Long-term hair styling (carving)

Long-term hair styling (carving)

Long-term styling or carving - hairdresser's service, which can be called a gentle chemical wave. This procedure will give your hair volume, fluffiness, light waves, as well as soft curls.

In addition to carving, hairdressers also offer a bio-perm hair procedure and gentle chemical perm. In fact, you get the same result by slightly different methods. Therefore, the line between these procedures is blurred, but there are still differences.

There is also a local carving procedure - when styling is done only on the root zone, on individual strands or on the ends of the hair, this type of styling is called - creative curling hair.

The composition of preparations for long-term styling has a mild effect on the hair, so carving does not give strong curls, as does a perm or perm. In most cases, this is either a soft wave or volume, if this result suits you, then long-term styling is your option!

Who will fit long-term styling

Carving suits owners short hair and medium length hair. If you have long thick, thick and heavy hair, then most likely long-term styling will not take them. The recommended hair length is from 7 to 20 cm. If the hair is shorter or longer, the effect of carving will be less noticeable and less resistant.

If your hair is healthy and strong, you can also do this procedure. If they are dry, brittle and damaged, then it is better to refuse the procedure of long-term masonry.

This procedure is well suited to owners of oily hair, as the styling will dry your hair a little and make it more voluminous, they will stay clean longer.

The process and technology of long-term styling.

Long-term hair styling (carving)

The basis of long-term styling is the same principle, which is used in the chemical perm hair, but do not be afraid of this, since the components of the means for carving are very sparing, I gently affect the hair. They also include natural ingredients that are beneficial to the hair, such as olive oil and extracts of various plants.

In the cabin you can do preliminary testing, using it to find out how long-term styling will affect your hair, eliminate the likelihood of an allergic reaction to drugs, as well as a specialist will determine the desired concentration of the composition for styling and the time of exposure to hair.

Duration of the procedure on average is 1-1.5 hours. First, wet hair is wound on a curler (stylers, boomerangs or bobbins), and then impregnated with their chemical composition.

Means for styling quickly absorbed into the hair and penetrates into its structure. After that, the composition is thoroughly washed off and a lotion is applied to the hair for fixation. Its impact is also very short, it is almost not kept on the hair and washed off.

This is the main difference between carving and perm, as during the perm the retaining means is held for a long time.

After that, the hair is washed with shampoo and styling is done. Usually long-term styling lasts about 4-8 weeks. After this period, the installation can be repeated.

The advantages of long-term styling

After carving, you will be surprised to notice that it takes much less time to create a styling, and your hair looks beautiful even after sleep. You can choose how to style your hair. This can be a light volume, which can be done with a hair dryer and a comb. You can also easily create the effect of wet hair. To do this, after shampooing, apply a special gel or mousse to the hair and remember the hair a little. Dry naturally. If you want clear curls, then use curling, and they will hold for a long time.

Cons and features carwig

Although carving is a more gentle way than a perm, it can also damage your hair, especially if it is weak. It is not recommended to do long-term styling for those who have dyed hair in a light tone or are polished by more than 60%. And also for those whose hair has a porous structure.

If your hair is damaged, you first need to do a procedure to restore hair.

During pregnancy and lactation, the procedure is contraindicated.

Henna, Basma and long-term styling

Not recommended do long-term styling (as well as any chemical perm) if you used to dye or treat your hair with henna, even if it was a year ago. Henna builds up in hair and may interfere with styling. Therefore, the installation may take uneven, take a short time or not take at all.

But this is not a contraindication to the procedure. Many women claim that after henna staining, the long-term styling is well taken and held for a long time. What determines the result is difficult to say. In any case, you need to first consult with a hairdresser. It is possible to make a test and wind one strand of hair, but this method will not give a 100% guarantee that all other hairs will also be well styled.

Dyeing hair with henna and basma after long-term styling is also not recommended, as the hair color can be unpredictable.

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