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The last month of spring is the time for a change, but you need to be responsible for cutting or dyeing, and make sure that you choose an auspicious day for manipulating hair. In May there are enough favorable days to change the image, but there are some very unfavorable days, be sure to pay attention. The table contains all the data affecting one way or another on making haircuts.

Lunar calendar haircuts for May 2019

The most favorable days of 2019 for visiting the salon:

Save yourself:

May 6, 2019.8 May 2019.11 May 2019.13 May 2019.22 May 2019.25 May 2019,

The most unfavorable days of the month for haircuts:

May 3, 2019,19 May 2019,28 May 2019,

May 1, 2019, Wednesday

Moon - decreasingSign - Fish

The moon in Pisces makes this day a neutral haircut. This may mean that you should not decide on a dramatic change, but in general, you can devote the day to hair care.

Successful will be coloring natural or the most gentle formulations. You can sign up for eyebrow correction and revitalizing procedures. It is recommended to cut hair for those who have weak and thin hair. A good time to strengthen the roots, get rid of split ends and make the hair beautiful and healthy.

It is not recommended to perm or straighten hair, as hair can be disobedient on this day and will be poorly served by similar procedures. Careless image is the best solution for this day.

May 2, 2019, Thursday

Moon - decreasingSign - Aries

A good day to visit the masters and to make healthy procedures. Be prepared for the fact that hair trimmed on this day will grow somewhat longer than usual. However, it may even be your advantage if you choose a haircut that is not too short, and give preference to more classical options. The hairstyle will stay in shape for a long time and delay the next visit to the master.

You can curl and lash hair, highlighting and coloring, as well as tinted hair in different ways. Haircut should choose a simple and not burdened with flashy and bulky accessories.

May 3, 2019, Friday

Moon - decreasingSign - AriesAnfavorable day 👎One of the most unfavorable days to visit the master. The dramatic changes you may not like and will not bring satisfaction. An excellent time for various procedures aimed at improving the hair and strengthening them.

You should not drastically change the color of the hair on this day, but you can paint over gray hair or make toning. Preference, if possible, should be given to natural dyes. Do not make too short and extravagant haircuts, as they may disappoint you and not meet the expectations.

The hairstyle should be strict and concise, if it is possible, accessories should be completely abandoned.

May 4, 2019, Saturday

Moon - decreasingSign - Taurus

The impact of Taurus on the condition of your hair is generally very favorable, but going to the master should be taken into account that the hair clipped on the Waning Moon grows long enough. For this reason, short haircuts on this day should be avoided. However, if you have thin and weak hair, then you can strengthen the roots and permanently get rid of split ends.

A good time for any activities aimed at strengthening and treating your hair. Sign up for SPA-procedures for hair and they will be grateful to you for a long time. Do not do this day perm and process hair with any aggressive formulations on a chemical basis, so as not to damage them. Anyway, the result of curling or coloring you will not be too satisfied.

May 5, 2019, Sunday

Moon - NewSign - Taurus

Taurus patronizes any change, and the new moon is a great time to attract the energy of material well-being. Feel free to sign up to the master, if you have long wanted to change the image. Any undertakings will be crowned with success and completely satisfy you.

Gray hair will be well painted, any hair color will meet your expectations, and even lightening hair will not bring them such harm as usual. You can curl your hair or straighten it, as well as any haircut, which you have long dreamed of, but could not decide on changes.

Hair, you can choose a high, but not too frilly, without unnecessary parts and accessories.

May 6, 2019, Monday

Moon - Growing Sign - GeminiFavorable day 👍 Perhaps this is the best day to sign up for the salon for several procedures at once. You can easily get a haircut, as the growing moon not only patronizes change, but also allows you to attract the flow of money energy. Feel free to go to your master and finally do something that you haven’t decided on for a long time.

You can dye your hair in any color, even if it is radically different from the original. The gray hair will be painted excellently, and even lightening the hair with a few tones will not cause them irreparable harm. Also successful will be perm and straightening hair and any other measures to create a new image.

The hairstyle on this day can be made elegant, with small, delicate accessories.

May 7, 2019, Tuesday

Moon - GrowingSign - Twins

Good day for a change, which will be patronized by the sign of Gemini. You can make any bold fantasies and decide on drastic measures to change the image.

Hair trimmed on this day will quickly grow back, and a new bright tone will attract the attention of others. Do not stop yourself, realize a long time ago. On this day, any experiments with color will be successful, and procedures to strengthen the hair will benefit them. You can also sign up for the correction and coloring of eyebrows.

