Lunar calendar haircuts for june 2019

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The first summer month for someone may be the beginning of a change, you may want to make a new haircut or refresh your hair color. In order for the changes to bring only a positive result, it is necessary to choose the right day for manipulating the hair.

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Lunar calendar haircuts for June 2019

This month, the best days to visit a beauty salon and write to your master are:

June 4, 20195 June 2019 June 7, 20198 June 201910 June 2019

The most unfavorable days for visiting the master:

June 16, 201923 June 201926 June 2019

June 1, 2019, Saturday

Moon - decreasingSign - Taurus

The stars and the moon on this day do not mind if you decide to devote your free time to beauty. Visiting a hairdresser or beauty salon is recommended, first of all, to owners of thin and brittle hair, as any haircut, even if it is just a correction of the ends and bangs, will help to strengthen the hair from the roots and skin to the very ends.

You should not aggressively affect the hair in one way or another chemical method, it is better to give preference to natural means for the care and dyeing. Also a great day for any procedures for health or restoration of hair structure.

Choose strict laconic hairstyles and refrain from rash decisions on this day.

June 2, 2019, Sunday

Moon - decreasingSign - Taurus

If you want to strengthen the hair roots, which will make their overall condition more healthy, you can opt for a haircut on this day. But do not decide on too short options. Successfully will be coloring and painting the existing gray hair. Give preference to dyeing compositions based on natural ingredients or with a caring complex, as on this day there is a risk of damaging the hair with aggressive chemical exposure.

Do not decorate your hair with bright bulky accessories - on this day it may become inappropriate, and will draw unnecessary attention to you.

June 3, 2019, Monday

Moon - NewSign - Twins

Haircuts on the New Moon - not the best solution, and owners of weak and too thin hair can afford this luxury, as it will help to strengthen the roots and give hair strength.

Successfully will be dyeing, highlighting or dyeing gray hair. You can drastically change the color or create an image unusual for you, the Moon will favor this today.

Choose a simple and straightforward hairstyle, otherwise you risk looking frivolous and even ridiculous. Do not make hasty decisions, for them is not the best time.

June 4, 2019, Tuesday

Moon - GrowingSign - LibraA favorable day 👍One of the best days to visit your master. Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous or absurd in the new image. Today, all undertakings will be crowned with success.

If you have long planned to curl or straighten hair, then today is also a very good day for this procedure. You can also change the hair color or paint over gray hair. Hair, trimmed on this day, quickly grow back and will be obedient and beautiful.

Stars have to change not only in the image, but in life in general. High laconic hairstyle will attract new people to you and the energy of the cosmos, with which the connection may become the strongest on this day.

June 5, 2019, Wednesday

Moon - GrowingSign - CancerA favorable day 👍On a growing moon, cutting hair is always a grateful occupation, because then they quickly grow and become strong. A good time for wellness and hair restoration procedures is damaged, weak and thin hair.

It is better to dye your hair with natural natural dyes on this day, which will help you to slightly change the image and give it a piquant look. At the same time you do not harm your hair, but only make them even stronger and healthier.

Hairstyle is best done as simple as possible and without too much pathos. Beware of catchy accessories, they can do a disservice.

June 6, 2019, Thursday

Moon - GrowingSign - Crayfish

On this day, it is better not to be the center of attention, but to remain in the shadow and observe. A good time to think and contemplate, and not the best for cardinal changes. To cut hair on this day is recommended for those who have it weakened or thin by nature. Hair will become stronger if you add health professional procedures or make a mask at home according to an old grandmother's recipe.

Good coloring will be, no matter what color you choose, toning and even painting of gray hair. Curling will last long enough and will not disappoint you.

Hairstyles choose concise and the most natural with the effect of a little disheveled hair.

June 7, 2019, Friday

Moon - GrowingSign - LevA favorable day 👍Great day for any beginnings. Hair trimmed today will be strong and strong and will have a natural shine and natural beauty. Do not indulge in fantasies and choose bold decisions and extravagant haircuts. Classic options today will be most appropriate.

You can make light toning or coloring of the hair, and also paint the strands in fashionable bright colors, if you have long wanted. All such procedures will not disappoint you, but on the contrary, will bring pleasure and satisfaction.

