Mermaid braids - how to learn to weave a fish tail

2 fishtail braids

One of the favorite modern beauties braid "fish tail", everyone does not give up their positions in popularity. Like the tail of a fish of unprecedented beauty, it adorns the heads of girls. Spit with its popularity "fish tail" eclipsed and the famous French braid, playful afrokosichki, as well as the usual favorite from childhood spikelet.

With such braids, any girl feels like a mermaid, which reduces men with its unwritten beauty. Many girls are still confident that weaving braids "fish tail" succumbs only to the skilled worker of weaving with great experience. This opinion is wrong! All that is required in order to weave this braid itself is a manual dexterity and a drop of ingenuity. And if you have once braided pigtails, such as a cone, then how to weave a pigtail "fish tail" you will understand instantly. How to become a master in weaving such a scythe?

Who will such a beauty?

fish tail

Of course, the ideal model for "fish tail" there will be a girl with straight, long, hard, thick and thick hair. But let's move away from the ideal, this hairstyle will look no less attractive on the owner of wavy and curly hair of medium length. Pigtail fishtail can also give softness and romance to your image, as well as save you from some external flaws, such as thin, thin, faded hair. If you have a triangular face, such a braid and thick straight bangs will make your face more symmetrical, and if you are the owner of a round face and want to stretch it slightly, then braid the braid as high as possible. Such braid on melirovanny or kolorirovany hair will look originally.


WITH "fish tail" anywhere?!

Spit Fishtail can decorate the head of a little girl at school or in kindergarten, the head of a teenage girl in college, university, meeting friends in nature and on a date with a young man, head of an accomplished girl at work, gym, beach, cafe, restaurant , club, wedding. You can wear it with any type of clothing, whether it be jeans or a T-shirt, a light sundress, a swimsuit, a formal suit, evening dress or even a wedding dress, such a braid will decorate and give femininity to any girl, no matter where she is!

star with a fish tail

What is necessary for weaving?

Before weaving a fishtail, you need to purchase the following tools and materials:

  • Good massage comb
  • Durable gum and hairpins, those colors that you like
  • Means for fixing hair, you can take a varnish or mousse
  • If you want to make your image unique, you can use decorations or fresh flowers.

How to braid "fish tail"?

  1. The first thing that needs to be done before weaving a fishtail braid is to comb the hair well and sprinkle it with a means of fixation, in order to get rid of the matted strands.
  2. After that, we comb the hair towards the back of the head.
  3. Separate 1 strand from each temple, strand should be 2-2.5 cm thick.
  4. Selected strands are sent to the occipital zone and cross them so that the right was above the left.
  5. The interlaced strands must be held with the help of one hand, and the second on the left is separated another strand with the same thickness.
  6. We cross this left strand with the strand on the right side, placing it on top and slightly pressing it to the head with the left hand.
  7. Use the right brush to separate the next strand on the right side of the head and cross it with the strand on the left side of the head. We separate the locks, alternately alternating the right and left sides and so weaving a braid until the time when the hairline begins in the back of the head.
  8. In your eyes should be formed pigtail protruding from her tail. From the resulting tail, we begin again to separate the strands, with the separation of the new strand, we also change the direction and also cross them.
  9. When you get close to the end, lock the braid with an elastic band.

how to weave

There is an option where the hair does not need to be divided into two parts, but it is necessary to separate 2 strands from the temporal zones and continue weaving according to the above scheme.

girl weaves a braid

This is not one of the variations of braiding! If you have time, and most importantly, the desire to create a variety of images, then we will tell you about other weaving techniques.

  1. Comb your hair carefully to make it easier to weave a braid.
  2. Here you will have to trim your hair on the 2nd sides. Use your left hand to hold one side with the hair, and the other to select a 3-cm-wide strand from the right side of the head.
  3. Selected strand should be thrown to the right side of the left side of the head, and then straighten the hair.
  4. Pinch the left and right halves of the hair in the right brush, and with the left brush select the strand 3 cm thick on the left side of the head. New selected strand must be determined to the left side of the right half of the hair, and then straighten the hair.

In this technique, you have to endure from 2 to 5 levels. Detachable strands should be the same in thickness. If you want to braid the capital "fish tail"where the beginning of weaving comes out from the top of the head, then you have a very difficult job.

how to weave a fish tail- detailed photo

Another interesting weaving option is the one where you have to comb your curls in a low tail and bandage with a rubber band. And then act on the picture below the text.

weaving scheme

Over time, when you become a master of this business, you will be able to braid a disheveled pigtail or braid, which will be located on opposite sides of the head. As an option, you can braid "fish tail" and wrap it around like a wreath around your head, making an unusual hairstyle. To implement this option, it is necessary to braid the pigtail from the temporal zone from one side, and finish on the other side of the head. You can make a braid with falling out hairs or braid it weakly, this will make the image unusual, impudent.

How to add spice to "fish tail"?

braided accessories

You can just braid a tight braid and will already be very stylish. And if you want to add something, it is better to choose a beautiful and original hairpin or an unusual ribbon! In a loosely woven braid, you can give free rein to your fantasies, twist strands with different cords, ribbons, beads, chains, feathers, as well as prick hairpins, hairpins or some beautiful live flower! In addition to these accessories, you can come up with your own, more unusual.

Video on how to braid a fishtail

Now you know how easy it is to weave fishtail. The first training in weaving is best done on a friend or your child, and only then begin to weave yourself. Believe me, this hairstyle will become a favorite addition to your image for many years!

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