Refuse bright and bulky accessories, and give preference to stylish concise hairstyles.

May 8, 2019, Wednesday

Moon - GrowingSign - CancerFavorable day 👍 Another good day to visit the beauty salon. Changes on this day will be successful and bring you complete satisfaction. You can dye your hair in bright fashion colors, make a perm or, on the contrary, straighten your hair.

Whatever decision you take regarding image changes, all of them will bring you success. You can dye your hair using tinting, coloring and other methods. A perm will do less harm and last as long as possible.

Procedures for strengthening hair will give them beauty and a healthy appearance for a long time. A good day to create an extraordinary hairstyle that you have long dreamed of in secret.

May 9, 2019, Thursday

Moon - GrowingSign - Crayfish

Haircut on this day - not the best solution, because under the influence of the sign Cancer your hair will be unruly as ever. All attempts to give them any form will end in a fiasco. Therefore, on this day, the best solution is sloppy images that may look a little disheveled.

You can sign up for a wellness treatment for hair or eyebrow correction. Taking care of the health of the hair is the right time, but it is strongly not recommended to dye hair with aggressive formulations or to do “chemistry”.

It is better to choose a simple hairstyle, as complex hairstyles may fail and crumble at the most inopportune moment.

May 10, 2019, Friday

Moon - GrowingSign - Crayfish

Not the best time if you decide to radically change the image. Choose proven options, as the hair on this day will be poorly obeyed even the best master. You should not decide on bold experiments.

It is also worth giving up and perm, as it may turn out to be untidy and will not meet your expectations. It makes sense to dye your hair with a natural composition, such as henna or basma, but you should not experiment with hair color for a day.

Good day for those with thin hair. Sign up for any wellness procedures aimed at strengthening the hair roots. Hair will be grateful to you, and will pleasantly please you with a healthy appearance.

May 11, 2019, Saturday

Moon - GrowingSign - LevA favorable day 👍Good day to visit your master, it is recommended to take care in advance about the recording. On this day, all that you have conceived, will succeed and will bring only positive emotions. You can choose the most unusual haircuts and styling, perm or straighten hair.

Experiments with color will also be successful. If you have long thought to radically change the image - this is your day. Sedin paint over 100%, the chosen color will not disappoint you and even lightening the hair will not harm them.

Choose hairstyles to your liking, but do not overdo it with accessories.

May 12, 2019, Sunday

Moon - First quarterSign - A lion

Under the sign of Leo, your hair will seek to get the look of a real lion's mane. They may become thicker, begin to curl in unexpected ways and will be difficult to fold. It is for this reason that you should not count on neat styling.

Otherwise, this day is suitable for visiting the salon, if you have planned to radically change the color of your hair. Ideal will look sunny tones from honey to bright red, but any other colors will meet your expectations. You should not do a perm or align the hair, but you can afford to make a new haircut.

Choose slightly casual hairstyles and you can experiment with accessories on this day.

May 13, 2019, Monday

Moon - GrowingSign - VirgoFavorable day 👍One of the best days this month to visit the salon. Since the hair will grow back quickly, you can prefer shorter haircuts and different experimental models. Perfect as a hair dye, regardless of the selected tone, and any other chemical effects, including perm or straightening.

You can sign up for eyebrow correction or wellness treatments and use the positive energy of this day to the maximum. Any styling will look stylish and beautiful. Just do not overdo it and do not use too bulky and artsy accessories.

May 14, 2019, Tuesday

Moon - GrowingSign - Virgo

A good day to visit the salon, regardless of its purpose. Trimmed hair will quickly grow, perm will not bring such harm as on other days, and dyeing you will be pleased and will not disappoint expectations.

Strengthen hair also does not hurt, and therefore sign up at the same time on the procedure for healing not only the hair but also the scalp. You will be able to achieve excellent results, the hair will stop falling out if you are worried about this problem, and will become healthy and even stronger.

May 15, 2019, Wednesday

Moon - GrowingSign - Scales

One of the most attractive days of this month to visit a beauty salon. Any undertakings will be crowned with success and will bring you a lot of positive emotions. Hair, if it is cut today, will be docile and strong, will quickly grow back and look even healthier than usual.

Successful staining will take place, even if you decide on "cardinal measures", such as lightening or, on the contrary, staining in a darker than your usual tone. You can also not be afraid and make "chemistry", it will perfectly keep the original form and will not disintegrate for a long time.

