Nanomax strand restoration

Alas, experiments with hair do not always end favorably. Coloring, permanent waving, repeated exposure to stylers for straightening or twisting - all this harms the health of the hair and affects its appearance, not to mention the nutrition and exposure to environmental factors. As a result, at least half of all women are dissatisfied with the state of their strands. But not so long ago there was a breakthrough in the world of the hair industry, and today hairdressers can offer the Nanomax procedure to girls that promise miraculous healing of damaged hair. What is Nanomax for hair and what effect can we expect from the next novelty? Let's figure it out!

About the Nanomax procedure

Nanomax for hair is a radically new approach to the recovery of strands. If you have previously tried various conditioners, masks and serums to make your hair healthy and well-groomed, you know that it is unlikely to make the condition of curls with their help much better. And all because the molecules of these funds are large, they act on the surface, but they cannot penetrate into the structure and restore the hair from the inside.

before and after Nanomax

How to help the hair? The decision suggests itself involuntarily: the molecules of the medium must be smaller and have high penetrating power. The Spanish company NanoMax has developed a unique service, which is based on the treatment of strands by means of a high concentration of active substances, converted into steam, using a special comb. The result is a nano-molecular cloud, the particles of which penetrate the hair through the damage on their surface into the very depths. The Nanomax procedure can repair 90% of hair damage. Remember what your strands were like in your youth, even before you completed your first hairdressing experiment? Silky, brilliant, lively Creators Nanomax promise to return them their former beauty and strength.


Advantages and disadvantages of Nanomax

Promises always sound beautiful, but before you check for yourself, I want to know all the pros and cons. We suggest you to get acquainted with them. The benefits of the service are as follows:

  • Versatility. The Nanomax procedure is suitable for girls with any type of hair.
  • Rapidity. To process nanomolecules long strands will take no more than an hour.
  • Security. The composition of nano-agents includes natural components: keratin, algae extract, wheat proteins, natural oils and caviar extract, no silicones and formaldehydes.
  • Efficiency. Numerous reviews of girls confirm the promised effect after 1 session. Some women, having resorted to Nanomax, saved their strands exhausted by chemistry.
  • Affordable cost. The average price per nananeansa about 2500 rubles.

Very often, the negative experience after all sorts of procedures girls get because they are not the most professional master. In the case of Nanomax for hair, this factor is almost completely excluded, since the technology is simple and everyone can master it.

girl with black hair

During the years of its existence, many women have already managed to use it, and no matter how surprising it may sound, negative reviews are almost impossible to find. More habitually, when opinions are common and there are those girls who are not approached by the procedure, but not in the case of Nanomax. The procedure is aimed solely at repairing damage and has no contraindications. Is that on the already healthy hair changes will not be too noticeable.

But disadvantages can be found everywhere and the disadvantages of this service are:

  • After Nanomax, it is forbidden to use styling tools and tools for 3 days. So if you have an important event, where you want to appear with a chic styling, you need to visit the wizard for the Nanomax 3-4 days before the scheduled event.
  • It can take up to 4 sessions at weekly intervals to restore strands of varying degrees of damage. If your hair is in a very poor condition, the whole course will cost you about 10,000 rubles.
  • The duration of the result can not be guaranteed, since how long the effect lasts depends only on you and your subsequent care of your hair.

Scheme of the procedure Nanomax

So, if you are interested in this nano-service, you will be interested to know what kind of manipulations the master will perform with you. We will try to tell you in detail about this. The whole process consists of 3 stages:

  1. The master will wash your head using a special NanoMax shampoo, it is odorless and deeply cleanses the hair surface. Then your strands will dry.
  2. After that, the specialist will proceed to the second stage - saturation of the strands with active substances. With the help of Microsystem, Nanomax means for hair is converted into a cloud. Externally, the cloud looks like steam, but its temperature is much lower, and therefore harm to the hair is not caused. The microsystem resembles a comb, from which the supply is made. The wizard will process the strand by strand three times, using this comb through it, saturating the hair with nutrients. Each hair should come into contact with nanomolecules.
  3. The third stage is soldering. To keep the active substances inside the hair, the scales are sealed by holding a special ironing along the strands. Outwardly, this is an ordinary styler, but its distinctive feature is powerful titanium plates and electronic temperature control, which does not allow to raise the heating temperature to 120 degrees.

carrying out procedure Nanomaks

Nanomax can be carried out as a separate procedure, or as an after-staining supplement to restore the strands. In addition, there are 4 Nanomax series: for deep recovery (Rextor is used), to protect color (Color Lock), to give shine and silkiness (done using 3D Shine) and to create volume (3D Shine Volyum).

We hope the information will be useful for those who decide to buy Nanomax. If you have already used this service, leave your feedback about it in the comments below. Your experience will be useful for other girls who dream of shiny and healthy hair.

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