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Whatever requirements the fashion dictates to us, shiny and thick hair will never lose its dominant position in ideas of what is truly beautiful. Unfortunately, nature has endowed thick hair with far from everyone. However, with proper and regular care, you can significantly improve the natural data or restore the lost density and pomp of the hairstyle.

It is known that the hair is very active in responding to stress and illness, transferred by the body. To give it strength, we need an integrated approach. It implies the revision of the diet in order to include in the diet as much as possible of vitamins and minerals, as well as all the substances necessary for the body. Next, you should choose a good cosmetic products for washing hair and styling. You should also take care to minimize feelings and negative emotions. And of course, do not ignore the popular recipes, including homemade masks for hair density.

All folk masks always consist only of natural components and this indicates their high efficiency. No other doctor has invented a better medicine than the gifts of nature. There is no doubt that simple formulations made from herbs and food will give the result no worse than expensive chemical products and innovative tools at unbelievable prices.

composition on the head

Home masks for hair density are applied according to the following scheme:

  • it is better to apply means on damp, but not washed locks;
  • for the preparation of folk masks it is worth taking only selected and fresh products;
  • the most effective masks for hair density are applied under a polyethylene or terry turban;
  • when applying the composition yourself, you need to pay the most attention to the treatment of the root zone;
  • It is better to combine the procedure of applying a mask for hair density with a scalp massage;
  • after completion of the procedure, simple formulations are washed with room temperature water using shampoo and conditioner;
  • For visible results, homemade hair masks are used in courses.

The best masks for hair density often contain one or more of the following components: dairy products, pepper, onion, honey, brandy, salt, rye flour, vodka. The effectiveness of these products has been tested by generations of beautiful women.

Masks for density and hair growth stimulation

A simple recipe with kefir and cocoa

This tool is applied in a three-month course with a frequency of three treatments per week. The composition of the recipe of this tool includes half a cup of kefir - 3.2% fat, a chicken egg and a spoon of cocoa powder.

  • All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to the surface of the scalp.
  • After drying the composition, the next layer is re-applied to the roots. The procedure can be repeated up to three to four times.
  • In that case, if there is excess mixture, it is evenly distributed throughout the length of the strands
  • Next, cover the head with a towel or package.
  • After half an hour, rinse off.

As a detergent, you can use baby shampoo, and as a conditioner - a decoction or infusion of nettle leaf.

Milk mask for hair density

a glass of milk

This mask recipe for increasing the density of the hair includes finely chopped almonds and milk of normal fat. The size in which the components are taken is determined by eye. It is important that the finished mixture had the consistency of thick cream. The finished product is kept on the head under a towel for 2-3 hours.

This recipe is one of the best masks for intensive hair growth.

Firming burdock mask

burdock bottle

This mask to increase the density of hair also helps with problems associated with their loss and brittleness.

  • Mix a large spoonful of burdock oil with one egg yolk, a teaspoon of brandy and a teaspoon of honey.
  • The composition is applied to the roots, then process the rest of the rest of the hair.
  • Wrap the head with a towel or bag and keep the composition on the head for at least an hour.
  • Then rinse according to the instructions given at the beginning of the material.

Henna Mask and Bread

black bread

Effective masks for hair density often include rye bread or flour. This recipe also uses plain colorless henna and kefir with standard fat content.

  • Mix half a henna packet with a pair of mashed black bread without a crust and add kefir in the amount necessary to achieve a thick sour cream. Before applying the product, it is better to leave it to infuse for a while.
  • After application, the composition is left on the head under the cap for 45 minutes.
  • Rinse off with shampoo and water, carefully making sure that there are no crumbs in the hair. As a conditioner it is possible to use highly diluted apple cider vinegar.

When using instead of colorless dye henna, it is possible by this means to give the curls a golden hue.

This recipe can also be attributed to one of the most effective and best masks. However, it is not recommended to apply it more than once a week.

Egg-pepper mask for thick hair

The recipe for this mask for hair density is transmitted in families from generation to generation. The reason for this is an incredible result, noticeable after the first use.

Red pepper

  1. For cooking means you need to mix the yolks of two chicken eggs with a tincture of red hot pepper.
  2. Means to be applied on the washed wet hair.
  3. The burning mixture is left on the roots and strands for 40-45 minutes and then washed off with the help of children's hair care products.

Honey Mask

honey in a bowl

This aromatic remedy effectively fights hair loss. This merit belongs to one of its main components - sea salt.

  1. It is mixed in equal parts with good proven brandy and any kind of honey.
  2. The tool is left to insist on a sufficiently long period of time - 2 weeks. It is important to ensure that no light enters the composition. Some recipes of this tool use vodka instead of brandy.
  3. When the tool is ready, it is applied to the scalp under the cap for about an hour. It is worth noting that this mixture is washed off without the use of shampoo.

Mask for hair density on the basis of Dimexidum


This recipe allows you to well nourish the hair roots with the most essential vitamins.

  1. For the manufacture of this tool, use two parts of burdock oil, a solution of vitamins E and A in oil and one part of Dimexidum.
  2. The composition is applied to the hair under the cap for at least one hour.
  3. Wash off with shampoo, then the hair can be treated with conditioner.

The course of using the tool is 8 procedures performed once a week. To increase the efficiency of the mask, you can add a couple of drops of cedar oil to its composition, which stimulates hair cuticles.

Herbal masks with yeast

The choice of herbal collection should be made taking into account the hair color. With dark curls, St. John's wort and nettle are most effective, with light chamomile, with reddish calendula.

  1. To prepare this mask for hair density, you need to mix one part of dry yeast with two parts of decoction of the selected herb.
  2. Egg yolk is added to the mixture, stirred and left in a warm room.
  3. When the yeast is suitable, add 2 parts of vegetable oil to the product.
  4. Means is applied for 45 minutes, then washed off. The course is 4 weeks with a frequency of 3 treatments per week.

Video: preparation of masks for hair density

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