Make a stylish and complex hairstyle and do not be afraid to be the center of attention. On this day, you can be bold and not be afraid to seem ridiculous and ridiculous.

June 8, 2019, Saturday

Moon - GrowingSign - LionA favorable day осVisit the master on this day, you simply must. All that you have in mind - will come true. Haircut will be successful, the hair will grow back quickly enough, and you will be able to attract the attention of the opposite sex. The sign of Leo patronizes recklessness. For this reason, you can make bold experiments on this day.

On this day it is good to sign up for eyebrow correction or any wellness and beauty procedures. If you can not visit the salon, you can make a nourishing mask at home.

Make a daring fashionable hairstyle, today everything will be up to you. At any event, go with confidence and do not be afraid to become the center of universal attention.

June 9, 2019, Sunday

Moon - GrowingSign - Virgo

The moon in the sign of Virgo gives hope for change for the better. Why not start today? Sign up for all procedures at once in the salon, since such a positive effect of the stars will have to wait a very long time next time.

Make a perm, dye your hair in a bright color not inherent to you, do what has always been considered inappropriate. Look, you will like it. A good time to treat the scalp and strengthen the hair roots. You can sign up for SPA procedures, and you can make a day off and carry out the necessary manipulations right in your home.

Hair can be done pretentious and bold.

June 10, 2019, Monday

Moon - First quarterSign - VirgoA favorable day 👍Good day to dedicate it to its beauty. Go to your master, but listen to his advice. Today, we tend to make rash decisions and do unexpected things for others.

Short hair, curls, bright colors and daring decisions - all you satisfaction on this day. In addition, all these procedures will not affect the health of your hair.

Choose your hairstyle according to your mood, but try to give up bulky accessories.

June 11, 2019, Tuesday

Moon - Growing Sign - Twins

The moon favors a haircut and in general any image changes. You can cut your hair short or just trim the ends of your hair. Grow after this hair will be fast enough, which is worth considering when choosing a haircut.

To dye your hair, experts recommend this day sparing or natural formulations that do not damage the structure of your hair. Henna or Basma in this regard is the best solution. You can also tint the hair or make light highlighting.

Choose your hairstyle according to the theme of the event you are going to. And do not forget that on this day your life can drastically change for the better.

June 12, 2019, Wednesday

Moon - Growing Sign - Libra

This day in the salon can be spent with benefits for the health of hair. Healing masks and wraps, as well as other procedures will give your hair a natural shine and natural beauty.

You can make a perm or straighten the hair, as well as dye it a darker color using natural dyes. After staining, do not forget to sign up for a healing procedure that your master can advise you.

Hairstyle is better to prefer a simple, without unnecessary details. Attention of others is guaranteed on this day by the stars themselves.

June 13, 2019, Thursday

Moon - GrowingSign - Scorpio

Have you ever wanted a punk-style haircut, but didn’t dare to make bold experiments? Today is the day when you can fulfill your dream. You can give free rein to your imagination and, after consulting with your master, create a new image.

It is possible to dye and curl hair, but at the same time observe all the precautions specified by the manufacturer of the coloring composition or the composition for chemical perm or leveling. Any deviations from these terms of use may have irreversible consequences.

Choose a simple hairstyle, but at the same time extravagant. An excellent solution can be braids braided in a fashionable ornate style.

June 14, 2019, Friday

Moon - GrowingSign - Scorpio

You can cut your hair on a growing moon, but we recommend that you prefer short haircuts, as any other options may disappoint you. Do not listen to someone else's advice. Once do as you like.

Curling or cutting can damage your hair, so be careful and attentive. Do not drastically change the image, stay true to your habits.

You can make wellness masks and wraps, after consulting with a specialist in the field of trichology.

June 15, 2019, Saturday

Moon - GrowingSign - Scorpio

The sign of Scorpio has to change. Visit the salon, make a stylish haircut that will amaze others with its audacity and will attract both attention and positive energy. Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous.

Curling or leveling can damage your hair, so it’s best to discard it. You can dye your hair with natural formulations, henna or basma are great, depending on the original color of your hair.

High hairstyles will work well - they will help you to establish a connection with Cosmos and attract positive energy to you.

