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Malvink's hairstyle is not small curls dyed in blue, as you might think at first, the essence of such styling is high bouffant and loose curls. There are many variants of its execution: with weaving and without, with curls of curls and with straight hair, entwining with a pigtail, etc. And there are more than a hundred ways to decorate.

Variations of Malvink's hairstyle and home appliances

Classic Malvinka

Before we consider the variations of the implementation of hair with Malvina, learn how to do it yourself in the classic version on straight hair.

Eva Longoria with Malvink's hairstyle

  1. We take one strand from the top and comb it at the root with a comb with fine teeth. Fix the lacquer;
  2. We also do a few more strands so that they form a voluminous “pillow”;
  3. Now we take a strand that comes from the forehead and impose it on her combed hair with a slight lift. The "pillow" should not be visible;
  4. We pin the hair on the backs of stealth or hairpins;
  5. The hairstyle of Malvina must be fixed with varnish;
  6. Invisibles can be hidden by a beautiful flower.

At this scheme for the implementation of hairstyles with Malvina ends. Everything else: the curling of loose curls, the braiding of the pile with pigtails - these are already elements of the decor, which we will consider below.

Malvinka on curly hair

hairstyle of malvina from curls

If you are naturally curly, then you are lucky: you can and do not comb your hair. If you collect curls on the crown and stab them from behind, then the pile will be formed by itself. Plus, the fact that Malvink's hairstyle in this case can be created carelessly: you can not look in the mirror, achieving perfect smoothness, as is the case with straight hair. The usual capture of several strands and their fixation with hairpins or a rubber band will give the desired effect of a volumetric “cap” at the crown.

Malvinka with a bow

This is not a simple bow on a hairpin, which decorate the finished styling. Malvink's hairstyle with a bow implies that the latter will be made from the hair itself. It looks very impressive. Let's try to do it at home with your own hands.

making a hair bow

  1. Sit so that you can see the back of the head (use two mirrors);
  2. Comb the hair and take two thick strands from the sides (not all the drops beginning from the forehead, but only two strands from the ears);
  3. Connect them behind the hair salon with a rubber band so that a small loop is left;
  4. We divide the loop into two equal parts (for this you will need a second mirror) and fix them with hairpins so that they do not join again;
  5. Each part is attached to the rest of the hair by the invisible to the bow to take its shape;
  6. From the tail we take a small curl and wrap it between the elements of the bow (in the middle). Fix the hairpin.
  7. Hairstyle Malvina with a bow is ready. Fix it with lacquer.

Malvinka with curls

Malvina hairstyle with curls is a classic version of her performance, plus curling hair after styling a bouffant. Although, you can start with a perm, in which strands on the crown will also take part, so that in the future they will give even greater volume. Follow the step by step instructions.

beautifully arranged curls

  1. We divide the hair into two parts: the first is collected on the crown and is fixed by a crab, the second is the remaining loose hair;
  2. We curl the second part, fixing each finished curl with lacquer;
  3. When the curls are ready, we tie them together with a head scarf so that they do not mix in the first part;
  4. Now gradually release the curls from the first part, curling each strand. Curling time can be cut, because here we need waves rather than curls;
  5. Ready-made curls are collected on the crown and fixed invisible;
  6. The kerchief cleans up. Bottom curls can be lifted and secured with studs for high stacking. Or leave it as it is.

Malvink's hairstyle with curls is a great festive option. It is often done to the bride, by modernizing the styling in various ways: combing the curls to the side, making a fluff of all the hair, etc., but in any case, the curls are always solemn and subtle.

Malvinka with weaving

Malvina with weaving - is the use of braids in laying. We will act in stages:

  1. We take two strands over the ears and weave them into pigtails (in turn, of course);
  2. We connect braids behind a hairdresser's rubber band or invisible;
  3. The resulting hat of hair, braided with pigtails, slightly lift up and fix with varnish;
  4. To prevent the volume from disappearing, we keep it invisible, which we hide under pigtails.


Malvinka with weaving can perform in a different sequence. To do this, we first do the classic Malvinka on straight or curly hair, and only then from the loose strands we braid two thin braids and we wind over their heads. Pigtails can be regular or bulk, with stretching strands after weaving.

Malvinka is a hairstyle that requires compliance with certain rules so that the styling lasts as long as possible and is not disheveled. To make it work. It is important not to forget to fix the styling with lacquer on almost every step of its implementation, not to regret the invisible and hairdressing gum and remember that it is better to redo the failed hairstyle, than to try to fix the flaws.

Video: Malvink's hairstyle at home

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