An excellent solution - a hairstyle thought out to the smallest detail. This will help not to destroy and strengthen your relationship with the cosmos, and dizzying success will await you.

May 16, 2019, Thursday

Moon - GrowingSign - Scales

The moon and the stars will not affect the overall condition of your hair on that day, and therefore it makes sense to decide on the most unexpected options. Hair will grow quite quickly, and therefore you can give preference to short options and fashion trends. Even if you do not like the result too much, the hair will grow back very soon, and you will be able to return to the usual way.

You should not dye your hair on this day, especially if you want to drastically change their color. It is better to refrain from such changes and postpone them until better times. May 16 - the most favorable time for procedures aimed at restoring and strengthening the health of hair.

May 17, 2019, Friday

Moon - GrowingSign - Scorpio

Be careful with experiments, Scorpio is very cunning in these matters. This is not the time to drastically and aggressively change your bow. Coloring is best done with henna or other gentle formulations. "Chemistry" and should be avoided altogether, as you risk strongly and for a long time to be disappointed in this procedure.

Sign up for wellness manipulations - all of them will bring exceptional benefits. Herbal compositions for rinsing and masks for your favorite "homemade recipe" will also bring a lot of pleasure.

Hairstyle should choose the most concise and simple, so as not to attract undue attention to others. It is generally recommended to refuse accessories.

May 18, 2019, Saturday

Moon - Growing Sign - Scorpio

This is a good time to visit the master, but it is worth being moderate in your desires and not letting fantasies run wild. It is best not to be too attached to bold experiments, but you can only add a zest to the image.

Chemically it is necessary to influence the hair with caution, and therefore, if you have already decided to dye it, then it is better to do it with gentle or natural formulations. A good case to sign up for any modern methods of care.

Hairstyle is better to choose a calm and storgue, thought out to the smallest detail. From the use of frilly accessories better to give up altogether.

May 19, 2019, Sunday

Moon - CompleteSign - SagittariusAnfavorable day 👎 Refrain from visiting the master, especially if you decide on certain drastic measures to change the appearance. Hair trimmed at full moon is problematic enough to grow. Chemical effects can cause "injuries incompatible with life", which will permanently ruin your mood.

But the procedure, the purpose of which will be beauty and health, will be very, very successfully. You can safely go for masks and wraps, they will give only positive emotions.

May 20, 2019, Monday

Moon - decreasingSign - Sagittarius

Making a haircut is not the right decision, as the result may disappoint you a little. But you can paint in a darker tone without fear that the result will not meet your expectations. Prefer the best natural coloring compounds, for example, Basma.

To attract energy, it is worthwhile to choose a high, rigorous beam, which on this day will work as an antenna, transmitting your health and strength. This is an excellent time for healing the basal system and the scalp, so do not forget to sign up for the master on masks and wraps. If this is not possible, then the home procedures will be quite appropriate.

May 21, 2019, Tuesday

Moon - decreasingSign - Capricorn

Do not strive for cardinal changes. Haircut will be successful if you stay true to your own preferences. It is not necessary to dye your hair in too bright and not natural tones, but staining with gentle compositions that differ from the original one or two tones is a great solution.

Chemically affect the hair is not recommended by experts. Curling will not last long, because your hair will be very naughty on this day.

A good time to cut a little bangs or tips of hair - it will give them strength. You can also indulge in a relaxing head massage and make a mask or a wrap with nutrients. Hair can be preferred a little careless, not burdened with unnecessary accessories.

May 22, 2018, Wednesday

Moon - decreasingSign - CapricornA favorable day 👍 Not a bad day in order to dedicate it to its beauty and health. Stars favor any changes, and therefore they will bring you only joy and positive. You can finally decide on a haircut, which you have long dreamed of.

Also successfully pass such procedures as perm or dyeing. Gray hair is a good color, and any tone you choose will justify your hopes and please you in a new, fresh way.

It's time for intricate styling, but do not overdo it with accessories. Any care will be good for the hair.

May 23, 2019, Thursday

Moon - decreasingSign - Capricorn

In general, a haircut on this day will have a very positive impact on the overall condition of your hair. You can even decide on any desperate step - everything will bring complete satisfaction.

The perm made this day will not be critical for your hair and will not cause normal harm. Also, you can successfully dye your hair in any color, including Bole light, requiring preliminary lightening.

Simple hairstyles never go out of fashion and on this day will be particularly relevant. Do not "load" hair with bulky and inappropriate accessories. You can sign up for eyebrow correction or eyelash extensions, which will give you confidence.

