Nettle for hair

Nettle for hair

Who does not know that nettle is healing? This miraculous herb was treated in antiquity. Nettle (from the Latin Urticca Diocia— “to burn”) not only irritates the skin, but promotes blood flow and nutrition in this place.

The content of phytoncides with bactericidal action of vitamins B2, C, K, carotene and pantothenic acid allows nettles to fight many diseases. These are atherosclerosis, tuberculosis, anemia, hemorrhoids and others.

Now nettle is an indispensable assistant in cosmetology. It is the basis not only for various masks and decoctions for the skin of the body and face, but also the most valuable hair care product.

This is ensured by the influx of oxygen into the hair follicle, which contributes to the health and shine of the hair.

Dull hair, split ends of hair - symptoms of disease. And if the hair falls out or grows slower — this is a reason not only to pay attention to the problems, but to immediately begin treatment. And first of all, by means of traditional medicine.

Nettle solves many problems. It helps to strengthen hair, relieves hair loss, itching and dandruff, stimulates hair growth and improves their structure. Nettle can eliminate head itching. It has a wonderful natural conditioner.

The plant can be used at any time of the year, both fresh and dried. It is easy to prepare it yourself or purchase it at a pharmacy or health food store. For harvesting nettle suitable flowering time (May, June) and dry weather. It is better if it is afternoon. The leaves are laid out neatly on paper and dried to a degree of brittleness, usually within one and a half weeks. Dried leaves are stored in a paper bag in a dry, dark and cool place.

Nettle Hair Masks

Very useful for hair nettle masks. Firming mask for oily hair is prepared from nettle leaves, which are passed through a meat grinder. A teaspoon of sea salt is added to the resulting half cup of gruel. After mixing, the composition is applied to the hair and carefully rubbed into the scalp. The head is warmed with a cap and kept in a mask for half an hour.

To strengthen hair You can apply a mask of half a cup of dry nettle leaves, three teaspoons of colorless henna and one yolk. The composition is applied to the hair, and the top is covered with cellophane. After two hours, rinse with warm water.

By the way, the juice from fresh nettle is also used, it contributes to the strengthening of the hair, and their rapid growth. To do this, nettle leaves are well washed and dried, and then scrolled in a meat grinder. The juice is squeezed using gauze, rubbed into the hair roots, and the head is wrapped with cellophane for several hours.

Eliminate dandruff You can use a decoction, which consists of nettle leaves and olive oil. Infused mixture for two weeks in a dark bottle, filtered.

For prevention, many will like a decoction of burdock roots, nettle leaves and hop cones. This cocktail will help your hair become soft and shiny.

And in order not to doubt the therapeutic and prophylactic properties of nettle, it is better to try any of the proposed recipes and feel their healing power.

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