June 16, 2019, Sunday

Moon - GrowingSign - Sagittarius An unfavorable day 👎 On the growing moon, our grandmothers recommended that you cut your hair. So feel free to go to your favorite beauty salon and realize an old dream. You can experiment with hair color, as well as with their length.

Doing a perm this day is not the best solution, as you risk damaging your hair. Recovery from such procedures may be long and not always effective. It is better to refrain from aggressive influence.

Braid braids on this day - this hairstyle will be both simple and elegant. Discard bulky accessories. On this day, preference is better to give natural images.

June 17, 2019, Monday

Moon - CompleteSign - Sagittarius

Not a bad day to finally visit your master and transform your appearance. Stars are conducive to drastically changing the image and embody the wildest fantasies. You should not cut the hair too short, but cutting the ends to strengthen the roots is a great idea.

You should not dye your hair or do a perm, as all the manipulations performed on this day will not bring any satisfaction and may even harm the hair.

Choose a simple hairstyle, without unnecessary details. The ideal option is a highly matched bun without bangs.

June 18, 2019, Tuesday

Moon - decreasingSign - Capricorn

On this day, it is better to refrain from bold and drastic decisions. Give preference to classic haircuts and hairstyles that are peculiar to you and characteristic. Too daring decisions are best left for later.

You can dye your hair, but in all it’s worth knowing the measure and not overdoing it. It is better to prefer lusche toning or any other non-aggressive formulations that do not harm the hair structure. Chemically curling or leveling the hair is not worth it, as this can lead to the fact that you will remain disappointed with the result.

Pick a hairstyle according to the case and the outfit you have chosen. Do not be afraid to draw excessive attention.

June 19, 2019, Wednesday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Capricorn

Day of inner harmony and balance in everything. Capricorn favors your ideas about the new image. You can safely dye your hair in calm tones, paint over gray hair, do a chemical perm or, conversely, straighten hair - all these procedures will be gentle and will not cause much harm to your hair.

The only precaution that astrologers advise is not to rush with bold extravagant experiments. Better to stick with classic looks and silhouettes. Give preference to simple bunches or complex braids that can make your image romantic and bright.

June 20, 2019, Thursday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Aquarius

Do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd on this day. You can attract the positive influence of stars, if you cut your hair or just trim the ends. You can finally decide on an extravagant experiment that you have long dreamed of.

On this day, you can safely dye your hair or curl - the result will be satisfied with both you and your immediate environment. Even at work, colleagues will notice a change for the better and will appreciate the new image.

It is better to dye hair in warm honey or fiery tones, preferring for this natural dyes, such as, for example, henna.

June 21, 2019, Friday

Moon - decreasingSign - Aquarius

This day can be considered as successful for going to the hairdresser, if you can keep your imagination and emotions. Do not give preference to too extravagant or too short haircuts, but rather stay true to yourself.

It is necessary to dye and curl hair with caution, not too reckoning that the result will please you or stay with you for a long time. You can sign up for procedures such as toning or coloring, they will give you joy and satisfaction. Gray hair is also well painted over on this day, so if you have such a need - do not deny yourself this.

Any procedures aimed at improving and strengthening hair will be well passed. To do this, it is not even necessary to visit the salon, but you can do the appropriate procedures at home.

June 22, 2019, Saturday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Aquarius

It is a very controversial day, and therefore any decisions should be made deliberately and carefully. Do not cut your hair too short or drastically change the image, as you can get a result that does not satisfy you at all. For this reason, even if you still decide to go to your master - listen to his advice and do not try to insist.

Hair on this day can be painted quite successfully, if you follow the technology of dyeing with accuracy. Otherwise, you risk irreparable serious harm to the health of your hair.

You can choose any hairstyle according to your preferences, but you should not use bright details and accessories, as you risk to overdo it a little and look inappropriate and stupid.

June 23, 2019, Sunday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Fish An unfavorable day 👎The most unfavorable day of this month to visit the salon. If you have such an opportunity, then a visit to the master is recommended to be postponed until better times, but this does not mean at all that you should deny yourself little joys.

On this day, you can make a mask according to an old-fashioned recipe, which in your family is passed down from generation to generation, or use one of the advice of friends or just random people.

