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In general, in March 2019 there are a lot of favorable days for hair cutting. Use the lunar calendar to choose the right day for haircuts, dyeing, or revitalizing treatments.

Save yourself:

The lunar calendar of haircuts will help you not only accelerate the growth of hair and make them healthier, but also can change your whole life, because the influence of the moon on the human body has been known since ancient times.

To keep the haircut done for a long time - choose a decreasing phase of the moon, hair trimmed at this time will grow more slowly, but will become stronger. If your goal is to grow hair, then pay attention to the days with the growing moon, but remember that in addition to the phase of the moon, other factors influence hair cutting. For example, in no case can not cut your hair on Sunday.

How to use the lunar calendar, read HERE.

Lunar calendar haircuts for March 2019

The most favorable days for haircuts in March 2019:

March 7, 2019 March 10, 2019 March 11, 2019 March 12, 2019 March 18, 2019 March 19, 2019 March 20, 2019

Unfavorable days for haircuts in March 2019:

March 15, 2019 March 22, 2019 March 24, 2019 March 31, 2019

03/01/2019 Friday

Moon - decreasingSign - Capricorn

This day favors a change in appearance. A haircut will promote healthy hair and generally improve their condition. After a short time, the hair will become stronger and thicker, and their loss will decrease.

Hair coloring and toning can be very successful, and even painting the gray hair is not difficult for the master. If you have long planned to do a perm - a great day for this, because on this day you can minimize the damage, which at other times can be quite impressive.

Stop on a choice of a simple, not causing hairdress and to refrain from use of bulky accessories.

02.03.2019, Saturday

Moon - decreasingSign - Capricorn

This day is not very favorable for a new haircut and, if possible, it is better to postpone it. Otherwise, you not only will not get any pleasure from visiting the master, but it is quite possible - for a long time you will spoil your mood.

If you have to look impressive on this day at any event, you can change the appearance by staining in natural colors. It would be better if you use natural dyes for this.

Your hairstyle will be the most advantageous if it is high, and can also be stuffed, but do not overdo it, as the hairstyle on this day should look as natural as possible.

03.03.2019, Sunday

Moon - decreasingSign - Aquarius

Today is an auspicious day for changing hairstyles or even the image as a whole. New hairstyle can cause your success in society and give you confidence in yourself. A radical change in hair color can be the cause of your success.

A good day to visit the master, no matter what goals you set for yourself. It is better to give preference to natural natural dyes, as they will not only help you create a new image, but also give your hair natural strength and beauty.

03.03.2019, Monday

Moon - decreasingSign - Aquarius

Adverse day for changing hairstyles, which may even affect your physical well-being. A visit to the master is better to postpone for another day, if you have such an opportunity.

You can afford a slight change in hair color, having spent, for example, their toning or highlighting. On this day, the installation will be successful. At the same time, the hairstyle should not be provocative, but on the contrary, as simple and restrained as possible - this will attract the energy of natural forces to you and give you confidence.

03/05/2019, Tuesday

Moon - decreasingSign - Fish

Changing hairstyles on this day will be relevant for those who feel somewhat insecure. Allow yourself what you have long dreamed of, but for one reason or another, did not dare to act boldly.

It is not recommended to dye your hair in any radical way on this day, as you can harm your hair and make it weak and dull.

Today will be very productive for you. For this reason, you can pamper your hair with various treatments for beauty and care.

03/06/2019, Wednesday

Moon - NewSign - Fish

Changing hairstyles on this day will be very useful for you and will give a lot of strength for work and important matters. Hairstyle should be non-standard and extravagant.

Today will be filled with positive emotions and events. It is necessary to use the energy of this day as productively as possible and give your hair pleasant SPA procedures.

Try to surround yourself on this day only with nice people. If your master is in a bad mood, then it is better to postpone a visit to him on another, more auspicious day.

03/07/2019, Thursday

Moon - GrowingSign - FishFavorable day 👍

This day is favorable for visiting the salon and for any procedures, staining and even a few aggressive effects. If you were planning to radically change your image, then this day may be for you "by that".

Changing hair color can have a positive impact on your entire life, but it is better to give preference to natural dyes, without an aggressive effect.

Today you have no restrictions on the shape, length, and hair color. Whatever you prefer, it will be positive on all sides of your life. Hair health needs to be put in priority on this day. Excellent time, for example, for keratin hair straightening or other procedures that will give your hair health and excellent appearance.

03/08/2019 Friday

Moon - Growing Sign - Aries

Favorable day for a haircut, if you planned to change your image in any drastic way. Hair can be dyed with natural colors or you may prefer fashionable and stylish toning.

You should not carry out aggressive chemical procedures, as they can damage the structure of the hair. It may make sense to cut your hair a bit that day, but it’s worth considering that during this procedure you can strengthen the hair roots, but don’t count on their rapid growth.

09.03.2019, Saturday

Moon - Growing Sign - Aries

Today is a negative day for changing hairstyles. If you want to change it - be prepared for an unfortunate outcome. It is also a bad day for changing hair color and changing image. The best solution on this day - strict concise hairstyles with a minimum of accessories.

