Magic hair curlers “hair wavz” for super curls


Beautiful curls look elegant and romantic. Girls with straight hair want from time to time to wear curls, and owners of curly hair from nature sometimes have to adjust their curls. How cool if you can do a perm without the hassle at home! It was for this reason that the magic curlers were invented or, as they are also called, the magic curl, they are also “Hair Wavz”.

What is a curler "Magic curl"?

These products are spirals made of dense but elastic polymer. One coil is a ribbon with empty space inside, through which the strands are passed when curling. At the ends of the ribbons there are soft silicone strips to prevent curlers from slipping, as well as mechanical damage to the hair. In a set of products "Magic curl" The spiral ribbons themselves and the hook enter, with which the curl can be easily threaded into the ribbon of the curler even independently, without any help.

What is included in the Hair Wavz set

Sets can be very different in quantity, length and diameter of these magical products. These can be small sets of 6, large of 48 pieces, and intermediate variations. The kit may include both "instruments" one length, and a combination of short, medium and long. Each set also includes a collapsible plastic hook to grip the strands.

hair wavz

The most common option - a set of 18 hair curlers, half of which are long and half short. Basically, this amount is enough to create natural curls on the hair of medium length and thickness. In addition to this standard set it is convenient to purchase sets of products of different diameter and length, so that you can experiment with forms.

What curlers to choose based on the length of hair

Magic curlers differ in two main ways - the length and width. These characteristics should be considered when selecting spirals that are suitable for you.

  • Short spirals - 15 cm, suitable for styling short hair, not below the chin.
  • For owners of hair of medium length - below the chin, but not below the shoulder blades, suitable products from 20 to 45 cm.
  • For girls with long hair - below the shoulder blades, just right curlers will be from 45 cm to 75.
  • "Instruments" 75 cm long - the largest, they are suitable for those who have very long hair (from the waist and below).
  • As for the width of Hair Wavz, it can be from 1 to 5 cm. The choice should be made depending on what result you want to get - small naughty curls, or large noble curls.

magic curls

The advantages and disadvantages of magic curlers

In 2008, the magic hair curlers “Hair Wavz” were presented to consumers and have since been tested by a huge number of girls. Reviews of Hair Wavz are numerous. Here are some advantages lovers of curls find:

  • ease of use. Following the manufacturers instructions, it is enough to simply curl oneself;
  • product strength - they are not easy to break or deform, they will last a long time;
  • Hair Wavz design, elasticity of the material and silicone strips at the ends - all this minimizes the damage caused to hair during styling;
  • compactness of products - they can be rolled up and they will not take up much space. They are quite convenient to take with you on trips;
  • hair curlers magic curl universal - they can be used for hair of any length and structure, to create many different styles.

Among the shortcomings, some girls distinguish the following:

  • The fragility of a plastic hook consisting of several parts. Plastic often breaks or parts open when dragging the curl through the helix;
  • some difficulty in threading long strands through curlers, especially if the hair is light and fluffy.

curl ribbons

Instructions on the use of magic curlers

To understand how to use curlers, there is a simple instruction. All actions are extremely simple, the main thing is to do everything in stages and carefully.

  1. Clean hair needs to be slightly moisturized. Completely dry will not keep their shape, and over-wetted strands will dry for too long.
  2. For better fixation, you can put a little mousse, foam or varnish of light texture on wet hair. How to comb. You need to start the perm with strands at the crown, then at the back of the head, in the last turn the side strands and fringe.
  3. Separate a small strand on the crown, twist it a little for convenience, take the hook, thread it through the curlers and grab the strand at the base.
  4. Holding the edge of the curler at the base of the strand, stretch it with a hook through the curler and release. Give the product the desired shape.
  5. Repeat the same sequence of actions step by step with the rest of the hair strands.
  6. Dry hair. There are two options - either a hair dryer or in a natural way. It all depends on the time you have. For a lasting effect, it is better to let the hair dry without being exposed to a hair dryer; you can leave the product on your head for the night.
  7. After the hair has completely dried, remove the items, squeezing the silicone seal laterally and pulling it down.
  8. Combing the finished curls with your fingers (not a comb!), Give them the desired shape and, if desired, fix it with varnish.

funny curls with hare vavts

Where to buy curlers Magic curl

With the acquisition of this product now there are no difficulties. Magic hair curlers "Hair Wavz" can be purchased both in specialized stores for hairdressers, in cosmetic boutiques, as well as in numerous online stores. By the way, the choice is much wider in web markets, you can find any set, any number of products of the most different sizes. However, in regular stores you can touch the product, examine it from all sides and make sure of its quality. The price of Hair Wavz varies from 300 rubles for the smallest set, up to 2000 rubles for the largest. At the same time, the cost for the same product can vary greatly in different stores.

removing hair curlers

Magic curlers are very popular lately and have a lot of fans. Of course, they have both positive and negative sides. Perhaps they are not suitable for everyone. However, they are easy to use and durable. And not too high a price will allow to test them personally without damage to the wallet.

Video: how to use curlers "Magic curl"

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