Modern hairstyles for different hair lengths

tail of small curls

Beautiful modern hairstyles are able to transform any girl. Modern women's hairstyles have many styles and trends, including eclecticism, avant-garde, classic. Is modern fashion reflected in hairstyles? Of course. Therefore, it is not enough to simply wear a fashionable dress. Without actual styling your image will be incomplete. Choose your favorite modern hair style, and the schemes and secrets to create in the article will help you become the owner of a perfect image.

How to choose and make a modern hairstyle itself

Actual hairstyles are subject to the basic principles of selection of hairstyles in general:

  • Pick up the styling according to the type of your face and its shape.
  • Focus on the length and thickness of your curls.
  • Consider your individual style and character.

fluffy styling

A couple of tips for creating hairstyles:

  • Doing styling your own hands at home, guided by your hairdressing skills. If you have not done complex styling before, before an important event, practice better and try your hair in advance.
  • Use fashion accessories to make your hairstyle unique.
  • Use high-quality styling products to make the styling last the whole evening.

The following are the most relevant hairstyles of recent times and tips on creating them.

Beautiful braids and weaving

Spit and all sorts of variations have become very popular in recent years. From such an element as a braid, you can make incredibly complex styling, knowing only a couple of schemes and having a pair of Invisible women and a hair elastic. These styling are universal, you can choose the option for any shape of the face and thickness of hair. If you have a smooth hair, weaving will be very neat, as the hairs will not stand out from the braids. But if you have wavy or even curly curls, do not worry. Just a few drops of fluid for smoothness and you can easily braid any braids.

Tail of tails

braid of tails

Creating modern hairstyles for long hair, look at the braids. You will need small elastic bands to match the hair, fluid for the smoothness of the strands. The following step-by-step scheme will help you get a spectacular and very modern hairstyle in a couple of minutes:

  1. Apply a little fluid to clean hair so that the strands become smooth and not electrified.
  2. Divide the hair into 2 equal parts along the central part.
  3. Take one strand near the right ear and one near the left. Connect them together and tie a rubber band on the back of your head, getting a soft tail.
  4. Then take again on the strands from two sides and again tie a tail of them just below the first.
  5. Now raise the second tail up and pass through the first, as if twisting them together.
  6. Again, take the 2 side strands, again tie a soft tail below the existing ones.
  7. Now pass the third tail into the hole between the first and second.
  8. Repeat this pattern until there are free strands on the sides.

As a result, you get an unusual braid, created by twisting the tails. Such styling will keep its shape for a long time, it will fit every day, and it will complement well the festive look.

Fashion beam

fashion beam

The most popular modern hairstyles for medium hair are, perhaps, bunches. They can be beautifully beaten, added accessories and they will help you out at a solemn occasion. But it is also the fastest and simple everyday hairstyle. You can make a bundle in different ways:

  • You can use a donut slip, resulting in a perfectly even, large bundle.
  • You can tie a knot of hair on top of it, so you get an unusual bundle.
  • Wavy curls, previously rolled up on a curling iron or curlers, gathered in a romantic low bun, with side strands released, look beautiful.
  • You can combine unusual coloring in this hairstyle, add pigtails to her, which you need to lay around the beam or braid around your head.

To make an ordinary bundle extraordinary is very simple. You can use the instructions below to repeat this installation step by step on your head:

  1. Gather the hair on the back of your head in a tight tail with a thin elastic band of the same shade as your hair.
  2. Lift up the free end of the tail and pass it between the rubber band and the head.
  3. The result will be a bundle in the form of a "fan", and the free end of the tail will be below.
  4. Now it remains only to fasten the free end beautifully.
  5. Weave a pigtail out of it and wrap it around a rubber band.
  6. Secure the resulting pigtail stealth.

low beam

If you have even hair, this bunch will look very neat. If your curls are naturally wavy, you can make such a tuft below the back of the head, shifting it to one side. Slightly disassemble the curls in the bundle with your fingers to impart carelessness and straighten the strand near the ear, behind which the bundle is located.

Bundles in modern hairstyles

Choosing for yourself modern hairstyles for medium hair, pay attention to such an element of hair as a braid. Just twisting the strands in one direction, you get interesting harnesses, skillfully fixing and intertwining with each other which you can become the owner of unusual and complex-looking hairstyles. The following diagram will help you to braid the braid of the harnesses:

  1. Comb clean hair and apply a little styling mousse to them so that they are obedient.
  2. Separate 2 strands on the crown, connect them and twist together clockwise into a rope, 2-3 cm long.
  3. Then pick up a strand on the left and on the right, as usual weave a French braid and continue twisting the braid clockwise for another 2-3 cm.
  4. Catch a strand by strand until you reach the very end.
  5. The resulting bundle at the bottom fix a rubber band for the hair.

interesting styling

Fishtail and its variations

Such an element of hairstyle as a fish tail has become popular for a long time, but remains relevant today. Modern hairstyles for long hair can be created, knowing all this one technique of weaving. The following scheme will allow you to braid a feminine hairstyle with a fishtail:

  1. Divide the array of hair in 2 parts obliquely.
  2. From each part weave a braid fish tail, starting to weave on the head, picking up strands.
  3. Pull the strands out of the free edge of the fish tail, making it airy and voluminous.
  4. Cross the back of the free ends of the two fish tails and fix them on the back of the head with invisible beams, carefully laying one above the other.
  5. The result of fixing varnish strong fixation.

spit fish tail

Tender curls "from the face"

Everyone knows that a beautiful curl can be done with the help of curlers on curlers or curling. Not every girl knows that curls can be obtained by having a flat iron for alignment. Modern short hairstyles with curls, twisted "from the face" look very tender and feminine. For such styling the length of your strands should be on the chin.

Such styling will be appropriate in everyday life, and on a romantic evening in a restaurant. You will need a mousse for styling, tongs for hair straightening, a lacquer with strong fixation and a beautiful accessory in the form of a delicate flower. To create modern hairstyles for short hair, you do not need to be a professional master, such styling is possible for everyone. The scheme is as follows:

  1. Apply styling agent to clean strands. It may be mousse or foam.
  2. At the crown, add a little strand at the roots to get the volume.
  3. Take 1 strand, grab it with an iron at the roots, turn the iron 1 time in the direction “from the face” and lower it down to the tips, without unclamping the hair iron.
  4. Wind all strands this way.
  5. Fix the result with varnish; fix a beautiful flower on the side.

face locks

Modern hairstyles for short hair are mostly performed on trimmed short strands. For this you only need to have brushing, hair dryer, wax to separate the strands and mousse for styling. But if you have a bob or a square, you can make such a romantic hairstyle with curls "from the face."

Video: creating a stylish modern hairstyle

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