Refrain from haircuts, curls and other similar procedures, but your hair will remain grateful for the various “goodies”.

03/10/2019, Sunday

Moon - Growing Sign - TaurusFavorable day 👍

Today is an auspicious day for changing haircuts, it will give you a lot of energy and strength, and even inspire you to new creative ideas. Hair dyeing with natural dyes will reflect on the state of your hair very positively. Lush hairstyles with high bouffant will bring a lot of energy.

A lot of creative ideas will accompany you all day, many of your initiatives, today, will be successful. For this reason, do not be afraid of change, and you can finally decide on a cardinal change of image.

03.11.2019, Monday

Moon - Growing Sign - TaurusFavorable day 👍

The growing moon in Taurus makes this day as favorable as possible for any changes to your image. Take care in advance to get to your master, and you are guaranteed to be satisfied with the result.

The hair trimmed on this day grows quickly, looks strong and healthy and keeps its shape for a long time. Do not dye your hair, especially in radical colors. If you really really want to give a highlight to the image - give preference to natural paints, such as henna or basma.

Even home health treatments on this day will exceed your wildest expectations.

03/12/2019, Tuesday

Moon - Growing Sign - TaurusFavorable day 👍

This month is the best day to visit the salon. Whatever procedures you choose, they all will only benefit your hair. You can safely make a fashionable haircut, the hair will keep its shape for a long time and look healthy and beautiful.

A good day to perm or, on the contrary, leveling. All that you have not conceived, it will turn out even better than you expected. You will not find a better time for change.

03.03.2019, Wednesday

Moon - Growing Sign - Twin

It is worth considering that the hair trimmed on this day will certainly grow quickly, but will become fluffy and naughty, difficult to style.

You can sign up for a perm, alignment or toning.

As for the hair, it should be as simple and simple as possible on this day. Do not load your hair with large and bright accessories, and if possible, generally give up on them in favor of stealth and other simple and unpretentious accessories. Good time to experiment with the image.

3/14/2019, Thursday

Moon - Growing Sign - Twins

The growing moon is the time to indulge in bold experiments and bring the most unexpected fantasies to life. Haircut on this day will contribute to the rapid growth and strengthening of the hair. Also, coloring and toning will be successful, and the chemical effect will not harm your hair.

Be careful, because on this day you will be able to feel independence and excessive freedom. Prefer natural shades and simple, concise hairstyles, they will give you a feeling of confidence and help restore energy balance.

03/15/2019, Friday

Moon - Growing Sign- CancerAnfavorable day 👎

The influence of the constellation Cancer on the condition of your hair, unfortunately, may be negative. And although the growing moon has to cut hair, be careful and careful, on this day you can expect surprises, and not the most pleasant ones.

If it is not possible to postpone the trip to your master, try dyeing your hair with natural dyes and compositions, and in no case choose aggressive chemical procedures on this day, as they can harm your hair.

The best solution is caring treatments that improve the condition of your hair.

03.03.2019, Saturday

Moon - Growing Sign - Crayfish

Cancer is a very changeable sign and your hair, succumbing to its influence on this day, will be more obstinate than ever. Any attempt to gently style your hair or make a haircut will end in a crash.

On this day, it is better to choose hairstyles that look careless and natural. If the condition of your hair leaves much to be desired, then you better give preference to wellness procedures, and both salon options with the use of professional tools and home treatments will do.

03.17.2019, Sunday

Moon - Growing Sign - A lion

The moon in Leo has to make a new stylish haircut. Your hair today will resemble a lion's mane, will become thicker and will start to curl even for those who have never curled it. Curling on this day will last a very long time, and the paint will not run off for several weeks.

However, remember that Sunday is an unfavorable day for a haircut.

03/18/2019, Monday

Moon - Growing Sign - LionA favorable day 👍

This day is one of the most successful for visiting the salon and any procedures, and therefore we recommend that you register in advance to your master. Whatever procedures you choose, they will all meet even your wildest expectations and become successful.

Haircut on the growing moon will cause the hair to become thicker and, of course, will grow faster. Great time for spa procedures, perms and dyeing.

A good solution is to dye your hair natural sun tones with natural colors such as henna. However, the chemical effect on the hair on this day will not be as disastrous as in other unfavorable days.

03.03.2019, Tuesday

Moon - Growing Sign - VirgoA favorable day 👍

Great day to visit your favorite salon. A trip to the master will give you a good mood and bring a lot of positive emotions.

Any hair treatments will make them shiny, smooth and beautiful, and all your plans will be realized with amazing results. Do not be afraid to conduct experiments, they will all be crowned with success.

Hairstyles should choose a calm, not burdened with unnecessary accessories. Simple natural beauty on this day can be your trump card.

