My head is a chicken egg

My head is a chicken egg

A woman at any age wants to have luxurious thick hair.

However, despite the rather wide range of hair care products on the market today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the right product. That is why the time has come to remember the secrets of beauty, known from ancient times. And one of these is definitely the use of ordinary chicken eggs as a hair care product.

How to wash your head with an egg?

There are a number of things to consider when using eggs instead of hair shampoo. Let us consider in more detail the whole procedure, from beginning to end.

First stage

So, at the first stage it is necessary separate the egg yolk from the protein, it is the yolk that should be used to wash hair, since the protein tends to curl up at a slightly higher temperature of the water, and removing the coagulated egg white from the hair is a rather complicated procedure.

For a single use, you will need two eggs, separating the yolks, put them in a separate bowl, and you can use proteins anywhere, for example - to cook any dessert dishes. It is recommended to add a tablespoon of plain honey to the separated yolks and mix them thoroughly. It is allowed to use a mixer or blender for this purpose. Having a homogeneous yolk-honey mass proceed to the next stage.

Second phase

At this stage it is necessary to wet the hair with warm water, and then apply on them the resulting egg mass. Spread it evenly over the entire surface of the head and gently massage it for a while, during which some lathering on the hair is possible. After that, it is necessary to leave the head alone for about ten minutes, and then wash off the egg mass with a large amount of warm, but by no means hot water.

Third stage

My head is a chicken egg

After the whole mass is washed off the hair, it is recommended to rinse them with a tincture of herbs, preferably it should be chamomile or nettle. Then the hair must be dried, it is not recommended to use a hair dryer, it is better to let the hair dry naturally.

Many women who first tried to use egg yolk instead of shampoo are very surprised to see the effect obtained from this.

Hair becomes lighter, it does not grow fat so quickly, and therefore does not need daily washing. In addition, the hair acquire a pronounced vitality and exude freshness.

Regular use of this uncomplicated folk remedy for hair care allows you to achieve truly gorgeous results - hair becomes shiny, thick and silky, dandruff disappears, because egg yolk contains a very large amount of vitamins.

It is also possible to add to the yolk and other components, for example - essential oils, herbal extracts, and special attention should be paid to using a small amount as an additive to such homemade shampoo. ground coffee, which, in addition to its aromatic properties, has a number of useful qualities - it stimulates blood circulation in the skin of the head, as a result of which the metabolism of the hair roots improves.

Most of the women who have already tested on themselves the effect of this unique composition, do not plan to return to the use of hair care products on the market.

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