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Hair Chalk from L'Oreal

Specialists of the company L'Oreal encourage women's desire to be different and to set over the appearance of beauty-experiments. To help the brave experimenters, the company launched L'Oreal Hairchalk. These are liquid chalks for hair intended to dye the strands in "crazy" colors. The tool has nothing to do with the paint, because it does not penetrate into the structure of the hair, so the creators called this coloring hair makeup. We will tell you about this new product and how to create the most creative look with the help of Hairchalk from L'Oréal Professionnel.

What are Hairchalk liquid chalks?

L'Oréal Professionnel Hairchalk allows you to create a rainbow or dip-dye tips on your hair for a short time. But liquid crayons for the hair is not only a tool for young fashionistas or girls who want to change the familiar image by adding bright accents to it. The product is presented in 8 shades, including bronze and black, allowing you to create discreet images with staining using the technique of balassic or ombre. The product has a liquid texture that makes the application process quick and convenient and allows the pigment to evenly cover the hair. The dyeing composition itself is water based, so it does not penetrate deep into the hair, but creates a thin film on it.

girl with bright hair

The advantages of liquid crayons from L'Oreal

Loreal Hair Chalk is a completely new approach to dyeing strands. The product is not similar to the colors that everyone is used to, tonic, pastel or gouache, with which it is possible to change the natural shade of the hair.

L'Oreal Hairchalk- макияж для волос жидкими мелками

Makeup for hair Hairchalk has a lot of advantages:

  • You can become the owner of a couple of bright strands both in the salon, and carry out the procedure at home. Hair Chalk is easy to apply on your own.
  • The tool is safe, the composition does not contain chemistry and its use does not affect the state of your curls.
  • To get the result, it is enough to cover the curl with liquid chalk and leave it to act for just a minute.
  • Flacon Hairchalk enough for several applications.
  • The pigment is washed off with regular shampooing.
  • The result will be noticeable on both light and dark hair. Of course, the shade on a dark head of hair will be less saturated, just as if you were painting with colors on a white sheet or on color.
  • Your bright curls will not spoil your clothes or bedding, as crayons for hair or colored tonic cannot boast.
  • The color palette is quite wide and varied. Even the most capricious beauty can pick up the shade.

green curls

Disadvantages of Loreal Hair Chalk

Unfortunately, Loreal Hair Chalk is not without drawbacks. These include:

  • Loreal crayons for hair dry curls. After applying the pigment, the strands become very stiff and almost impossible to comb. Even the Tangle Teaser comb, known for its "cross" obstacles in the form of matted hairs.
  • Durability of the result depends on your individual hair: based on the reviews, it can be concluded that the result lasts up to 2 weeks on light and dyed strands, but the effect can last only up to the first shampooing
  • Buy a product in cosmetic stores like Rive Gauche or Letual will not work.
  • The package of goods is minimalist to disgrace: a set of Hair Chalk is a bottle of liquid and liners of thick cardboard for the application of pigment. The manufacturer has not provided any brushes for application or gloves.

girl with purple strands

How much does Loreal Hair Chalk cost?

Hair Chalk Loreal can be purchased only at the points of sale of professional cosmetics L'Oréal Professionnel or ordered from the company's online store. The price of a bottle of 50 ml today is 540 rubles. If we consider that the cost of dyeing several strands in the cabin with the same means is about 800 rubles, it is more expedient to become the owner of the L'Oreal Hairchalk tube and create a stylish image at home.

Hair Chalk blue and green

How to use liquid crayons from L'Oreal?

The novelty from L'Oreal liquid crayons turns the process of creating a new image into an exciting game. You will be able to embody the most courageous idea on your own hair. To do this, use the step-by-step instruction:

  1. Decide which strands will change color.
  2. Pigment bottle gently shake and pour a little money into the container.
  3. Apply the composition to the curls better piece of foam sponge or an old toothbrush. It will be inconvenient to use a synthetic brush, which is usually applied paint.
  4. If you have long hair, you can use special cardboard inserts that are included in the kit. Put a drop of pigment on the liner, squeeze the strand between its parts and stretch it.
  5. Wait a minute or two and comb the colored curl.
  6. Then dry it with a hairdryer.
  7. The curl will immediately become hard to the touch. To make the strands a little softer, you can apply an indelible balm or hair oil on top.

pigment application scheme

Hairchalk makeup looks great on both short and long strands. If you have a short haircut, we recommend staining "feathers", grabbing thin strands so as not to get colored spots instead of curls. For girls with long hair, Hair Chalk Loreal will make it possible to bring a new breath into familiar hairstyles: a bun, a braid, and even an ordinary horse's tail will look fresh and unusual with colored strands. If you have already tried Loreal hair crayons, leave your feedback in the comments below.

L'Oreal Hairchalk- макияж для волос жидкими мелками

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