Hairstyle is better to choose a simple, but elegant, not burdened with bright accessories that may look funny and inappropriate on this day.

June 24, 2019, Monday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Fish

Not the best time to visit a hairdresser, if you are planning to cut or dye your hair. Any chemical effect can adversely affect the structure and condition of the hair, and a haircut will cause dandruff to appear, because this day in the calendar is unfavorable for the scalp.

It is a good time to change the length of the hair. This will help you to improve material well-being. In addition, the hair trimmed on this day, grow much faster and will look well-groomed and healthy.

Frilly braids or a complex hairstyle - everything on this day will bring you complete satisfaction. Low-key and delicate accessories will help create a charming and romantic look.

June 25, 2019, Tuesday

Moon - Third quarterSign - Aries

The effect of the sign of Aries on the hair, in general, is good and favorable. Will be successful and coloring, and styling and haircut. Particularly good impact on the health and growth of hair care procedures and massage manipulations.

If you are not in the mood to visit the salon, then it is quite possible to do with home health treatments for hair. Perhaps a mask according to an old grandmother’s recipe or rinsing with a decoction of healing herbs will be the best solutions for you on this day.

A haircut on this day can be a reason for receiving news that you never expected. It will turn out to be kind or unkind to you - it is not possible to predict in advance.

June 26, 2019, Wednesday

Moon - decreasing Sign - AriesAnfavorable day 👎 Visiting the salon is only for those who are not inclined to rash and reckless decisions. Haircut may even adversely affect the general state of your health, and therefore it is not recommended to cut hair too short or give preference to fashionable extravagant models.

It is recommended to dye hair with natural or the most gentle formulations, avoiding bright and unnatural shades. You can get a big disappointment if you succumb to the temptation and decide to radically change the image.

Hairstyle is better to choose a romantic, somewhat careless, without unnecessary accessories and details. Do not be afraid to be in the center of attention, if you have the opportunity to present yourself - you can show off not only beauty, but also wit.

June 27, 2019, Thursday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Aries

Good day for those who are not afraid of change and feel confident. If you are one of them - you can safely go to the salon and make a new haircut or coloring. If you have not yet decided what exactly you would like to change in your image, then it is better to refrain from going to the salon. Do not listen to someone else's opinion, but listen only to your own feelings and desires, otherwise you risk getting a lot of disappointment.

Not the best day to dye, curl or align hair. If you can not do without such procedures, for one reason or another, you can not, it is better to dye your hair with henna or basma, depending on the original color of your hair.

Highly matched hair will help you attract the energy of material well-being and success in society.

June 28, 2019, Friday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Taurus

Patronage Taurus allows you to maintain and increase the health of hair. The waning moon is not the best time for experiments on the length of hair. During this period, it is better to give preference to non-aggressive, natural staining, gentle and tonic procedures.

A bright ribbon of warm tones can be woven into the hair to attract the sun's energy to succeed in communicating with people and attract cash flow.

On this day you will want a radical change, but be careful with your desires. It makes sense to trim the hair only if you want to strengthen the root system. Good day for any strengthening procedures.

June 29, 2019, Saturday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Taurus

On this day, experts recommend to restrain themselves in desires, especially if they seem reckless to you. If you can not trim the hair, then it is quite possible to afford a gentle coloring, toning or new styling. It makes sense to paint in the color that you painted in the period of life, which you would like to return.

You should not allow yourself an aggressive chemical attack, as this can greatly harm the structure of the hair, which will be quite difficult to fix. Can be used for dyeing or curling gentle chemical compounds.

Choose a concise hairstyle, but slightly romantic or even silly. Do not be afraid to be funny - today it’s only for you.

June 30, 2019, Sunday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Twins

Haircut on a waning moon is only good if you want to strengthen the hair roots and make the hair stronger. Be prepared for the fact that the hair for a long time will not grow rapidly. But they can become more healthy and get a shining look that will delight you long enough.

The effect of Gemini on the health of hair is neutral, and therefore it is possible to try new procedures for health and strengthening, but to abandon the aggressive effects.

It is recommended to use iron accessories to attract good luck and positive energy of the cosmos. But the bright and catchy elements - again will not be the best solution, as they will be able to attract unnecessary and completely unnecessary attention of others.

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