Modern hair extension technology

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More recently, a breakthrough has occurred in the hair extension industry, completely new techniques have appeared, many times better than the already known options. These techniques appeared thanks to the German hairdressers. The name of these modern hair extension technologies is Bellargo and Cre Cap. 

Cre Cap Hair Extension Technology

Cre Cap Hair Extensions

In Europe, Cres Cap hair extensions became popular in 1999, but also gained fame in 2011. This method was invented by the hairdresser Renata Steflov. Cre Cap technology has many positive qualities that surpass all the qualities of previously emerging technologies.

Cre Cap Benefits

  • There is no chemical effect on the native curls;
  • Neither glue, nor pitch, nor keratin is used in this technique;
  • There is no mechanical effect on the native curls;
  • Strands can be used several times;
  • You can carry out any experiments with hair: dye, curl, straighten, lighten;
  • Removal occurs without the use of any chemistry;
  • Mounting strands in this technology can be completely different size. The master shapes them so that they are perfect. "got accustomed"  to the client’s own locks.

Technique fastening strands in building Cre Cap


For fixing the artificial strands, a special thermowell Cre Cap is used.

  1. With the help of her specialist connects native and artificial strands. The connection occurs under the influence of light heat. When the temperature rises, the impact is only on the sleeve, without affecting the native curls at all. This allows you to carry out the procedure even for those who have hair loss or weakness.
  2. Correction strands accrued at this temperature is very simple, to remove the sleeve the master needs to slightly heat it. And after that, she is easily removed from her own strand.

In this procedure, there are no restrictions on the wearing of artificial strands. You can use a hairdryer, styler, ironing, swimming pool, sauna, bath. For a CRE CAP session, you will need about 70 strands.

Video: Cre Cap extension technique

Technique hair extensions Bellargo and MicroBellargo

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These hair extension techniques by Bellargo and MicroBellargo were invented in 1994. Thanks to the hairdresser Heide-Rosa Gang, who tried to come up with a technique that does not harm her own curls, as well as to help the owners of rare and weakened hair get a luxurious head of hair.


  • For the procedure Bellargo special elastic sleeves are used.
  • Their color varies from transparent to black.
  • The fastening of these sleeves occurs under the influence of temperature.
  • The strands used for the procedure are of the highest quality. They for the session may need from 20 to 160 strands.
  • The master spends about 1 minute to fix the strands.
  • The correction is quite simple, it also passes by means of heating thermo-sleeves. When heated, shells diverge, freeing native and donor strands. By the time the correction procedure takes about 30 minutes.
  • There are no restrictions on wearing extended strands. You can safely experiment with hair and visit saunas, swimming pools.


A little later in the Bellargo technology, there was an improvement and MicroBellargo technology appeared.

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  • With the help of this technology, it became possible to increase the curls to those people who had partial alopecia, thinning and atrophy, as well as increase their volume in the temporal, occipital zone, as well as form a fringe.
  • Also with the help of this technology you can increase strands, tresses, as well as securely fix a wig or an overlay.
  • Fastening in this technique is due to the apparatus Mikobellargo and 2 mini-thermal fixers.
  • By the time the procedure lasts about an hour.
  • The increased strands are worn for about 3-4 months.
  • There are no restrictions on the wearing and care of the strands.

Video: BELLARGO hair extension technique

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