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The Vampire Diaries star

The star of the series The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev in a very short time won an army of fans. Many fans were interested in how to create the make-up of the actress, and also wondered how to create hairstyles like Nina Dobrev. In this article, we will reveal all the secrets and secrets of self-creating hairstyles charming actress Nina Dobrev.

The first secret of the luxurious head of the stars of the series is a timely trip to the procedure of keratin hair straightening. The second secret is the natural dark brown shade of hair, which makes the image of a beautiful woman stunning.

Nina Dobrev's favorite hairstyles

At all social events, a star of Bulgarian origin pleases the public with gorgeous, and most importantly, various hairstyles and styling. Let's go to the list of the most popular hairstyles like Nina Dobrev.

Curls on one side

During the Emmy award on the red carpet, the star of the series appeared in a fiery red dress, and its head was decorated with flawless curls, laid on its left side. This miracle was laid by Nina Dobrev by her personal hairdresser named Riavna Capri.

curls on one side in the hair of Nina Dobrev

  1. To create a hairstyle with curls, laid on one side, Riavna used a special smoothing balm, which she applied to the whole head of hair.
  2. After that, the barber armed with a styler with a diameter of 2.5 cm and curled them curls in a horizontal direction. Each made a lock of Miss Capri attached with hairpins, fixing them in one place.
  3. After that, they waited 20 minutes, the barrette was removed from the hair and the curls were combed with a stiff brush.
  4. After the curls were laid on the left side, Riavna proceeded to laying bangs. She laid her on her side in the direction of the curls and sprayed on her spray varnish with shining particles.

Greek hairstyle

At one of the annual awards for young Hollywood talents, the star of the Vampire Diaries came with a high Greek hairstyle. Since the curly hair of the beauty of nature, Nina Dobrev's hairstyle in Greek style looked just great.

  1. To create such a styling of Nina Dobrev, apply a spray on clean hair to give texture to the hair. Spray will emphasize wavy curls.
  2. Using a comb with fine teeth, lightly rub the root zone of the hair.
  3. After that, take all the hair and tie it in a tight tail.
  4. Arm yourself with studs and pin down curls in a chaotic manner so that you end up with a voluminous bundle.
  5. To add charm, put a headband or ribbon on your head and spray varnish on top of your hair.

Greek hairstyle Nina Dobrev

Hollywood curls

All fans of the series Vampire Diaries could notice on the head of Nina Dobrev a haircut with soft Hollywood curls. In addition to the series, this option is also used by the beauty for publication.

  1. Apply a fixative spray to clean dried hair.
  2. Arm yourself with a round brush and a hairdryer and use these tools to create a basal volume. If the volume is not enough, use a comb with fine teeth and create a comb.
  3. To create curls you need heated hair rollers. Self-curl curls above the line of the ears.
  4. Wait for the curlers to cool completely. Only after that you can take them off, and fix the resulting hairstyle like Nina Dobrev with varnish.

hollywood curls


This simple and fast hairstyle of Nina Dobrev was noticed at one of the social events in 2012. The ponytail looked immaculately at the beauty's head, as the Bulgarian charmer had a naturally thick head of hair.

  1. At home, you must go through the procedure of hair straightening with an ironing, not forgetting to cover your hair with a thermo protective spray before the event.
  2. After that, your hair will be perfectly smooth and you need to fix it with wax or gel, which will help you to avoid the appearance of protruding strands.
  3. Using a comb, carefully comb your hair and with a thin elastic band, collect them in a high tail.
  4. There is one small nuance. Before you form a ponytail, select one thin strand, with it you will disguise the elastic and make your hair more elegant.
  5. To lock the lock in the styling, pin it with a pin.
  6. For flawless styling, walk along the tail with an iron.

high tail

Air loops

At the 62 Emmy Words Awards, the star of a vampire story was spotted on the red carpet with a very nice and elegant hairstyle that perfectly complemented the image.

  1. Wash and dry your head and you should create a basal volume with yourself with a mousse and a hair dryer.
  2. Using a thin comb, separate part of the hair on the top of the head, without affecting the side strands. Leave the sides smooth.
  3. The rest of the hair on the back of the head collect in a low tail.
  4. Separate the strand on top of the tail and gently lay it on the back of the head with a pin.
  5. Divide the tail into several strands.
  6. Independently, using studs, start stabbing one strand after another, wrapping around the base of the tail. With this manipulation, you should get air loops.
  7. Each resulting loop must be firmly fixed and then sprayed with a strong lacquer.

laying air loops

Now you know all the popular hairstyles of Nina Dobrev. We hope that our recommendations will be clear and useful for you.

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