutrients. Do not add too much apple cider vinegar, as it may cause a burning sensation on the scalp. It is enough to add 1 tsp.

Nourishing mask of avocado and oils

Avocados have long been used for cosmetic procedures, possessing nourishing and moisturizing properties. Homemade avocado mask is ideal for dry and brittle hair.

Ingredients• small ripe avocado; • one tablespoon of olive or almond oil; • milkCooking method1. Avocados must be thoroughly ground to make a mashed potatoes without a single lump. Add milk, butter and mix well.

Application Method1. Apply the resulting composition to the hair, starting from the roots. Hair cover with a towel and keep the mask from 30 min.3. Rinse the hair well with warm water if necessary with the addition of shampoo.

Mask Tips1. Choose a very ripe avocado, then mashed potatoes will not be difficult. Rinse hair very carefully to remove any avocado residues. You can add less milk to the mask for a thicker consistency. After washing the hair, it is not necessary to use the conditioner, as avocado has a conditioning property.

Nourishing hair masks

Moisturizing and nourishing strawberry mask

Strawberries are incredibly tasty and healthy berries. It contains an incredible amount of antioxidants, which have a beneficial effect on the scalp and onions, so that the appearance of the hair is also transformed. Another useful property of strawberries is the ability to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands, therefore strawberries are able to cope with excessive sebum production.

Ingredients• a handful of fresh strawberries (the amount depends on the length and thickness of the hair); • one tablespoon of coconut oil and honey.

Cooking method1. From strawberries to form puree.2. Add oil and honey to it, mix well.

Mask application1. Apply the resulting strawberry-honey puree to damp hair. Remove the mask for 20-30 minutes, and then rinse the hair well with clean water at room temperature.

Nutritious mask with linseed oil

For this mask, you must take 2 tbsp. flaxseed oil and 1 tbsp. peach butter. Add 1/2 tsp to the oil mixture. Vitamin A and E in oil. Apply the mask on the hair backing from the roots by 3-5 cm. Keep the mask for at least 30 minutes, then wash your hair in the usual way.

Nourishing mask with honey and yolk

Composition: - 1 yolk; - 1 tbsp. honey; - 1 tbsp. olive oil.

The components are thoroughly mixed, the mask can be applied both on the scalp and on the length. The exposure time is 40 minutes.

Bread mask for nourishing hair

Pour a few pieces of rye bread with boiling water or a decoction of herbs (chamomile, nettle, linden, etc.). When bread becomes soft with a blender, we make homogeneous gruel out of bread and apply it abundantly on hair, for an hour. After such a mask, the hair will gain vitality, become stronger and shinier.

These are just a few ideas on how to quickly prepare nourishing hair mask at home. These nutritional masks are easy to prepare, and the effect of use does not take long. All in your hands!

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