Mask for strengthening hair with rye bread

Mask for strengthening hair with rye bread
The mask with bread is very simple but its effectiveness is confirmed by many girls! If you have thin, dry and exhausted hair, then this little girl will suit you especially well.

Rye bread strengthens the hair, makes it more durable and the hair appears thicker, the hair structure improves, and it splits less.

There are different variations of this mask:

Mask with rye bread for hair

The simplest thing is to take rye bread and pour boiling water over it, let it stand. Then mix well with a blender until a homogeneous creamy mass. Apply the mass to the hair roots and distribute over the entire length. Close the plastic bag and top, as usual, we warm the head with a towel.

It is necessary to hold a mask from 30 minutes and more. Harm from her will not be, even if you keep her for several hours.

Helpful advice: if you do not have a blender, or do not have time to use it, then simply strain the brewed bread and apply only some water on your hair, then crumbs will not remain in your hair.

Rye bread + decoction of herbs

For this recipe, pour the bread with a decoction of herbs for the night. Herbs use suitable for your hair type. The next day, mix well with a blender (or strain) and put gruel on your hair, wrap up and hold for an hour.

Rye bread + beer

200 grams of rye bread pour one glass of light beer. Leave on for 30 minutes, then mix with a blender. To the mixture, add 1 tablespoon of castor oil and apply on hair. Hold an hour.

Rye bread + kefir

Rye bread pour 0.5 liters. kefir (for oily hair suitable 0-1%, for dry 2.5%). Insist 6 hours in a warm place. Then filter through a sieve and apply it on the head. After 30-40 minutes rinse well with water.

Nutritious mask for damaged hair with bread

Fill the rye bread with warm kefir and leave for 3 hours. Then we filter the mixture and add 1 tablespoon of honey to it, 1 tablespoon of castor and burdock oil and add a couple of drops of essential oil of ylang-ylagna, geranium and lavender. Leave the mixture on the hair for an hour, wash off as usual.

With regular use, you will notice that your hair began to look healthier and stronger!

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