Masks for smooth hair at home

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Hair filled with health and strength is what all the weaker sex aspire to. Not everyone is naturally given a beautiful thick head of hair with a flawless structure, some girls need to help their hair find the perfect look. And help this mask for smooth hair. Let's leave aside the factory tools for the care of hair, because such mixtures can be prepared at home on their own. And the ingredients for them are always in the fridge of every girl.

Main components

Mask for smooth hair often prepared on the basis of the following products:

  • chicken or quail eggs;
  • cognac;
  • honey;
  • lemon juice;
  • Apple vinegar;
  • bananas, avocados.

natural ingredients

To ensure that components such as vinegar or brandy do not burn the scalp, the following oils are often added to the composition:

  • Burr oil. This is the most popular cosmetic oil for hair care. It is very cheap, and is economical due to its high density.
  • Linseed oil. This substance is an indispensable source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. It is actively used in food, and in cosmetology oil is very often added to all sorts of masks, including hair. It has a soothing, rejuvenating effect.
  • Coconut oil. This is a unique source of health and strength of hair. Oil creates a protective film on the strands, due to which they are not so exposed to environmental factors. In addition, when washing your hair with shampoo, the components in its composition do not adversely affect your hair.
  • Almond oil. Despite the high price and the possibility of allergic reactions, this oil is in great demand. It has unique properties that allow you to forget about fragility forever. In addition, almond oil prevents dandruff.

Vitamins - the source of strength

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Mask for smooth hair will have an even more impressive effect if you enrich it with vitamins. They are available for purchase at any pharmacy, and the price is affordable for everyone. Especially effective vitamins in combination with each other. In the homemade mask for smooth hair, you can add several items at once. They can also be used in pure form. The most popular vitamins for lion's mane:

  • B5. Best of all on the effect on the hair proved to be vitamin B5. It perfectly restores its damaged structure;
  • PP. Nicotinic acid significantly accelerates the growth of hair, making it smooth and vibrant;
  • B12. Provides shine and elasticity to the strands;
  • C. Reduces the negative impact of aggressive components of shampoos, thereby protecting the hair follicle from destruction;
  • oil solution of vitamin A. Prevents fragility and effectively fights split teeth.

Homemade Mask Recipes for Smooth Hair

Burr oil

Using recipes for hair care, passed down through generations from woman to woman, you can do amazing masks with your own hands to make your curls smooth. If you have the above components and the desire to have a luxurious head of hair at no extra cost, use the information on how to make homemade masks to smooth the hair yourself. All these recipes have already been tested by thousands of girls, try it and you.

Mask for smooth hair with burdock oil

  1. To prepare a mask for smoothing hair with burdock oil, you need to mix 1 egg yolk, 5 tablespoons of burdock oil and 2 spoons of lemon juice. Depending on the length, the number of components can be increased by keeping the proportions.
  2. Having mixed all components, apply structure on a head of hear. All ingredients gently affect the hair and skin, so you need to keep the mixture as long as possible, at least an hour. The scheme of application is standard.
  3. At the end, rinse with warm water.

Olive + Almond + Coconut Oil

different oils in jars

The next easy-to-make mask is an oily blend for smoothness.

  1. To do this, mix in equal quantities of coconut, almond and olive oil.
  2. Apply to the curls, progressively promazyvaya roots, scalp, core length and tips.

This mask is ideal for owners of dry damaged strands. The result will be visible after the first application. An important condition for cooking is uniform mixing of all ingredients.

Avocado Mask

For all hair types suitable mask from avocado. Step by step mixing the components and putting on curls, hold the mixture under a plastic hat for half an hour. Cooking Instructions: Peel the avocados and remove the bone. Mash the pulp of ripe fruit with a fork or mash with a blender. Add 1 yolk and 2 teaspoons of honey. Enrich the mixture with 3 drops of an oil solution of vitamin A. Mix well.

ingredients for cooking

Gelatin lamination

Masks to make hair smooth with the addition of gelatin have become very popular lately. This is due to the recent discovery of the method of gelatin lamination of hair with the help of special cosmetic compositions. This expensive procedure is carried out in beauty salons. But you have the opportunity to do "home lamination" using a mask with gelatin. Your hair will look just as impressive. The only drawback is the gelatinous composition is kept on the strands before washing the head.

To prepare the mask you need: food gelatin– 2 large spoons, chamomile decoction – 6 large spoons, balm for normal hair – 2 large spoons.

  1. Dissolving the gelatin in a warm chamomile broth, add a balm to it. To the balm is completely dissolved, you can warm the solution in a water bath.
  2. On clean curls, you must apply a mask along the entire length to the tips. Do not touch the roots and skin, otherwise a dirty head effect may be created.
  3. Wrapped the hair with cellophane, hold the composition up to an hour.

girl with shiny hair

This unique blend is perfect for girls with thin hair. It will not just make your curls smooth, but will add volume to your hairstyle. This effect is achieved due to the fact that gelatin envelops each hair, making it thicker.

Whatever mask for smoothness you choose, remember that the main thing is the regularity of their application. After all, they all have a short action and require constant repetition.

Video: cooking a homemade mask with cinnamon for smooth hair

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