03.03.2019, Wednesday

Moon - Growing Sign - VirgoA favorable day 👍

Not yet signed up to the master? Great day for this event. A good solution for those who decided to radically change their image and change their image. Any procedures and manipulations with hair will give them beauty and shine. It's time for bold experiments.

If you can not get into your favorite salon, you can pay a little attention to your hair at home. Homemade masks for grandma's recipe will give hair no less luxury than professional salon procedures on this day.

03/21/2019, Thursday

Moon - Complete Sign - Scales

The influence of the full moon and Libra is the most volatile. All the results of the procedures can be very, very unexpected. For this reason, this day is not the best time to experiment. It is better to give preference to proven options and not to risk, so as not to get disappointed.

Wellness procedures will bring a lot of benefits to hair. But astrologers categorically do not recommend changing the image drastically on this day.

03.03.2019, Friday

Moon - decreasing Sign - LibraAnfavorable day 👎

One of the worst days of the month for any change in your appearance. The influence of weights and the waning moon is extremely negative for your hair, and therefore it is not recommended to carry out any aggressive procedures.

Various professional wellness treatments will be good for your hair. If this is not possible, then you can carry out procedures for the beauty of your hair and at home.

03.03.2019, Saturday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Scorpio

The moon in a scorpion is the best time to visit the salon for those who have weak, dull and thin hair. To have a haircut on this day means to make your hair thicker and more beautiful, and your hairstyle to be more well-groomed and neat.

Prefer natural methods of dyeing, natural beauty and simple simple hairstyles.

03.24.2019, Sunday

Moon - decreasing Sign - ScorpionAnfavorable day 👎

Very controversial day for a haircut and a new hairstyle. If you want to keep the new image as long as possible, then this is probably the best time, as the hair, trimmed on a waning moon, grows slowly. This may mean that you will strengthen the roots. Dye your hair with caution. Choose the hair color that you think was the most memorable and successful in your life.

As for hair, the emphasis is on bangs. You can give it a new fancy shape, it will give you confidence and attract positive wind energy.

03.25.2019, Monday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Sagittarius

It is worth going to the hairdresser only if you have a good mood on that day. Otherwise, it is better to refuse to go to the salon at all. A haircut on this day will quickly grow and lose its shape; coloring can give an unexpected and not always pleasant result.

You should not do perm or keratin straightening, as they will not long please you. You can try toning hair or dyeing with natural dyes. You can also devote this day to various procedures.

03/26/2019, Tuesday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Sagittarius

The waning moon in the sign of the archer is very ambiguous in terms of the relevance of salon procedures for your hair. It is not recommended to do a haircut or styling, as the hair on this day is very obstinate and does not respond well to all sorts of influences.

To make your hair look beautiful, try to comb it to all 4 sides of the world, which will give them health and energy. It is not recommended to dye your hair, as it will be difficult or almost impossible to achieve exactly the color you want. Refrain from experimentation, for them - this is not the best day.

03/27/2019, Wednesday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Sagittarius

Not the best day to visit the master. If there is such an opportunity, then a visit to your hairdresser is better to postpone. Any procedures and techniques may be ineffective and do not meet your expectations.

To keep the shape and content of the new hairstyle on this day is also unlikely to succeed, because the hair will be naughty and too lush.

You can devote this day to all sorts of restorative and healing procedures, both salon and those that are available at home.

03.28.2019, Thursday

Moon - decreasingSign - Capricorn

On a waning moon, you should not cut your hair if you plan to grow long, and do it as quickly as possible. But if you have thin hair and brittle, you can cut your hair, which will strengthen the roots and give the hair the desired shape.

A haircut done on this day will last a long time, but its shape may disappoint you. On this day, astrologers also do not recommend perm or dye their hair, as the result can be very different from the expected.

Minimalism and naturalness in the hair - this is what can be preferred on this day.

03/29/2019 Friday

Moon - Waning moonSign - Capricorn

The influence of the moon during this period is very positive in terms of strengthening hair. Treat yourself to a variety of health treatments that will make your hair beautiful and well-groomed.

On this day, you will succeed in the most daring decisions in terms of changing hair color. You can prefer toning, coloring or natural dyes. You will definitely like the result, and you will stay in a friend’s positive mood for a long time.

03.30.2019, Saturday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Aquarius

On this day, you can improve the quality of your hair and make it more docile and attractive. This is a time for creativity, when you can decide on bold antics, unexpected tones for you and generally a complete change of image.

You can make an unusual and original toning. You will surely enjoy the result, and you will be satisfied with the work of the master. Haircut should not be decorated with accessories that are too provocative and bulky.

03/31/2019, Sunday

Moon - decreasing Sign - AquariusAnfavorable day 👎

Before you sign up for the master, weigh and think about everything well, because then it will be rather problematic to correct something. You should not expose the hair to aggressive chemical influences, such as perm or leveling.

Not the best time to dye your hair. You can get an unexpected and not the most pleasant result. Hair is difficult to style and very naughty. If you choose a classic hairstyle or haircut, and not creative unusual options, then you definitely will not succeed and can bring one disappointment.

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