Lunar calendar haircuts for february 2019

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Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2019 will help you grow hair and improve their condition. It is only necessary to choose the right day for cutting and other manipulations with hair.

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Such a calendar should not be discounted, since the influence of the phases of the moon on all the biochemical processes in our body were noticed and investigated by ancient scientists. There are other factors, such as the lunar day, the sign in which the moon is located, the day of the week, which can change the condition of the hair for the better or for the worse.

Many girls have appreciated the lunar calendar haircuts and adhere to the recommendations of the data in the calendar. In February 2019 there are not so many favorable days for haircuts, make sure that you set a haircut for one of these days.

Details on how to use the lunar calendar, read. HERE.

Lunar calendar haircuts for February 2019

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The most favorable days for haircuts in February 2019:

February 12, 2019 February 14, 2019 February 18, 2019

The most unfavorable days for haircuts in February 2019:

February 22, 2019 February 2019

The remaining days this month can be conditionally called neutral, but competently using the advice of astrologers, you can change not only your appearance, but your life as a whole, having achieved certain results.

01.02.2019, Friday

Moon - decreasing Sign - Capricorn

The effect of Capricorn on the condition of the hair on this day is very positive. If you do not set a goal - to quickly grow long hair, then you can deal with other issues relating to the condition of your hair. Hair, trimmed on this day, although it will not grow quickly, but it will no longer cut and look unhealthy and dull.

Good time for restorative procedures, and even global changes can be started. Sedin well gives in to painting, and perm becomes stable and does not spoil your hair.

You should not choose elaborate and complex hairstyles during this period, abundantly loaded with accessories, it is better to give preference to concise and simple hairstyles, which will best emphasize your image.

The 27th lunar day is a great time to attract popularity and win respect in society. If you visit your master on this day and make a simple, but charismatic hairstyle, you can count on success and popularity.

02.02.2019, Saturday

Moon - decreasingSign - Capricorn

Day of inner harmony and balance. Capricorn still favors your ideas about the new image. You can safely dye your hair in calm tones, paint over gray hair, do a chemical perm or, conversely, straighten hair - all these procedures will be gentle and will not cause much harm to your hair.

The only precaution that astrologers mention is not to rush with bold extravagant experiments. It is better to give preference to calm tones, simple hairstyles and strict style. Such an image can give you confidence that you have lacked so much lately.

03.02.2019, Sunday

Moon - decreasingSign - Capricorn

Capricorn is still favored by procedures aimed at strengthening or treating your hair. If you have such procedures on this day, your hair will be grateful to you for a long time.

You should not drastically change the image, for this is not the right time. But to give your hair a new natural shade or make a playful styling is a great idea. If you treat your hair, as if "joking," then they will respond with gratitude and will look excellent in the near future.

You can perm or straighten, dye your hair and chemically influence it by any other means - the result will meet your expectations. One thing to take into account is one thing: hair coloring at this time can cause problems with cash flow, and only those who are confident in their financial stability are 100% hair dye. If you have a fateful financial deal, then it is better to refuse to dye your hair on this day.

04.02.2019, Monday

Moon - decreasingSign - Aquarius

Aquarius does not have a very big impact on the quality of hair, and therefore you can safely conduct experiments with hair color, haircut and styling. Bold decisions will bring great success, bright staining and toning unusual for your nature, as well as a radical color change that you have not been able to decide for a long time. Today is the time!

If you were planning to cut a bang or make a simple hairstyle, then this day is not the best time. Set aside simple manipulations for later, hair can become disobedient and lifeless for no apparent reason.

However, if your soul does not want immediate changes, then painting can be postponed for another day, as it can create discomfort and distract you from more important things.

05.02.2019, Tuesday

Moon - New MoonSign - Aquarius

On a new moon, changing your appearance is always a good idea, especially if you decide to radically cut your hair. Hair trimmed on this day will become stronger and healthier and will grow faster than usual.

If you dye your hair with natural dyes on this day, such as henna or basma, then such coloring will not help to change the image, but it will also attract money to you. A haircut will also help start the regeneration process of the whole body and will cause better overall health.

06.02.2019, Wednesday

Moon - Waxing CrescentSign - Fish

Not the best time to visit a hairdresser, if you are planning to cut or dye your hair. Any chemical effect can adversely affect the structure and condition of the hair, and a haircut will cause dandruff to appear, because this day in the calendar is unfavorable for the scalp.

The third lunar day is a good time to change the length of the hair. This will help you to improve material well-being. In addition, the hair trimmed on this day, grow much faster and will look well-groomed and healthy.

07.02.2019, Thursday

Moon - Waxing CrescentSign - Fish

Any manipulation of the hair is harmful, especially to the scalp. Great time for firming treatments favored by Pisces. Owners of fine hair will be able to significantly improve the quality of hair and make your hair more docile and beautiful.

On the 4th lunar day, all plans usually break, and therefore we do not recommend staining procedures and other drastic measures to restore beauty, since the result may not meet your expectations.

