Modern haircuts are the most relevant options

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Modern haircuts can dramatically change the appearance of the girl, choosing your ideal option, pay attention to the most current haircuts of this year. In the hairdressing industry, new models of hairstyles do not appear so often, but still this or that model may be more popular lately. To make a good choice in favor of the most trendy haircut, you will need information about these models. After reading it, you will understand which one is right for you.

What is it, modern haircut?

Modern hair cutting is a combination of various technologies for dyeing strands, innovative techniques by the master, fashion trends in hairdressing and hairdresser’s authorship. Modern women's haircuts should reflect your personality and complement your style. The main elements are:

  • asymmetry;
  • ragged edge;
  • elongated strands;
  • unusual staining;
  • graduation;
  • unusual bangs;
  • combination of strands of different lengths.

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Modern haircuts for women are diverse, and for each particular beauty the same model can have its own individual features. Remember that choosing a hairstyle in the picture, it can be completely different on your strands. Because of this, girls very often leave the beauty salon disappointed. Therefore, if you decide to change, it is important to find a good specialist. The competent master will independently choose for you the hairstyle suitable to your structure and type of hair. Consider the most current options for the last time.

Asymmetry for different lengths

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Asymmetrical haircuts are most often chosen by active and energetic girls who are accustomed to the attention of others. They can be made to any length of hair. Asymmetry is a successful modern haircut for short hair for girls who don’t like to lay strands for a long time, such models are unpretentious and do not require special skills. All you need is a couple of minutes of time and hair wax to separate the strands with your own hands. Short asymmetrical models are suitable for girls of different ages with different hair structure. They look equally good on wavy and smooth strands.

hair asymmetry

Modern long haircuts are also often asymmetric in shape. One of the most relevant is the model "double hairstyle." It combines long curls at the back and bob in front. You can complement the result of asymmetric bangs on one side. This option looks great on even hair. You can complement the hair with unusual coloring of different parts of the head of hair in contrasting shades.

Torn haircut


Ragged modern haircut allows you to emphasize the strands of the face. Ragged haircuts include a cascade, torn bean, ragged square and ladder. If you have even and not very thick strands, you'd better give preference to the ladder, where with the help of multi-level graduation, the effect of additional volume over the entire length of hair is obtained. Torn models are universal, they are suitable for any length and age of the woman. For example, a torn caret is a modern haircut for medium hair, which looks equally good on even and wavy curls.

torn hairstyle

Pay attention to the torn bob. This is a modern haircut for medium hair with a ragged edge and oblique bangs, which give an updated look to the classic version of the bean. The advantage of this model is that you forget about the daily styling. The shearing scheme allows the strands to lie correctly without exhausting styling and using brushing. The more casual your daily styling comes out, the more effective it will look. Purchase a pair of styling products, such as wax and serum, to separate the strands.

topical haircuts

If you are interested in a modern haircut for long hair with torn strands, try on a well-known ladder. She has existed for quite a long period, but remains consistently relevant to long-haired beauties. You can combine a ladder with any bang, this year the most trending option is the elongated bang on the side.

Gavrosh– stylish retro

Gavrosh haircut will help to make your usual image completely different. This model has a ragged edge, short whiskey, a crown with strands sticking out a hedgehog and an elongated back of the head. Gavrosh looks very stylish, but it is recommended to choose it for girls with an oval or elongated face shape, since short strands of the face open it.

Gavrosh in different variations

This model can have many variations depending on the length of the strands on the back of the head and the type of bangs. Gavrosh is easy to lay at home, the hairstyle can be changed depending on your costume and occasion. You can make a classic style of styling using a round brush and a hairdryer, or you can make wax strands and ruffle them with your fingers, adding creativity and fervor. Gavrosh looks interesting on even strands, and on wavy curls, this hairstyle acquires romantic and tender features.

Rhapsody with bangs

This modern haircut for long hair thanks to a multi-stage edge and various bangs favorably hides the flaws of the face shape. Rhapsody is recommended to be done for girls with a round face shape and it is not prohibited for owners of a square face. The main "trump card" is a haircut - a technique of imposing strands on the strand. At the same time, the tips are additionally milled; by this, the rhapsody differs from the cascade. This is a volume and stylish model, suitable for any girl with long hair.

bangs on the side

But you can pick up a bang yourself, taking into account your external data and, above all, the shape of your face. For round-faced girls it is better to choose oblique bangs, with square-sparse with rounded corners. For women with a triangular face, elongated bangs to the side are recommended.

Caprice - a modern option for a short length.

Such a modern haircut for short hair, as a whim is another version of a multi-layered ragged hairstyle. This model is suitable exclusively for short lengths and very rarely can be applied on average strand length. Caprice is distinguished by the fact that all tips are milled, due to this an incredible volume is created on the head. This modern short haircut will be a real find for women with thin and sparse hair.


The master, creating a whim, will adhere to the following instructions: the head is divided into 4 zones, in each of which the control strand will be selected. Then the barber will gradually cut the curls relative to this control strand. Caprice may not have bangs, and can be combined with a slanting short or torn smooth bangs. This hairstyle may seem very simple, but in fact it belongs to the complex. Therefore, to perform it, find an experienced master who, thanks to a textured contour, will be able to model any oval of the face.

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