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What, in addition to the type of activity, unites the Ukrainian star Ruslana and the American Rihanna? Of course, the mohawk hairstyle. And since both girls are trendsetters in the field of fashion, we can safely say that at the moment the haircut Mohawk is one of the most trending. This article was written to find out what types and variations of this hairstyle exist, how bold haircut appeared, to whom it suits most and how to make a mohawk on your own at home.

Quite often it happens that one hairstyle becomes popular in several parts of the world at once and it is almost impossible to determine who started wearing it first. Mohawk haircut is a rare exception to this rule. It is known that the prototype of this modern hairstyle was Indian hairstyles from America. At the time of the birth of the punk hairstyle, the mohawk was fashioned by Wattie Buchan, the leader of the legendary band The Exploited. Following him, almost all punk fans began to wear such hairstyles. By the way, the short Mohawk has become a popular male hairstyle among bearers of popular culture.

The main types of laying Mohawk

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Since its entry into fashion, this hairstyle has acquired many variations. Among them, the Mohawk for long hair, Quiff, Mohawk for short hair, spikes and Mohawk for medium hair should be noted. Further, each of these varieties are described in detail, and also provides step-by-step instructions for doing it yourself.


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Kviff hairstyle is not very different from the usual Iroquois, but it does not look as radical as, for example, the female Mohawk for long hair. The main difference between these two hairstyles is that quiff means whiskey, clipped with a ladder, and not complete hair removal in this area of ​​the head. In addition, Quiff can be built without making any complicated scissors manipulations. To do this, long hair in the temples area is abundantly treated with styling agents and smoothly combed them upwards. Next on the top is a voluminous cook. Many Hollywood stars like to do such styling, for example, Kelly Osbourne, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani.

Spikes (liberty spikes)

In literal translation, liberty spikes denotes a mohawk divided into several strands of thorns. This style is most reminiscent of a helmet adorning the legendary Statue of Liberty. That is why this hairstyle is especially loved by Americans. In addition, they paint the thorns in the colors of the flag of their country to emphasize patriotism and pride of democratic laws.

The design of the spikes is quite simple - an array of hairs from which the mohawk will be constructed is separated from the rest of the hair by parting and divided into the desired number of strands. Each of these curls is separately processed by a gel of strong fixation and combed up. This mohawk is more suitable for medium hair or short length.

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Mohawk football players

In modern times, when sport can be considered one of the areas of show business, the appearance of popular footballers has become very important. If you follow the hairstyles of world-class athletes, you can see a lot of amazing hairstyles. And one of the leaders in the sports field can be called the male mohawk for short hair.

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Among the stars who chose this package, you can name such names as Ronaldo and Balotepli. And, of course, not to mention Beckham. David believes that this hairstyle is a symbol of freedom and pleasure, which he receives from life. To perform a variation on short hair in the style of football players, you should cut the whiskey short, leaving a length of three to five centimeters on the top of the head.

How to lay a mohawk

In most cases, the creation of this hairstyle requires a visit to the hairdresser. There the specialist will make even longitudinal partings on the width of the supposed mohawk and will cut the temples. From the remaining hair can be styled.

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In order to lay the mohawk at home, you must first acquire the following means: gel and varnish for styling a strong hold, wax, comb and hair dryer. It should be noted that the first few attempts may not succeed.

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  1. Our hairstyle is performed in stages, starting with washing and drying hair.
  2. Next, the strands are treated with a gel for styling and ottyagivat in the direction from the top. The head while tilted down. If the hair is weak or brittle, you can use wax instead of gel.
  3. After the styling is formed, the hair is dried with hot air using a hair dryer and fixed with hairspray.
  4. To give the mohawk extra extravagance, you can tint your hair in a bright color. For example, in red, green, purple or pink. However, you can use all the colors at once and arrange on your head a semblance of a rainbow.

Mohawk without scissors

As mentioned earlier, the mohawk can be built without resorting to radical cutting of hair. However, it should be understood that in such a case the laying process will take a very long time. It is rather difficult to lay hair in the temporal parts of the head, especially if a female mohawk is constructed of long hair.

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There is another very simple way to understand whether a mohawk should be laid, whether it will look good and whether it is worth deciding on such a haircut. To do this, you need to use the computer program Photoshop, in which you can draw a mohawk of any configuration. In addition, a well-executed installation will not only allow you to independently assess changes in appearance, but also to find out how much your friends and acquaintances like the new look. Placing such a photo on social networks will give a quick response. Regardless of whether the image of punk is coming to you or not, virtual friends will certainly appreciate your courage and originality.

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