08.02.2019 Friday

Moon - Waxing CrescentSign - Fish

On this day, the Pisces zodiac sign is conducive to any restorative procedures that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the scalp. On the contrary, it is not recommended to make haircuts and produce hair coloring with aggressive methods, as this may cause dandruff and irritation of the scalp.

Painting in bright colors with natural dyes will help attract useful people to you that will make you more successful in business. To attract the "necessary energy" should give preference to lush styling and hairstyles. A good time to exchange energy with the cosmos.

09.02.2019, Saturday

Moon - Waxing CrescentSign - Aries

The moon in Aries is not conducive to visiting the salon. No procedure will not be effective, but it may happen that the hair will become brittle or even begin to actively fall out and break. If there is such an opportunity, then visiting your master is better to postpone for any other auspicious day.

To attract energy, it is better to choose low hairstyles, simple and concise, which will allow to attract energy. Listen to your true desires, so as not to break the wood and not be disappointed in his deed. You can make hair coloring, but it is worth thinking about the fact that a change in appearance on this day can cause discord, both in the family and in the team of like-minded people.

10.02.2019, Sunday

Moon - Waxing CrescentSign - Aries

You should not get a haircut on this day, as a haircut can cause various problems with the scalp. But this time is suitable for hair toning procedures, their coloring or various procedures for improving health. Laying is best done with products that contain natural wax or collagen. Natural coloring can also be a good solution, but it is better to devote this time to massage the scalp, firming and other procedures for health.

Although the growing moon is a good time for cutting hair, cutting hair during this period is not recommended for other reasons. It is not recommended to get a haircut on Sunday, because you can break strong ties with the Universe and get punishment for it.

02.02.2019, Monday

Moon - Waxing CrescentSign - Taurus

Under the influence of the zodiacal sign Taurus, the overall condition of your hair can be greatly improved. A good time to lighten hair, perm or shape eyebrows.

Listen carefully to your desires so that you do not harm yourself and do not regret afterwards about your deed. The growing moon is a good excuse to cut hair, but it is worth taking into account the fact that the high desire to attract attention on this day can play a cruel joke with you.

12.02.2019, Tuesday

Moon - Waxing CrescentSign - TaurusFavorable day 👍One of the most favorable days to visit your favorite hair salon. Taurus helps to improve the overall condition of the hair, and therefore all health procedures can be useful, and various chemical effects will not cause such strong damage to the hair structure.

Hair grows faster if you cut it even a little on the growing moon. The best solution is a high, but strict hairstyle, not loaded with unnecessary accessories. On this day, it is easy to succumb to the temptations and provocations. Do not forget about it when your master asks you to dye your hair the color of furious furious.

February 13, 201, Wednesday

Moon - First quarterSign - Taurus

The effect of the sign of Taurus on the hair is good and favorable. It will be successful and coloring, and styling, and haircut. Particularly good impact on the health and growth of hair care procedures and massage manipulations. If you are not in the mood to visit the salon, then it is quite possible to do with home health treatments for hair.

A haircut on this day can be a reason for receiving news that you never expected. In addition, a haircut on this day can cause significant harm to health. A controversial day when you should refrain from rash decisions.

02.02.2019, Thursday

Moon - Waxing CrescentSign - GeminiFavorable day 👍One of the most favorable days in order to radically change their appearance. The sign of Gemini does not have a significant impact on the quality of the hair, but they can suddenly show character and begin to curl in a direction known only to them.

Hairstyle should prefer light, air, and accessories, if possible, it is better to refuse at all. The day is also good for any chemical exposure, be it dyeing or perm.

Hairstyle is better to think over and detail to lay. The moon favors everything that is in perfect order.

February 15, 2019 Friday

Moon - Waxing CrescentSign - Twins

Although the growing moon is a good time for haircuts, it is worthwhile to think over to trifles your trip to the salon and not take particularly drastic measures. Be careful and reasonable, you should not change the appearance radically.

It is better to give preference to massage of the head, strengthening procedures and caring for the health of the hair, as it will be possible to keep and increase it on this day. Hair should be strict and without unnecessary details.

02.16.2019, Saturday

Moon - Waxing CrescentSign - Crayfish

Although the moon favors hair cutting, the sign of Cancer is not the best sign in this combination. Any styling is most likely not possible at all, and hairstyles will look unfinished or slightly disheveled.

You should not plan on this day visiting the salon and any manipulation of staining, toning or other effects. Most likely, the result will not please you. For dry and damaged hair is the best time for a wellness treatment.

02.17.2019, Sunday

Moon - Waxing CrescentSign - Crayfish

One more is not the best day to visit the salon, if you plan a radical change. Chemical effects on hair can cause damage, and a haircut will not bring you moral satisfaction. Hair trimmed on this day can and will grow quickly due to the influence of the growing moon, but their quality will not be the best.

A good time to take care of the health of your hair and pamper your hair with delicious masks on a natural basis. To do this, it is not even necessary to seek the help of a master, but you can make useful procedures at home.

