Masks for the tips of the hair

Your nightmare is split ends of hair? This article will help to find out the reasons for their appearance and ways to eliminate, because the broken structure of the tips of the hair can ruin not only the hair, but also the mood.

Proper hair care will help to avoid such an unpleasant phenomenon, most often occurring when trying to grow long hair. This is due to the fact that the longer your hair, the more shabby they become at the ends. If the tips are spoiled, they cannot be restored, but usually women face such a problem as a regular section of hair. So, first of all, prevention is necessary.

Masks for the tips of the hair

What causes splitting hair?

one. Many women dye their hair or perm them - it spoils them, but most of all goes to the ends of the hair, because they are weaker. It is especially undesirable to subject hair to a perm - it spoils the hair badly and after that haircut is necessary.2 Other hair damage is caused by the use of hair rollers, forceps, and ironing. Hot air blow dryer also damages the tips, so switch it to cold mode. Hair is better to curl with the help of available tools or ordinary curlers.3 Improper handling of wet hair. While your hair is wet, you should not rub them with a towel, comb, etc. Just let the hair dry naturally.four. Poor quality, tight gum, hairpins and other accessories. They hair and in this place may appear kinks or cross-section of hair.five. Direct sunlight, especially in the "kit" with sea water - not the best combination for those who want to have healthy hair. Therefore, before you go to the beach, it is better to put on the hair protective oil.6 The use of poor-quality products for washing and styling. The choice of cosmetics is very important in hair care. Usually, women are very careful in choosing means for the face, but hair is also a “calling card”, healthy hair will make the image well-groomed and luxurious.

How to prevent split ends of hair?

1. Trim the tips. Damaged hair ends can no longer be repaired, so the first thing you should do is cut them off. After the forked tips are cut, you need to take care that the next “party” does not get damaged. This can be achieved with the help of masks, which are often women make at home. Acquired cosmetics (medicated shampoos, preferably from natural ingredients), masks, creams for the tips of the hair.2. The right choice of shampoo for hair. Of course, shampoo will not return the normal structure to the tips of your hair, but will help to avoid further section. You must select those shampoos that suit your hair type. It is desirable that they include such components as lecithin, vitamin B5, natural extracts of herbs. Prefer soft shampoos, you can childish, if they are able to cope with your hair. After using the shampoo do not forget to apply balm - rinse.

3. Choosing the right comb. Try not to buy cheap combs from materials that could harm your hair. Buy a comb made from horn, stone or wood. Any material safe for hair will do.4. Masks for the tips of the hair. Hair treatment with masks is the most effective, as masks based on natural products perfectly nourish and moisturize the ends of hair. It is better to make such masks at home, using available products for their preparation - yeast, honey, vegetable oils. It is believed that oil masks from olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil are especially useful for hair tips.

5. Do not forget about the scalp and roots. Hair will only be healthy if the hair roots receive enough nutrients. A scalp massage is very useful for hair, as it stimulates blood circulation and the bulbs are nourished. Taking vitamins will also help avoid hair problems.

Homemade masks for the tips of the hair - recipes

Masks for the tips of the hair
Oil masks for hair ends

Masks for the ends of hair with the use of oils are considered the most effective, as the oils create a protective film on the hair. Such masks can be made before washing the head, oils will protect the hair from the aggressive effects of shampoo. If you have oily scalp, the oil should be applied only to the ends of the hair, or starting from the middle of the length.

The following oils are best for hair ends:

- olive oil; - almond oil; - coconut oil; - burdock oil; - jojoba oil; - linseed oil; - avocado oil; - almond and peach oil.

Burdock oil mask for hair ends

You will need:1. Burdock oil. Film (suitable bag) .3. Warm towel.

Slightly heat the burdock oil, then carefully rub it into the hair roots and spread it over the entire length. Then wrap your head first with a wrap and then a towel. Hold the mask for half an hour (do not abuse it, especially if you suffer from problems with blood vessels or pressure), and then wash off the mask with shampoo. Rinse the head with water, add a little citric acid.

