Moisturizing hair at home

For your hair to be beautiful and well-groomed, you need constant care, especially for dry hair, since this type of hair does not look very attractive, it breaks, splits, pushes and gets tangled, the whole point is that they get the necessary moisture and nutrition . Moisturizing hair It is very important both in summer and in winter. In the summer, our hair is dried up by the sun and wind, and in winter, the dry air in the apartment and sudden changes in temperature.

Moisturizing hair at home

For moisturizing hair special professional tools serve, but they are not always affordable for us, then you need to think about how you can spend moisturizing hair at home.

First, let's look at what leads to dry hair

one. If we talk about external factors, the main reason for drying hair is sudden changes in temperature and very dry indoor air due to running batteries and heaters. To solve this problem, it is necessary to humidify the air in the room, for this there are special humidifiers, if you do not have the opportunity to purchase them, then there are some simple ways to raise the humidity of the air at no cost. For example, you can place water containers in the apartment (these can be vases and jugs); water will slowly evaporate, thereby moistening the air. Another good way is to hang a wet towel on the battery, the water will evaporate and moisten the air.

2 Using all sorts of devices for hair, such as hair dryers, curling irons, hair curlers, we ourselves deprive them of moisture. Dyeing the hair also makes it dry and brittle. Try to use hair dryer less often and straighten hair with a flat iron.

3 Nutrition is equally important for healthy hair, try to include in your diet as much as possible healthy foods containing vitamins. For example, vitamin A, which is so good for hair, is found in carrots, liver, egg yolks, etc.

Moisturizing hair with professional products

1. Moisturizing hair sprays.

Such tools are in almost any line of cosmetics. High-quality moisturizing hair sprays are made on the basis of thermal water or water with plant extracts. They create an invisible film and thereby retain moisture in the hair. Also in their composition they contain vitamins and minerals. Chitosan and ceramides create a water-saving casing, it protects the hair from drying out, but does not deprive it of its ability "breathe". Cheaper sprays come with lanolin and mineral oils. Glycerin and propylene glycol can be referred to moisturizing components. Other beneficial ingredients of moisturizing sprays:

- chitosan, creates a protective film, facilitates combing hair, adds shine and retains moisture;- vitamin E, gives hair shine and moisturizes;- vitamin F;- panthenol, facilitates combing and moisturizes the hair.

When choosing a moisturizing spray, be careful, pay attention to the composition, often in the composition there are no useful components, and the main part consists of silicones, which create only a cosmetic effect.

Some moisturizing sprays
Moisturizing hair at home

2. Moisturizing masks and balms

Manufacturers of professional cosmetics also suggest using special masks and balms to moisturize hair, there are quite a few of them, so you should choose the best product for yourself.

3. Moistening hair at home

Hair masks will help restore and moisturize hair, the following components will be suitable for moisturizing hair:

- kefir, yogurt; - hair oils (burdock, castor, peach, almond, avocado, jojoba, olive, and others); - honey; - sour cream; - aloe; - onion juice.

Moisturizing hair with kefir masks

Kefir and sour milk - the perfect way to moisturize hair. The easiest way is to apply the heated kefir on the hair and wrap it up with a film, after an hour you can wash off the mask.

Kefir mask with oils - double moisturizing

- 2 tbsp. kefir; - 2 tbsp. olive oil; - 1 yolk.

All components should be at room temperature, mix them until smooth and apply to the hair, pay special attention to the ends of the hair. Dress the shower cap and towel on top. It is advisable to walk with the mask for at least an hour and then wash off with shampoo.

Moisturizing mask with kefir and black bread

Soak rye bread in kefir and let it brew for 30-40 minutes, then knead the bread with a fork or use a blender to get a mask without lumps.

If desired, a couple of drops of essential oil can be added to the mask. Distribute through hair and leave for an hour. It is desirable to make such a mask 2 times a week.

Honey Moisturizing Mask

Moisturizing hair at home

Honey Onion Mask

- 1 tbsp. onion juice; - 1 tbsp. honey; - 1 tbsp. burdock oil;

Melt the honey in a water bath or in the microwave and mix with other ingredients. Apply the mixture on the hair and leave for an hour. This mask not only moisturizes the hair, but also restores them. if you had dry and badly damaged hair, then such a recipe would be indispensable

Moisturizing mask with honey and oils

- 2 tbsp. honey; - 1 tbsp. olive oil; - 1 tbsp. peach butter; - 1 tbsp. almond oil;

The finished mixture is heated and applied to the hair in the form of heat, be sure to wrap a head with a towel, hold for at least 30 minutes.

Moisturizing hair with oils

Sea buckthorn oil mask

- 2 tbsp. sea ​​buckthorn oil; - 1 tbsp. another oil (according to your desire) - vitamin A and E in oil (a few drops)

This mask actively moisturizes the hair, it will be useful for the scalp and hair.

Hot oil wrap

For this procedure, any vegetable oil will be suitable, for example, burdock, castor oil, macadamia oil, avocado, almond, etc. All that is needed is to heat the oils and distribute them in the hair in a warm form. Top cover hair with a warm towel (for this you need to soak a towel with hot water and squeeze out well). Hold for about 40 minutes, then thoroughly wash the hair. Other ingredients and vitamins can be added to the wrap.Mask with burdock and peach oil

Burdock oil and peach oil to take in equal quantities, add a couple of drops of lemon juice and apply over the entire length of the hair. Hold the mask for 1 hour. Wash off with shampoo. The mask is used to restore hair, for intensive moisturizing, to give a pleasant color and shine to life. For very dry hair, a mask without lemon juice is used.

Sour cream moisturizing mask

- 2 tbsp. sour cream; - 1-2 yolks;

The mask perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the hair and, moreover, it prepares quickly. You can make a smetan mask 2-3 times a week and hold for at least half an hour.

Moisturize hair with aloe juice

Aloe juice itself has a truly therapeutic composition, but in combination with other components, the effect will be enhanced several times:

- 1 tbsp. aloe juice; - 1 tbsp. l onion juice; - 1 tbsp. l sour cream; - 1 tbsp. honey; - 1 tbsp. burdock and castor oil.

First, mix the onion juice and aloe juice, and then add in turn all the other ingredients, mix until smooth and apply to the hair from root to tip. After an hour we wash off as usual. After such a mask, the result is visible from the first time.

In summer, thermal water is an excellent moisturizer - we use it several times a day using a spray bottle.

As you see moisturizing hair at home perhaps not even as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Take care of your hair and after a while you will see an excellent result.

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