02/18/2019, Monday

Moon - Waxing CrescentSign - LevA favorable day 👍The best day to implement plans, even the most courageous. Any of your undertakings will be successful, be it a drastic change in the length of your hair or painting in the most unexpected color. All chemical procedures will not cause any special harm, and strengthening - will have the most beneficial effect.

When you do your hair, do not forget to leave the parting - it will attract positive energy and help attract success.

02.02.2019, Tuesday

Moon - Full moonSign - A lion

Another good day for dramatic changes in appearance. All factors are conducive to the fact that any of your ideas find their realization and bring you pleasure. You can dye your hair, radically change the image and carry out wellness treatments. Any manipulations will be successful and will not damage the hair.

The only negative - a haircut can be a personal disappointment for you thanks to the influence of the 14th day of the lunar calendar. So think before you decide on these or other changes in appearance.

02.20.2019, Wednesday

Moon - Waning moonSign - Virgo

Although a haircut on a waning moon is not the best solution, but the influence of Virgo on the condition of the hair is quite positive. For this reason, you can finally decide on hair dyeing, perm or straightening, or any revitalizing procedures, the effect of which will be simply amazing.

You can dye in a dark color with natural dyes, which will allow you to attract the positive energy of the cosmos and get harmony with yourself. To achieve even better results, gather your hair in a tight high bun, which will help you attract even more luck and luck on this day.

02.21.2019, Thursday

Moon - Waning moonSign - Virgo

The patronage of the virgin allows you to maintain and increase the health of hair. The waning moon is not the best time for experiments on the length of hair. During this period, it is better to give preference to non-aggressive, natural staining, gentle and tonic procedures.

A bright ribbon of warm tones can be woven into the hair to attract the sun's energy to succeed in communicating with people and attract cash flow.

On this day you will want a radical change, but be careful with your desires. It makes sense to trim the hair only if you want to strengthen the root system.

02.02.2019, Friday

Moon - Waning moonSign - LibraAn unfavorable day "Libra is a sign of the zodiac that does not affect especially the condition of the hair." This can be used to take a break and pamper your hair with natural hair care products. However, visiting professionals is not a bad idea either.

If you can not trim the hair, then it is quite possible to afford a gentle coloring, toning or new styling. It makes sense to paint in the color that you painted in the period of life, which you would like to return. Carefully lay the bangs, which will attract positive wind energy.

Feb 23, 2019, Saturday

Moon - Waning moonSign - Scales

Not the best day to visit the hairdresser, but not the worst. If you want to strengthen the hair roots and make the hair stronger, you can make a haircut, but you should not conduct experiments and radically change the image.

Coloring and perming may disappoint you, but you can make toning or dyeing with natural compounds such as henna or basma. On this day, the hair can be poorly yielded to the procedures of styling and styling. Not worth it and drastically change the color of hair.

It’s better to revitalize your hair on this day if you want to visit the hair salon without fail.

02.02.2019, Sunday

Moon - Waning moonSign - ScorpioAnfavorable day 👎Variously the influence of Scorpio on the condition of the hair. If you have thin and brittle hair, then trimmed that day, you can make them more beautiful, strong and thick. Everyone else is better off visiting the salon the next day.

Give up the aggressive chemical effects of any orientation, as the results may disappoint you. In a word - this is not the best day for drastic changes and haircuts.

02.02.2019, Monday

Moon - Waning moonSign - Scorpio

Haircut on a waning moon is only good if you want to strengthen the hair roots and make the hair stronger. Be prepared for the fact that the hair for a long time will not grow rapidly. The effect of scorpion on the health of hair is neutral, and therefore it is possible to try new procedures for health and strengthening, but to abandon the aggressive effects.

On the 1st lunar day it is recommended to use iron accessories to attract good luck and positive energy of the cosmos.

02.26.2019, Tuesday

Moon - Third quarterSign - Sagittarius

Ambiguous day to visit the hairdresser. If you want the hairstyle to keep its shape and attractiveness for a long time, we recommend moving the visit to the master for another day, as the hair will be naughty and may even suddenly start to curl.

Any styling, including chemical, will not last long, which will bring you disappointment. Choose a calm haircut and go to the hairdresser only in a good mood.

02.27.2019, Wednesday

Moon - Waning moonSign - Sagittarius

Not the best time for dramatic changes in appearance and visiting a hairdresser. Hair trimmed on this day will grow back for a long time, but this is a good chance to strengthen the roots. Be prepared for the fact that the paint will not undertake, perm will last two times less than usual, and the installation will not suffer even a small gust of wind.

If there is such an opportunity - postpone the visit to the master, all the factors in the aggregate do not have to carry out any hairdressing procedures, excluding procedures for strengthening hair.

02.28.2019, Thursday

Moon - Waning moonSign - Capricorn

The moon in Capricorn is a good reason to take care of visiting your hairdresser on this very day. All circumstances favor your new look to be perfect and memorable.

Excellent time for any, even the most courageous decisions. Painting will meet your expectations, perm will last long, and any restorative procedures will bring a good therapeutic effect.

The waning moon helps to strengthen the hair roots, but note that the hair cut on this day will grow longer than usual.

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