Mask for tips of hair with linseed oil

Flaxseed oil perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the hair, is an excellent tool for the prevention of hair tips.

- Linseed oil - 1 tbsp. Olive oil 1 tbsp. - Essential oil ylang-ylang 2-3 drops.

We mix oils and slightly heat them up, put them on the ends of the hair and, if desired, on the head code. Hair should be wrapped with a warm towel and left for half an hour.

Mask for tips of hair with avocado oil and jojoba

- 1 tbsp. Avocado oil; - 1 tbsp. jojoba oil; - vitamin A and E in oil (tsp)

Melt the jojoba oil and mix with linseed oil, add vitamin A and E to distribute through the hair. Keep the mask for 1 hour under a towel, then rinse hair with shampoo with water and use a balm. Make a mask before washing 1 time per week.

Olive mask with sour cream

You will need:

1. Olive oil (Art. L) .2. 2 tbsp sour cream (fat content may vary depending on your hair).

Apply the mixture to the entire length of hair and leave for an hour. It is recommended to do it once a week as a preventive measure.

Oil wrap for hair ends

For wrapping, you can use different oils, for example, mix peach, almond and burdock oil. Also suitable castor, olive, grape seed oil and other base oils.

To make this procedure, the oil must be mixed and heated in a water bath or in a microwave. Then in a warm form, apply on hair, wrap the head with polyethylene and on top of a towel. To enhance the effect of the head can be wrapped with a hot towel. To do this, soak a towel with hot water, squeeze it out and wrap your head. When cool, moisten it again with hot water. You can hold the mask as much as time allows. Then rinse with water using shampoo.

Honey masks for hair tips

Honey perfectly nourishes hair, gives it shine and elasticity, regular use of honey masks will avoid the appearance of split and brittle hair.

You will need: 1. 2 tsp honey.2. A glass of boiled water (not hot).

Dissolve honey in water. Braid your hair in braids and lower the tips of your hair into a jar of honey water, keeping it in this way for 10 minutes. Rinse honey solution is not necessary. Hair can be dried naturally.

Nourishing mask for hair ends with honey and egg

- 1 tsp honey; - 1 yolk; - 2 tbsp. olive oil.Mix all the ingredients and apply on the scalp first, and then distribute over the entire length. Keep 20-40 minutes.

Masks for the tips of the hair with kefir

Kefir is an ideal component for dry and brittle hair, it gives hair elasticity, moisturizes and prevents the section of hair. Kefir can be used in its pure form, for example, apply warm kefir to the ends of the hair, 20 minutes before washing, or use it as one of the components in the hair mask.

Mask for the tips of the hair of yolk and kefir

You will need:

1. Lemon juice (Art. L) .2. 0.5 tbsp. kefir (the choice of its fat content depends on the degree of fat content of your hair) .3. Egg yolk.

Mix the ingredients and distribute evenly over the entire length of the mask. Warm it with a paper bag and towel, hold for half an hour, then rinse with shampoo.

Mask with kefir and honey

- half a cup of kefir; - 1 tsp. honey; - 1 tbsp. almond oil;

Melt the honey and mix with kefir, then add warm almond oil. Liberally apply on hair and leave for 1 hour.

Peach hair mask

This mask gives the hair shine and healthy look, smoothes the hair and closes the scales.

You will need: 1. Peeled peach. Grater. Crush the peach pulp on a grater and apply it to the hair along the entire length, leaving for half an hour.

Mask for the ends of hair with mayonnaise

Few people know that mayonnaise contains all the necessary components for the beauty and health of hair, provided that this mayonnaise is natural. Therefore, before making such a mask, make sure that your mayonnaise is natural or cook it yourself.

Mayonnaise can be applied in its pure form, just spread the mayonnaise through your hair and wrap your head. Or mix mayonnaise and other ingredients to enhance the effect.

Remember, hair needs love and care - only then will they please their owners with beauty and health. Use hair tips masks once a week, and in a month you will see an excellent result.

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