Natural dyes for hair

Natural dyes for hair

Synthetic hair dye the world learned not so long ago. Some time ago the women of the world dyed their hair, or gave them a certain shade, using natural means.

Currently, women’s attention is again on natural hair dye products, as a guarantee of health and beauty of their curls.

From natural herbal remedies that dye hair well, are widely known, such as basma and henna. Henna dye your hair a bright red color, and basma, As a rule, it is used in combination with henna: at different proportions of the mixture, completely different shades of hair can be obtained: from black to blond.

Today, more and more women prefer natural formulations for dyeing their hair with artificial paints, from which hair spoils. Natural hair dye products are good because they treat hair and scalp - This is important in case of bad ecology and poor water quality.

A mixture of henna with Basma enhances hair growth, strengthens their roots, eliminates dandruff, itchy scalp. Natural hair dyes strengthen and strengthen the hair structure, prevent hair loss, eliminate dandruff, treat seborrhea and itching of the scalp, eliminate excessive oily hair.

Henna alkanes are made from dried and ground leaves. Dry henna powder green, has a herbal smell. Basma Indigo plants are made from leaves, it also has a greenish color in a dry form.

If the hair is dyed with pure henna, then red shades will be obtained - from golden to dark copper, depending on the quality of henna and the time of coloring.

If you dye dark hair, henna can only give them a shade, but if you dye black hair, then henna will not color them at all. Henna, in this case, can be used for black hair, as a therapeutic agent, or pre-discolor the hair.

Helpful advice: Basma mixed with henna can be replaced with natural ground coffee. To do this, two tablespoons (with a slide) spoons of ground coffee pour boiling water, cook for five minutes, then cool slightly, pour the henna bag into the mixture and stir well. The mixture should be thick, like sour cream.

In addition to henna and basma, hair can be dyed with green shells of walnuts, onion peel, buds and leaves of black poplar, rhubarb, chamomile, pharmacy leaves, bergenia, calendula, St. John's wort. Read these recipes in the article. "Recipes for natural hair colors".

When dyeing with natural dyes, of course, you have to tinker longer than with artificial paint: first of all, you should choose a tool in accordance with the desired color, and the structure of your own hair.

Experts recommend before applying the paint to the entire length of the hair, first try this tool on a single strand, and adjusting the composition, if the desired color is not achieved.

Do not follow the advice of other people and take their proportions: the fact that the structure of the hair of all people is different, and that suits one well, does not always suit others, you need to look for a composition that will be good for you.

Natural dyes for hair

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