May 24, 2019, Friday

Moon - decreasingSign - Aquarius

At this time, it is recommended to be discreet in their desires. You can change the look, but try not to overdo it, so as not to be the subject of ridicule. It is better to give preference to strict and stylish haircuts, as well as natural tones.

Experts categorically do not recommend lightening your hair on this day, but toning and painting gray hair is exactly what you can afford. It is better to prefer more gentle formulations for coloring, ideally, natural or temporary.

Hairstyle should be chosen carefully, paying attention to detail.

May 25, 2019, Saturday

Moon - decreasing Sign - AquariusA favorable day 👍One of the most successful days to visit the salon in May of that year. All that is conceived, will bring you only positive and satisfaction. Haircut, you can choose an extravagant and bold, but even if you stop at a more familiar version - you will be satisfied.

Make up your mind and drastically change your hair color or make a fashionable "chemistry". Today, these procedures will not cause irreparable harm to your hair. A good time to paint over gray and even dramatic lightening.

Any healing manipulations for a long time will give shine and health. The shape of the eyebrows that the master creates for you today will suit you. Hairstyle should choose the most thoughtful and adjusted to the smallest detail.

May 26, 2019, Sunday

Moon - Third quarterSign - Fish

Not too good time for a haircut, especially if you decide to change for the better, not only in the image, but in life in general. Sign up for a scalp massage and wellness masks that your hair needs.

You should not give preference to aggressive chemical influences, but you can change the tone of the hair, using dyes on a natural basis. Eyebrow correction will be successful, and you will be able to permanently maintain an expressive look and shape.

Hairstyle is better to choose a simple, without excessive extravagance and heavy flashy accessories.

May 27, 2019, Monday

Moon - Third quarterSign - Fish

No time to experiment. Going to the salon, remember that on this day it is preferable to remain yourself and not betray your own ideals. Haircut is possible, but note that the hair will grow back after any manipulation long enough.

Do not curl your hair and expose them to other similar chemical effects. The best solution is procedures for the restoration and treatment of the hair structure. It is also a good idea to sign up for eyebrow correction and scalp massage. You can give your hair a light tone using toning or dyeing with natural dyes.

Hairstyle should be done according to your mood, but without unnecessary parts and accessories that will look ridiculous.

May 28, 2019, Tuesday

Moon - decreasingSign - PiscesAnfavorable day 👎 On this day, stay true to yourself and your habits. Haircut can give your hair strength and energy, but note that for too short options - not the best time.

It is better to dye your hair with henna or basma, and you can also prefer sparing or temporary formulations. It is not necessary to curl or align the hairstyle, this effect will be short-lived and can greatly disappoint you.

Sign up for a massage or any treatment for beauty and health. On this day, the best decision is to devote time to restoring and improving the quality of hair. Choose high strict hairstyles that will give an image of elegance and attract cash flow.

May 29, 2019, Wednesday

Moon - decreasingSign - Aries

Good day to visit the salon. Any manipulation will bring satisfaction and pleasure. To cut hair on a waning moon, on the one hand, is not the best solution, but on the other hand, it will improve the structure and make the hair more thick and strong.

Good day for lamination and tinting hair. It is not necessary to lighten up and change the color drastically, gray hair can not paint over. But the strengthening and healing procedures will be very successful.

You can choose your hairstyle according to the events you plan to attend. You can give preference to strict hairstyles or bright and extravagant, but without unnecessary details.

May 30, 2019, Thursday

Moon - decreasingSign - Aries

In general, a good day to enroll to your favorite master and visit the hair salon. The hair trimmed on this day will stop falling out and become healthier. Preference is better to give conservative and as simple as possible haircuts.

Coloring will pass "with a bang", even if you are planning to lighten or a cardinal color change. The use of natural dyes - fat plus karma for your hair. Do not forget to make a mask or scalp massage.

Choose a hairstyle complex, intricate and original - it will attract the attention of the opposite sex.

May 31, 2019, Friday

Moon - decreasingSign - Taurus

Trimmed hair will grow strong and healthy and will not cause you much inconvenience. The form will remain for a long time and hair will become more obedient. If your master gives you advice, it is recommended to listen to him.

Any impact, including chemical, will be successful, but not too aggressive. Check with your master, he will tell the most effective solutions that do not harm your hair.

Hairstyle is better to choose a high, but strict and concise. Also, do not forget to sign up for a wellness treatment or eyebrow correction.

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